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Avatar n tn And its is present in orange foods and certain leafy greens. And every american knows how much corn syrup and corn products are in our grocery stores. I love rice. But i feel like ive been having migraines lately...a lot of headaches and dizzy spells and blurred vision. Im an artist, so i know my eyesight is or used to be great. Could this be a reverse side effect of ingesting too much beta carotene? I cant think of anything else...does anyone think this could be a possibilty? Thanks.
1407445 tn?1281321616 I looked at some of the posts and I can relate. I was on Vicodin ES for 4 months now. I have been off Vicoden ES for 4 days now and I feel like hell. I fell in April and I have herniated disc, fibermialgia, arthritus and now a wrinched shoulder after the fall. I also take klonopin .5 mg 2 times a day I was on 1mg twice a day and have decreased the dosage because I wanted to get off it and the Vicodin ES. So can someone help me with the symptoms? What can I do?
Avatar n tn Today I have done nothing but puke for 4 hours and sweat and Shake. I found out from an old herion addict that chocolate and orange juice works great. And if u can get your hands on some poppy seed muffins, it actually tricks your body into thinking your still getting an adequit dose of that herion like subtance, untill your body can actually detox the vicodin from your body and make your life back to normal. I dont know about the muffins, but i tried the choclate and the o.j.
Avatar f tn Like most people I started on Vicodin for back pain. Herniated discs and severe muscle spasms. I have been dealing with two doctors and getting two different scripts a month. The pharmacist called to report me to one of the doctors yesterday letting her know I was getting scripts from another doctor. It may have been a blessing because I was already tired of living month to month making sure I had enough pills and if I didn't then I was not a nice person.
Avatar f tn take a lot of hot baths, keep drinking a lot of fluids ( gatorade, apple/orange juice, tonic water, green tea.. ) and get Hylands restful legs if your RLS at nights are bad...
1670509 tn?1303703609 Once you go CT then start drinking lots and lots of water....I actually mixed a little orange juice in with the water which helped my stomach and keep the water down.....In the upper right hand you will see a list of items....Go to the Health Pages icon then find the Amino Therapy Protocol article.....This was designed for methadone patience but it works! You will find a whole list of suppliments which I highly recommend.
Avatar f tn I am on day 4 ct now and I feel more clear headed. I have been using vicodin on and off for about 2 1/2 years but for the last 1 1/2 yrs straight. I don't think I had realized it was an actual addiction until maybe the last 6 months. I used it to deal with the abnormal levels of stress I have in my life and for a while it really worked. I will say I probably wouldn't have finalized my divorce and finally moved on without being for that, Vicodin, I thank you.
5262038 tn?1415316185 I never drink, ive never ever done a drug besides vicodin, no marijuana, alcohol anything. And before John(my ex) my 22 year brother took his own life, and even with that horrific part of my life i never took advantage of pain medication. So it really shows me that my relationship with John is most likely why i turned to this. Although please dont get me wrong, i would NEVER blame him. This was 100% my choice. It was my choice to stay in the relationship.
Avatar f tn I did noticed the bath I took last night helped greatly and I can't wait to get off work and go home and take another one. What is the wierdest is when I was on the vicodin I could eat like a horse now I dont want any food just orange juice. I don't want any more prescritions from the doctors for fear of getting hooked on something new. I have lorazapam for anxiety and I am afraid to even take that.
Avatar m tn I have been clean from Vicodin 5/500mg and Tramadol 50mg for about a week now, and I'm in a long term tapering of Xanax.I have not experienced any discomfort from the Xanax withdrawal due to the slow tapering process but since two days ago and today is the worst, I have been feling severe migraines and severe pain in the muscles of my back and neck, specially arund my shoulder blades, where some " knots" are forming and are very painful to the touch.
Avatar f tn Ibuprofen/Excederin for body aches/pains, but also hot baths with Epsom Salt helps with creepy crawlies and restless legs. Eat bananas, oranges, orange juice. The potassium helps the restless legs too. Force yourself to eat light foods, soup, crackers, toast, yogurt, applesauce and such. Also protein drinks such as Ensure, Carnation Breakfast Drinks help muscles rebuild. Exercise is really important, even if it is going for a walk around the block.
Avatar n tn there is power in prayer......go to JESUS!!!!!! there is nothing he cant do.......TRUST ME.
4753943 tn?1359938169 Sipping Ginger Ale really helped but I like using a remedy called INSTANT GINGER. It comes in an orange box and can be found in the Asian section of most stores. You mix a packet with hot water and it tastes great too. But it really works fast and is easy to get down when you have that gagging feeling. Its great stuff. Hope you get to feeling better.
Avatar f tn Drink plenty cold fresh water and fresh orange juice too. Water before bed and immediately on waking will help the headaches too. Sounds like you're doing OK. We're very proud of you. Keep it up!
Avatar n tn Oddly enough, I have been taking vicodin in high doses, percocet, also high doses..and well just about any pill in that area for about 2 and a half years now. I decided to stop cold turkey 2 days ago. Before I did, I begged God to make it easy for me, because I knew the w/d symptoms could be excruciating. Well, I have to say...I think He heard my prayer, because I haven't had any of the awful w/d symptoms I have seen that you all have gone through.
