No period and not pregnant

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1468411 tn?1286490330 i havent had a period in almost 7 months now, and im deffinately not pregnant. and before i always either had them way to early, or late but i always had my period. when i was 13 i was put on birth control to regulate my periods, after my 18th birthday my insurances expired and i couldnt afford the pills anymore.
Avatar n tn My doctor said after my IUD was taken out I should have a period and its been 3 months no period I always feel sick and no way i could be pregnant.
Avatar f tn I had some mild cramps followed by a little bit of spotting at the beginning of October and again a couple of days ago, but definitely not enough to be considered a period. I have no other symptoms, I feel perfectly fine. Right around late August/ early September I also started going to the gym and doing around 4 hours of cardio per week (I had never really exercised regularly before that, and I heard sudden exercise increase can stop periods).
759027 tn?1234208801 I mean my period is really late and to have all the symptoms of it comming and then the red CM(I had to collect it it would not come out on my underware) and then nothing its like I had a period with no bleeding. If I take the estrogen and my period is just late will that mess up my cycle? I just want to know what is wrong with me.
Avatar f tn you can spot while your pregnant. I spotted when i was pregnant and thought it was my period but then i went to the doctors and i was 7weeks pregnant so yes you can.
Avatar m tn i havent had my period for 3 months, i had sex in september and after that i had my period till november but after that i have not had my period.i had a protected sex in january, i did a lot of home pregnancy tests and the answer is negative. do anyone think that there is a chance that i am pregnant? i havent gained any weight but i am on a diet and i have lost about 20 pounds.
Avatar f tn So I haven't had a period since July or August and I'm now worried that I'm either pregnant or something is wrong,I'm not sure what to do,what should I do and could I be pregnant or what could be the reason for no period?
Avatar n tn I know I am not pregnant because I was tested a little more than a month ago and havent had sex since. Also, no signs of pregnancy (no morning sickness, breasts feel fine, no fatigue) What could this be?
Avatar n tn I'm 20 and have an extremely irregular period so I have the same worries as you. My boyfriend and I got worried but I took a hpt and it was negative then a few weeks later I got a period. Take one and if it's negative you're probably not pregnant. Also stress is a huge factor in getting regular periods. If you're stressed try to relax and maybe you'll get it.
Avatar n tn my plan now is just to wait until sat which is the last day of Sept to take another test and if that is (-) to then i have no choice but to wait and see if i get my october period.
Avatar f tn My friend has not had a period for 7 months but she is not pregnant. The doctors here aren't doing anything. Sometimes she gets a high fever and chills. She wants to know what could be the problem She would like to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn I exercise 5/wk (running 3 miles) and have not had a period in 8 months!!! I went on provera and still NOTHING!!! A was diagnosed with secondary ammenoreah (spelling) and stopped working out for 5 days so far, I am also on another cycle of provera. I am SO nervous that my period will not come back and I will be unable to get pregnant. Does this mean I can't work out again?? Does this mean I am infertile???? My FSH hormone was fine but my estrogen was low.
2098354 tn?1333331789 I took a hpt test 2 days ago and it came up negative, usually i am always on time. I have been getting cramps on and off but NO PERIOD. I hope i am pregnant because last year i had a miscarriage at 5months. Could i be pregnant?
965467 tn?1247359373 i have never been pregnant before,,, it seems like i just coudnt get pregnant but now im having period like cramps for the past week or week and a half and i had maybe a teaspoon amount of pinky-red blood come out every day for 4 days and now nothing, my period is not due for anothing week and a couple days... i've also been takin vitex to help my fertility but i started a month and a half ago... so what do u all think? This has never happened before....
Avatar f tn ive been on depo for 3 years and once i began to take it i have had no period watsoever well i have been off of it for bout 4 months now and no period. well today i had a mucus discharge a few hours after having unprotected sex does that meaning im ovulating? my cousin has ovarian cystes that prevent her frm concieving and im worried i could have the same condition. I have had NO period in 3 years not even spotting can i still get pregnant?