When will niaspan go generic

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Avatar n tn You can ask him to have you try Lipitor (generic) and there is now a generic Niaspan. I know because my husband is on it. You should try to change your diet to no oil and more plant based less meat or no meat and whole grains. You actually will get enough protein. No cheese because that has loads of fat. That will help with the cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. If you don't want to that is ok. I have a website you can read or a book www.drmcdougall.com and/or the Starch Solution by Dr.
Avatar n tn I forgot to tell you the patch too causes me to have red welts and itching like crazy but only for about 2 days and I don't say anything to the doctor about it, I don't want the oral clonidine, I'm taking all this other stuff orally this is enough for my stomach and liver besides they gave me oral Clonidine at the ER with ZERO results and then they finally put me on a beta blocker IV which brought the BP down almost instantly, but they waited 4 hrs to hook me on this bag don't know why I kept on
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone. I'm posting this question for "AnxiousAmy." She wasn't sure how to cut and paste her question which appears a ways down on the board. Hope you guys can help. "This is my first time to post on this forum, although I have read many, many articles here. Please forgive me if I have posted on the wrong page. I am 37 and right now I am suffering with anxiety about my heart. When I was 23 I was diagnosed with sinus tach. with occasional pvc's.
Avatar n tn Would my BP go up during angina spells if I had CAD? 3. When they talk about arm and jaw pain, is it shooting, or consant in nature? Mine are shooting 98% of the time. 4. Other than to put my fears to rest, would any cardiolgist Cath me/64 slice ct?
Avatar m tn We all read so much about this virus and still don't know how each person responds. I will go on Viread and will start Alinia after consulting my doctor. Stefano has been very vocal about Alinia for a while on this forum and it's effect on reducing HBsAg quantity. I am always confused with reduction in HBsAg quantity and DNA undetectable. I used to think both are same. As cajim has been patiently posting in the other thread, it is great to follow a life style that gives liver plenty of rest.
Avatar n tn I am itching too... and I'm not joking!!! It's just everywhere here and there and it really does drive you nuts... I don't have any idea why... I came here to see what was wrong with everyone else. Ok so you have absolutely no answers. Guess I'll go to the doctor... LOL I will say, it started out with my hands and feet. When I wake up it is a horrible warm "desperate" itch that has to be dealt with NOW! feeling... Understand what I mean by that? Even my lips..
Avatar n tn If you have allergy when you go out, due to pollen, dust, due to weather change you will face these cold symptoms which would go into a bacterial infection later, try using anti histamines when you start sneezing or any other symptoms. Try also multivitamins(Vit C) and also good protein diet. Take care!