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Avatar f tn Just turning on your computer - it will show up. Kathy is correct about the Control/Shift/V. You sort of hit them all at once, then release. It took me a few trys to make the meter show when I first got it. --- 7m 3w 1d 10:36 smoke-free, 2,362 cigs not smoked, $590.50 saved, 1w 1d 4:50 life saved Good Luck!
Avatar f tn s just something about having ice cold water from a straw that is more refreshing than from a cup or a water bottle. Now I carry the cup with me everywhere and refill it with ice and water. Maybe this can help you too.
Avatar m tn ) 4 days into treatment I turned into the man in the Tango advert (Bright Orange and yellow all over). My doc now reckons I show all the classic Acute symptoms (I have read the info page). I guess I am lucky as I had come to terms with being chronic so acute is a blessing in disguise. I get my labs back in 3 days to confirm either way. My question is how long will I feel this bad and have people point at the funny orange man! So far I have the following symptoms: Nausea, (really really bad).
Avatar m tn When she has learnt how to use that one symbol at home and out of the house, with your wife and then with other family members you can introduce another symbol, which maybe a symbol for 'I want to eat'. Depending on her ability you can teach them symbols so that they can make quite complex sentences and requests. As those with autism also like routine, your wife can also begin to use symbols to show your daughter what is going to happen on that day.
Avatar f tn m just thinking stitches + blood and stuff + hair down there will not make me at all happy nor will it be clean so I do a juggling act sitting on the side of my tub with a mirror and a prayer, but now even the mirror is out because my belly is in the way so I'm going by feel.
Avatar n tn Could be a generic or different make of the pill. I had that happen with my Klonopin. I use to have very small orange ones and then they switched to larger orange ones but were the same dose etc.
Avatar m tn m suppose to take all this at the age of 25 and the chance of having Lupus with my criteria is 1 in .05 of the population and the problems have just started about a year ago. I was angry and mad and seeked second opinions and I was given the same answer. I was told the disease is manageable with heavy steroids and pain medication. So what do I do now become an overweight drug addict ? Like I said before, I don't have anyone else really to talk to about how I feel.
Avatar f tn I had a first today in that when I took bp the little irregular symbol came up. Its never done this before with me. I took it later and it wasn't there. I do have ectopics. Should I be concerned about this?
Avatar f tn Hello Dr. Nicholson, My lumbar discs are disappearing into open spaces between discs causing a lot of pain.
Avatar m tn im confused mmm well i normally took the yellow vicodin they were small yellow ones they have the letter v on the pill but dont remmember a number on it. and the guy i got it from said those are 1000mg vic i took about 3 and a half of those everynight so im guessing about 3500 in total?
Avatar f tn I'm almost 35 weeks and I've been feeling pressure on my vagina, it hurts to walk....I think the baby is just low, prob the same for you.....
623156 tn?1322865851 Thanks so much I thought it was a nice symbol for us to have and I will attatch it to the welcome message I have written! Thanks again!
Avatar f tn I was the same way. I wanted only orange juice. I was nauseous and it was the only thing that tasted good and made me feel better and I usually don't like orange juice!
Avatar f tn Yes. Even if it doesnt work it will clean you out. start with one tablespoon. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn The symbol that represents edit give the same function.(view).
2074425 tn?1339178443 I take my pill with orange juice. I have a loss of appetite, but the oj absorbs the iron in your body good.
4310181 tn?1357690214 I know that is why I am so confused, I was looking at the charts for my boys and I never had anything marked down until 36 weeks and it was a strong 6 which I know means the baby is engaged and ready to go.
Avatar f tn Went to the docs and they Said that when you leak onto your undies or a pad, then go to the loo and expose the area to air it can cause the colour to change to a dark yellow/ orange colour.
Avatar f tn Probably the itching was from the Vicodin - really it would have nothing to do with hepc as far as I would know as you aren't on the meds which cause it.
Avatar n tn The information about leukoplakia has also made me have a fit.It is said that leukoplakia can be a symbol of H I V but my point is I have nvr done anything to get that.It is also said that leukoplakia can be a sign of cancer.I nvr smoked drank or touched tobacco ever in my life.I feel I have to go to the doc soon.Tell me something -as you have said does having a malignant lession mean something dangerous to life?
900662 tn?1469390305 Yes, thank you to all the veterans. My dad served for 22 yrs in the Army. Then he became a victim to Agent Orange.
Avatar f tn Usually you wont see them untill you lose the baby n see the after math. I have them on the right side to but i think iys bc i lay on that side alot. Im just going to covet it up with nice tatto bc its not bad.
Avatar f tn Ya gotta see this video! Follow the above link 12/15/10 PANAMA CITY, Fla. — In a stunning incident caught on video, a school board chairman calmly told a gunman Tuesday that he was probably responsible for firing the man's wife and another board member tried to disarm the man with her handbag before he opened fire. The gunman, ex-convict Clay A. Duke, fired point-blank at school board members but missed.
Avatar n tn Lately (a week or so) I noticed that it has receded more and that when i floss ( this is hard to explain) there is now another line like my gum has split in between the teeth. You know the v shaped pink gum that comes down between each tooth. I can floss to the sides of this but also there is a cut/line up the middle. It does not hurt or bleed. I am scared that this line will cause part of the gum there to die or fall off.