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Avatar m tn im confused mmm well i normally took the yellow vicodin they were small yellow ones they have the letter v on the pill but dont remmember a number on it. and the guy i got it from said those are 1000mg vic i took about 3 and a half of those everynight so im guessing about 3500 in total?
Avatar n tn I have never heard of being able to inject numbing medication that will last for a couple of days. It would be a dream medication if it existed. The numbing just wears off in a few hours. My face is just swollen due to all the injections and it just got inflammed. The infection is only in my tooth not in my jaw or face. There is no technical reason why you can't fly. Often people just would choose not to so that they could remain close to their dentist in case of complications.
6990909 tn?1435275816 ) Btw, if u have a suggestion and I don't respond it is because I can't, not because I don't appreciate u. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn Let me start with my story I guess. I'm in the military and served in Iraq from sep 08 to apr 09, and while over there I herniated 2 diskes in my lower back, and didn't get medical attention while I was over there. Got home and had horrible back and leg pain and and was sent to physical therapy for 1 month and of course didn't do anything, was told I had 2 herniated diskes and was given vicodin 5-325's do deal with pain.
Avatar f tn I didn't realize there were different schedules for pain meds...I have rsd in both hands..I've gone from ultracet to vicodin to my second increase on percocet..Maybe this is why my pm dr is hesitant to up my dosage anymore. I have increased my neurontin increased to 1200mg a day..also on cymbalta and voltaren gel..Thanks for the info....
Avatar m tn ive taken 3500 a day of tylenol for 2 years but only ones a day and the time of the day is at night allways
Avatar f tn I have a lot of times of despair, but take it as it comes and work through it. It does pass for sure. I had my first counseling appt yesterday and I'm confident this will help along with the ecouragement from this forum. For sure I have also been saying countless Hail Marys. Thank You for the ecouragement and knowledge that this forum has provided. I don't think I would have gotten started without the good people from here.
Avatar m tn Should I see a specialist who can offer another medication to ease me off of the Vicodin? I have a benzo for anxiety and I have read it should help me sleep. It does for a few hours, but them I am back to very sweaty nights (changing clothes, washing sheets every day, airing out my pillows and mattress). If anyone knows of a medication that is safe to help come off of the V, it would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn So i have been taking vicodin recreationally. I won't lie and say it was for a specific injury although i do get really bad headaches and they help. I have been able to go a couple days without taking them but lately it has become more problematic. My legs will feel so weird at night if i dont take them. Like they need to be stretched and held in that position for 30 seconds. I have to put icyhot on them to sleep. It is the worst weirdest feeling and hard to explain.
619930 tn?1260374254 That was great! Agree about the choreography. I love dance and movement, but it wouldn't be a prettty site if I tried those moves about now.One day though....... Thanks!
Avatar f tn See you on the other side. Saw a movie with a girl getting married and father walkin her down the Aisle, thought about my girl 8th grade and cried like a baby. Part of the Process.
1881798 tn?1339680233 There seems to be a lot of people starting to give up their addiction the past couple days who are really struggling. To each of you, hang in there. I'm on day 8 of a 3-4 year hydro/vicodin/whatever addiction. I took up to 6 a day sometimes. I also thought that I would never feel right again. The pills were my crutch through my recent divorce, through moving out, through everything. If something went wrong; take a pill. I was spending over $200/week.
Avatar m tn m currently going through Zoloft withdrawals and have many of the typical Zoloft withdrawal symptoms. I was just wondering if taking a Vicodin will interfere with the recovery of my Zoloft withdrawal? Could I have done any permanent brain damage from taking a Vicodin since my brain is in recovery mode? This is the first Vicodin I have taken since I stopped taking the Zoloft.
Avatar f tn the day my period was due with my 1st i got a positive test 2 days before my period i got a positive test with my 2nd tested the day period was due with my 3rd, got negative, tested a week later and got a positive test this baby i tested 4 days before period and got a v v v faint positive on a test which was confirmed the day before my period with a digital test. could it be you ovulated later than you thought?
Avatar m tn hopefully 5 days in the hospital with 1-2 month convalescence. it depends a lot on how big the resction will be--left vs right lobe for instance.
Avatar m tn To be honest the reason I was taking the Vicodin was to ease the depression because it made me feel really good, but I was put on Zoloft a week ago. Now that I have Zoloft I can just stop the Vicodin. How long should it take Zoloft to work? I don't feel anything from it. Is it too soon to tell if it's working?
Avatar f tn thank you! I guess it is more about the fear of the detoX. I have some saved, but want to reserve them only for when I really need it. I sometimes feel anxiety around not using them...... I guess it is all mental. does alcohol make detox worse?
590280 tn?1310087366 Whats the difference between say a percocet 512, vicodin ES to a 5mg oxycodone generic for percolone
1634158 tn?1310388133 All I could tell you is I am on day 13 C/T I know how I felt at day 7 but with your inner strenth and a bit of prayer you will make it you have been through the bad part.
Avatar f tn The doctor at the er told me it was on for me to take vicodin and gave me some to take home to manage pain. I however, heard that you can't take anything but tylenol. So any thoughts out there?
Avatar m tn They're not too severe as the stomach cramps don't happen that often and are decreasing in frequency. I've read up on zoloft withdrawal and I definitely have it as I can relate to many of the stories people told of it. Also I've always been a lightweight and it doesn't take a high dose of any drug for it to affect me. I have noticed the withdrawal symptoms decreasing gradually. 2 weeks ago when I had just flushed the zoloft down the toilet I felt worse!
Avatar m tn s medication(s) is tricky, because you raise a good question, one that should really be discussed with your doctor. It becomes a little odd to raise a question like this to your doctor, being that you specifically are not prescribed the medication. As for where I got that you've been anxious about the Zoloft? I'm just basing that on your posting history. That's just how it looked to me anyway.
996946 tn?1503249112 I was on the treadmill 8 min and had to get off because of tightness in chest and shortness of breath. Never had had that happen with a stress test before. They gave me the chemical adenosine and I immediately went into a-fib. They allowed me to rest about 20 min and then when they put me in the machine to continue the rest of the test, when I layed down I went into a run of V-tach. They didn't finish the test and admitted me to ICU (don't know why) and I was there for 4 days.
Avatar m tn 6 Kg] has been recently diagnosed with Dextrocardia along with small OS-ASD 3mm and small VSD 3mm. The ECG report also say about A-V and V-A discordance. Following are the detailed report of ECG. Situs-Solitus A-V Discordance present; LA Connected to RV and RA connected to LV. V-A Discordance present; LV Connected to pulmonary artery and RV connected to Aorta.
1305767 tn?1361192676 My understanding is that taking subs to get over a vicodin addiction is like bringing a kazooka to replace a bb gun. I'm surprised your Dr went this route with you on such a low amount over a pretty short period of time. Subs are usually used for someone using much stronger opiates in very large quantities for a long period of time. Hopefully someone with more experience with subs can come along and give better advice.
Avatar f tn I was an almost 3 yr user of anything I could get my hands on.....usually a minumum of 40 to 80 mg of oxy a day and 40 plus of vicodin,,,,,sometimes more....I popped them like tic tacs! Anyways, to make a long story short here I am well over 24 hrs from taking my last oxy and 10 1/2 hrs from my last V and I just took my first dose of sub at 4 a.m.. Within about 15 to 20 min I had a calm come over me. I am actually laying here (4:45 am eastern time) thinking to myself... I feel normal!!!