Avatar f tn Its' all a part of it! I have been taking B12, and DHEA supplement and it is really working for me and the brain fog. I felt so much "sharper" and "on it" when I took my vics, so been a few weeks but it is gonna get better! Orange Juice, lots of veggies will help too!
Avatar m tn Hi all, I would just like to say that I have been lurking on this site for awhile now before finally deciding to kick my habit. I have been addicted to Vicodin on and off for around 2 1/2 years. I recently decided it was time to stop after having taken it for 3 months straight. I just did not like what I was becoming, and what this drug was doing to my life in general.
Avatar f tn This is day 3 and a half that I have not taken vicodin! I have been using it everyday for about a year and a half.
Avatar f tn You can help him by doing simple things, encouraging him to eat and drink properly. Plenty of cold fresh water is good and so is fresh orange juice. Tell him that you are always there to listen to his problems but don't pressure him to talk. There are also simple things you can do to engage with him. Tell him you're going for a walk because it's such a beautiful day and ask if he wants to join you. Don't be upset if he says no because eventually he'll say yes.
Avatar f tn Joyce~ Benzos are not the answer here. Just try to cut back on the opiates. Maybe take the vicodin and leave out the morphine. You won't nod off on the vicodin. And don't mix that with benzos. Speak with the hospice folks. You do not need to suffer like this...there's a better way to handle the meds. For the RLS : drink orange juice for the potassium and try warm baths. Very soothing. Also,a heating pad set on "low" applied to your legs.
Avatar n tn really i'm saying live life everyday to the fullest, without the drugs. i'm on the orange juice methadone at a great clinic. We have individual conselling and group therapy. i get my money's worth and then some. if my counseller is busy, i pop into another counseller's door to get things off my mind and solutions to my problems. it is difficult to see problems sometimes before we are too close to see things objectively. this is my second time on methadone, so i know about the w/d's.
Avatar n tn Also good for the linings of your mouth and eyes is a small glass of orange juice daily (too much juice will dry you out), and of course anything with vitamin A in it, like carrots and sweet potatoes. I know how it feels to "freak out" and get the jitters. I think once you get rid of the Nuvigil, that should help a lot with that. You may need someone to doublecheck your air machine, perhaps increase the pressure and oxygen on it.
Avatar m tn You have lost electrolytes, and the only way to repenish them is to drink plenty of gatorade (diluted with 50% water) orange juice, eat bananas, and of course lots of water. It will take at least a week for you to feel a 100%. Anytime you are going at both ends, you can become dehydrated, so make sure you stay hydrated at all times. Your BP drops more upon standing because the blood thickens and the heart can't pump it as quickly, and this is what causes the dizziness and passing out.
Avatar n tn well, like I had told you, i got the 40mg "orange wafer" of methadone. I took the 5mg last night and it has carried me through this morning, so I haven't taken anything today. I think the 40mg may be more then I need, but I will flush the rest of it. In anycase, I'm doing ok, I'm still in a fog. I'm hoping that by thursday I will be able to think straight again, you know? You all are incredible!!
Avatar n tn I had the Merina IUD inserted a week ago and I am still experiencing heavy cramping and spotting. I have been told by my OB/GYN that the Merina is safe for women who have never had a child and that these symptoms will subside. Does anyone out there use the Merina who has not had children? If so, what are your experiences with it?
Avatar n tn Easy ways to increase your calcium intake are by drinking calcium-rich orange juice, low-fat yogurt and energy bars, some of which purport to deliver all the calcium you require in a single candy bar. That's a lot more appetizing than crunching down a handful of TUMS. If you're a vegetarian, this list of calcium- rich plant foods will help you select those that are good sources of calcium. If you're lactose-intolerant, try leafy greens (e.g.
416625 tn?1203292598 When you put your mind on something you really can do it. I did drink ALOT of orange juice and ensure and it actually gave me a little bit of energy to get through it. If I were you I would not take Ultram, I have heard horror stories about those plus your supplementing 1 drug for another. If you need something to help you sleep for a few days I see no harm in that my doctor gave me hydroxyzine to help me sleep and it helped for the first few nights.
Avatar f tn Hello, Im 23 years old and my DOC is percocet, vicodin and tussionex. I never thought id see the day where I would be on a forum such as this for I always thought "im not that person who can become addicted." A couple of years ago, a dr kept prescribing me a cough syrub w hydrocodone and after taking it i felt INCREDIBLE and invincible but thats not where the addiction came into play. Although I would love the syrup, i could stay off of it for months and be fine.
1567353 tn?1358880455 I'm really thirsty though, so I'm drinking a lot (in comparison to how much I usually do; bunch of orange juice and water). I just can't seem to get food down. Also, I can't seem to do pretty much anything. The anxiety just kicks my ***, haha. I've been doing a lot of reading to help keep focused. That's one of the few things that I really get into (that and videogames, but my computer needs a new hard drive.