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Avatar f tn The only real fool proof method of birth control, is to not have sex- even with correct use, there is some failure rate of the ring, so it's certainly possible that you could have gotten pregnant on the 29th. Although, it's likely you are not- so many things have to happen at just the right time in order for pregnancy to occur. Are you having any symptoms or just worried in general? Hope things turn out the way you would like them to!
Avatar n tn So I would say that the NuvaRing looks like a great method. It has a very low failure rate, you only have to remember to take it out after 3 weeks and then replace it and not much negative feedback. My next bc will be the ring. Sorry for the loss, I hope everything works out later and you have no issue w/ future pregnancies.
363110 tn?1340924019 That said, all forms of birth control have a failure rate so it might be best to take a test to put your mind at rest (excuse the rhyme!
Avatar f tn Using the pull out method will help (used 100% of the time it has a 4% failure rate), but it's still better to use some sort of barrier method. If your husband doesn't like condoms, the diaphragm can be inserted a while beforehand, and doesn't get in the way at all. The side effects of birth control pills are pretty minor for most people. More people seem to have a bad time with Yaz, though.
Avatar n tn For people using the withdrawal method, in which they have intercourse but don't ejaculate inside, the failure rate is 4% per year. Perfect use for condoms is about 2% per year, and normal use for condoms is about 15% per year (number skewed I think by people who only use condoms sometimes). Not using any method is 85% per year. Anyway, if you study that table, it should give you a better handle on how likely you are to get pregnant from certain things.
991222 tn?1333994333 I'm currently nursing and on Micronor (a mini BCP only containing progesterone) and I can tell you that if you're not good at remembering to take a daily pill, then this is not a good option for you - it's got a pretty high failure rate when used alone, especially when you don't take it at the SAME TIME every day. Both my GP and my pharmacist have drilled this into my head, lol. The pack of pills I have even comes with a little sheath, meant for a condom.
Avatar n tn Copper is also an option, but the failure rate is higher with the Copper iUD, but still lower than any other form of birth control out there.
Avatar f tn You didn't even get any pre-ejaculate in your vagina, and although it's possible to get pregnant while using the withdrawal method, the failure rate is actually only 4% per year if it's done right. Semen doesn't magically crawl its way from the outside in--it has to swim, and sperm don't like air. If you really can't afford to be pregnant, then consider getting on some form of birth control, and use condoms for any sort of intercourse.
Avatar f tn com/post/25132090229/can-i-get-pregnant-from-pre-*** Not all pre-*** has sperm in it, but there's no way to tell. Considering coitus interruptus (pulling out before ejaculation) has a perfect use failure rate of only 4%, your chances of getting pregnant from fingering after possible pre-*** exposure is extremely low.
Avatar n tn I've had success with Depo in the past but I believe it has more of an effect on breastmilk production so I wouldn't go for that (same with most birth control pills, besides the mini pill which has a super high failure rate). I had a Mirena IUD after my first was born and had no issues with discomfort, no bleeding, no decrease in milk production and no trouble with removal once we were ready to start trying again - but I realize it's not for everyone.
Avatar f tn The pills will not cancel each other out. Plan B has a failure rate of 25%. The pull out method is NOT a form of birth control.
Avatar f tn the only birth control I can take in the mini pill because the IUD's, shot, patch, everything else, I got pregnant one.
Avatar f tn I told my guy we have to stop making love until we get married. Wouldn't work!!! It's the most accurate way. I think ill rack up on condoms and the morning after pill. Idk what that is exactly but I've heard about it ....that or the other protections they have on the shelves at the store...
93532 tn?1349374050 Tubal ligations and vasectomies are considered permanent and should be treated as such. Yes, there is a failure rate, but generally they are 99.9% effective and should never be considered a temporary fix. If your partner has had a vasectomy, continue to have protected sex until he has achieved 20 orgasms AND has had his sperm analysis done showing no sperm present. 8. Have the important conversations before you get married and start having children.
Avatar m tn I was lucky and got the 24 week arm and we had a higher success rate that the 1a's who did 12 weeks. I think the difference was 89% in the 12 week arm and 96% in the 24 week arm......or very close to that. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I had to stay in the hospital overnight as my heart rate was elevated post-surgery and they wanted to monitor me. I kept insisting it was "just nerves" as I get very anxious re. medical procedures, but they wouldn't hear of it; they were cautious. They even did bloodwork twice to see if I was having a heart attack - talk about unnerving! Next day, my heart rate was back to normal and I went home that afternoon.
Avatar n tn do u guys know the expulsion rate of the Paragard/Copper IUD? I just had mine inserted a few days and scared that it will come out since the same thing happened several times from the Nuva ring.. I'm a physically active person.. I spend about 2.5 hours working out 5 days a week and paranoid that my uterus jst keeps on contracting and might end expelling the IUD.. thanks!
Avatar n tn Just like most people who take Tylenol don't die or have liver failure. Its still a safe drug, and no one goes around screaming for people to avoid it. It has improved countless lives. I can see this will go nowhere but downhill. You feel a great need to "win" this argument. I'll wait and see if you remain free of the devastating depression, hair loss, ovarian cysts, and loss of libido. I have most of those things too, and I'm not even on BC.
Avatar n tn Have any of you had symptoms that just went away over time? Also, what is the false positive rate for herpes cultures, if it exists at all? I'm going to be very upset if I have lived for years thinking that I had this when I didn't.
Avatar n tn He said it was a common side effect to have breakthrough bleeding, and the pill has a 60% failure rate. He said I would be safe to go on vacation for July 4th, but would still be bleeding. After getting to the vacation destination, the bleeding became severe. I would bleed through a super absorbant tampon and overnight pad in 30 minutes. Then the bleeding would completely stop, and the pain would become severe. Then I would start passing massive clots.
Avatar n tn I went to the hospital thinking that the pregnancy was over, and they gave me great news. I saw the baby moving, everything looked normal, the baby's heart rate was 155 (which apparently, when it is over 100, your chance of m/c is about 10%), everyhting was normal, except for the bleeding. I proceeded to see my obgyn and he too said the heart rate and size and everything was fine. Then four days later, the same thing happened.
Avatar n tn its highly unlikely that you are preg. The failure rate for the IUD is very low. And you also have a neg. HPT. If you have been checking your strings and if they havent changed in length than you would be fine. Guess your best bet it to go to your doctor if your still not sure. Its funny i got my IUD in march this year also. I might have to take mine out, i'm having to much pain.
Avatar n tn Like most of these post here, she has had severe probelms with this BC. Heart rate going up, leg probelms, nausea,migranies.( All of these syptoms she has never had UNtil YAZ!) She even had the Ambulance called on her for not being able to breath, and they said she was having a panic attack. All i can say is if you are on this and dont have probelms you are one of the lucky ones.
Avatar n tn Nuvaring (been on it for like 3 years) Pretty much single for a long time never used a condom in my life STD free NO yeast NO bacterial infection No soap when I wash cotton underwear Age: 29 Cuts not from sex Biopsy result: dermatitus (allergic reaction to something)
Avatar n tn Thank God I am not alone waiting! I am in the same boat. My period was supposed to be on Jan. 5 still I am late. I had done more than 14 pregnancy test with the same results negative, My appt. with the doctor is on Jan. 27. I cant't hardly wait. I am 41 years old waiting to have my second baby. Should I give up! I want to know if anyone got good news after waiting this long? Good luck!