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Avatar n tn My liver naturally overproduces for some reason, and no specialist can seem to figure out why after all these years. Once I was started on the 2000 mg of Niaspan, along with the 60 mg of Zocor, my over-all cholesterol levels have ranged from 90 to 110 (which is where both my GP and my cardiologist want it to be). I can't remember my other levels at the moment..too many numbers to remember along with my T4 and T3 levels.
Avatar f tn 1) Hydroxyz-ACL-25mg tab Hydroxyzine (anahistimine) 2) Niaspan - 500 mg er tab Niacin Of course, this recommendation comes with a disclaimer!!! Check with your Dr. and please be tested before taking these medications!!!
Avatar m tn At that time, 2 years ago he also prescribed 500 Mg of Metformin to be taken twice daily which I have followed to the letter since then, plus 40 mg of Simvastatin or Zocor once a day. I cut the Simvastatin out back in December after having experienced the worst vertigo episode one could imagine-cat scan Dr. ordered at the ER showed no problem like stroke-but the reoccurrence of the vertigo and he prescribed it to probably an inner ear infection or something in that nature.
Avatar m tn Don't wait for your cardiologist, if the pains return and they feel the same as when you had your MI only milder, GO TO THE ER. Why would you take a chance, you've been there before and it simply is not worth the risk. Go get help, please. Good luck and let us know how you're doing, I'll be looking for a response............
Avatar f tn 5 mg) plavix 75 mg, enteric aspirin, crestor 10mg, as well as for my thyroid levoxyl .75 mg and cytomel .05 mg. I've been taking the thyroid meds for 35 yrs (the cytomel for about ten). I'm 60 yrs old and had cardiac arrest, doctors said it wasn't a heart attack. I was resuscitated in the ambulance and i thought maybe it was the trauma of cpr and/or shock (defibrillation) that caused the pain. After lowering the statin to once a day the pain is a little better.
Avatar n tn ) I have to take a lot of medicine for my heart disease and also take 12,000 mg for it as an experiment to stop the artery spasms and wondered if I was starting to become allergic to it in such high doses. I have been on it for 3 years. Well I will get off here for now and check back to see how everyone is doing. I wish everyone and itch free day.