No period and not pregnant

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Avatar n tn I was having regular period for about 4 months after I got off of the pill. It has beeen almost 3 months since and still no period. I am not pregnant. I have taken 5 tests and all negative. I want to go to the doctor but we can't afford it. What is wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I haven't got my period since Nov. 13, 2011. I'm not pregnant. I'm 26 and we have been TTC for about a year now. What should I do?
Avatar m tn my husband is military and has not been home for some time. no sex = not pregnant. my period has always been wonky. always. to make a long story short, my period started to become regular the past 18-20 months now. almost like clockwork, i would get my period every 30-45 days. here i am, day 59, and nothing. any idea what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I was on for 3 months and off for 1 week to get my period and that was 5 weeks ago and still didn't get and finally test showed positive. Good luck..
1468411 tn?1286493930 i havent had a period in almost 7 months now, and im deffinately not pregnant. and before i always either had them way to early, or late but i always had my period. when i was 13 i was put on birth control to regulate my periods, after my 18th birthday my insurances expired and i couldnt afford the pills anymore.
Avatar f tn Back in Feb i stopped taking my birth control and I got my period a few days after i stopped, March my period came super late like five days before the month ended. I also had sex before my period and after. April I did not get a period. I took a preg test at home last week and it said negative. It's May now and I still haven't gotten my period.
Avatar f tn So i had my period december 16-24 then had sex on the 2nd of January and he came in me then i didnt have my period jan, & feb . but i took 5 tests and im not pregnant. finally got it in March so how do i know when im ovulating . P.S i am trying to concieve.
Avatar n tn If you AREN'T pregnant, there is no emergency or rush to find out why your period is a little late and was light last month. I know you are very anxious, but there is really nothing of value that getting a beta HCG is going to add right now, except to cause more worry and confusion. The progesterone issue can be addressed at your next appt. Your doc may also have other tests she wants to do. Even though it is hard, wait, test again, then make an appt to see what is going on.
759027 tn?1234212401 I mean my period is really late and to have all the symptoms of it comming and then the red CM(I had to collect it it would not come out on my underware) and then nothing its like I had a period with no bleeding. If I take the estrogen and my period is just late will that mess up my cycle? I just want to know what is wrong with me.