Vicodin and orange juice

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Avatar f tn Im 36+2 and im craving orange juice to! I have two gallons in my fridge and a bottle i have been carring around with me!
Avatar f tn Is orange juice bad to have? Bc I really want some but I have read in some articles that it's not good and others say the complete opposite, I'm so confused!
Avatar f tn Why do babies start moving around a lot when we drink orange juice? I drink anything else and I don't get the same reaction from my baby than when I drink orange juice! Its so cute!
Avatar f tn It happened to me to. I also really like orange juice. I found minute made orange juice with low acid and that did the trick. So you should try that.
13724114 tn?1440985203 Not really a question, but i didn't feel my baby all day, and i tried the orange juice thing and she started kicking like crazy! It made me so happy lol.
Avatar f tn I have hypermesis gravidarum and for the longest time orange juice was the only thing I could keep down! It also helped a ton with the nausea!
3112100 tn?1379614659 yes!! with all my ultrasounds I've had i drank a ton of orange juice so my baby would wiggle everywhere. i had some earlier and now she's wide awake wiggling around. i believe it does wake them up!
Avatar f tn Does Drinking 100% fruit juice count as one serving of fruit? Like apple juice and juices like that? I'm a ftm & I hardly crave fruit right now during my pregnancy..
Avatar f tn Probably because of the citric acid.
8531034 tn?1419093981 Hm... I Haven't Heard Of This, But It Sounds Gross Lol. But It Wouldn't Hurt To Try. I Tried Castor Oil And EWWW So Disgusting I Threw It Up. There Was No Way I Was Tryinq That Aqain . But If You Try This And It Works, Let Me Know!
Avatar f tn I tried.. Got about two gulps down and couldn't do it. The texture is so bad! I love milk and I love orange juice but they are horrible together. Two gulps didn't help of course lol.
7385294 tn?1412105739 I see alot of people posting about drinking orange juice and milk what does it do? Does it cause labor or soemthing. . And how do u drink it one after another or what?
Avatar n tn It's supposed to bring on labor :) and I know I've heard of girls it did work with.
Avatar f tn I know I've seen a few posts about mixing orange juice and whole milk.. but I can't seem to find any of them ... so here's my question.. how much do you mix ? Is it better to take it at night or morning or does it not matter? & has it actually helped induce anyone into labor? & if so how long did it take...hours.. days... ect. Thanks!
Avatar n tn So I drank the milk and orange juice at 6:50 and we will see what happens! I'm 39+3 weeks and wasn't dilated at all my last appointment so we will see.
Avatar f tn Ok. So I tried the mixture, 1/2 cup orange juice and 1/2 cup whole milk. I did this once daily for 2 days but couldn't do it the third day because I got sick and couldn't hold down food or water. After I was prescribed Zofran for nausea I waited a day or two and tried the mixture again, this was Friday December 19th. Saturday December 20th at 4:30 in the morning I woke up to use the restroom. When I whipped there was a bright red blood clot on the toilet paper and another in the toilet.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tryed orange juice and milk ? And how exactly do you take it ?
Avatar f tn It is supposed to be one cup of whole milk and one cup of 100% orange juice mixed and its supposed to bring on labor
Avatar f tn Worked for a lot of other women, I'm on my 8th day and nothing. I guess I've had contractions here and there and lost my mucus plug and I'm 2cm dilated but that just might be my body. I've been trying everything cause my due date is tomorrow!
Avatar f tn I'm 29 weeks and I drink a lot of Orange juice about every other day I stop by jamba juice to get freshly squeezed orange juice (too lazy to make my own so early in the morning) but my baby is doing great nothing wrong so far.. I actually heard it's good from so many people better than buying it from a bottle because that has so much sugar than it being fresh..