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Avatar m tn Meanwhile I am doing yoga exercises for the specific problem with some improvement in headache but neck stiffness continues. I am also having tingling pain in one hand and palm. Can anyone suggest me further course of action.
Avatar f tn Someone please tell me where to find some good yoga exercises. I can't seem to fund any good ones. I'm 20 weeks! And would like some input on what other mommies do??
Avatar f tn Hi! I also have fibro (since May of this year) and am a Certified Personal Trainer (ironic huh?) Walking would be great for you. It is a weight bearing exercise that will help strengthen bones without breaking them down like higher impact exercises would. Start with something doable even if its just walking around the block and add on from there!
Avatar n tn It will be ideal if a doctor takes interest and advice types of exercise one has to do. In yoga, you have soft yoga as well which can be done by elderrly persons. I am 80. I am doing yoga since childhood. I do various experiments as well. So taking personal interest and studying the subject can help us to get correct exercises and change the exercises according to needs.
Avatar m tn Hi...sorry u r having issues....yes, I did have a stiff neck and using heat and then doing the neck exercises help with this.....I had a very pliable wrap that goes in the microwave that I could wrap around my neck and no more then 15 mins then I would do the exercises my Dr gave me, then 15 more mins of heat....this helps the muscles from getting tight which can cause HA's.
1415174 tn?1453243103 past the place where the pain is felt.........go to the pain and stop. If after a couple of days, your neck is no better......or worse, see your doctor, especially if the pain worsens when you bend your chin to your chest. I also found that eating several chocolate chip cookies right after this exercise seemed to help. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? I hope it helps!
Cat Thank you I will give it a shot. It might be good for my neck and shoulder pain I'm dealing with. I have a neighbor who teaches Pilates so I will check with her.
Avatar n tn I broke my back and suffer from pain daily. My weight has alot to do with it. I am at my second heaviest at 232 and I am 5'3. Does anyone have suggestions? I have three small children and walk and play daily but I would like to do more. Running/ jogging causes muscle spasms and I am unable to do much for yoga because of the way it bends my back my break was in my t14 vertebrae and is above the small of my back below my shoulders. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn But I remember answering this same question before.. If you have Comcast.. go On-demand and look for the Pre-Natal Yoga workout ... it's a 15 minute workout... Helped me throughout my pregnancy... Hope This Helps...
6896476 tn?1386858324 hi, what exercises can you recommend for me to lose my fat around my thighs without gaining muscles on it and achieving a thigh gap? my thighs is around 22-24 inches each leg.
Avatar f tn I do yoga and I just watch videos on YouTube.
Avatar n tn I have had migraines for ten years and I take relpax at the onset of a headache, sometimes though it gets to be too often and I cannot take relpax anymore than 3 times a week I know that my neck has quite a lot of knots and i get a lot of pain from my back especially neck before a migraine and I do believe they start from there. Does anyone know if physical therapy help migraines? can anyone help in pointing me towards the right thing?
1359905 tn?1277572710 No tests were done to determine if, what the doctor said was right, that I have a contusion. The pain has not lessened from the accident 7 days ago, and pain killers are not helping. Not sure what else I can or should do about this pain.
Avatar f tn Certain types of yoga are good.
Avatar m tn Another cause is nerve compression at the cervical vertebral level. Neck pain causes some amount of spasm of neck muscles and thus breathlessness is possible. You can consult an orthopedic specialist too. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
696339 tn?1227920325 Dizzy spells with pain in the back of neck could be simply due to spondylitis of the cervical spine. An X-ray or MRI can rule this out. Neck exercises, correct posture while sitting, and avoiding pillows while sleeping will help. What all tests have been done? If I had more detailed information, it would be useful in pinpointing the cause. Anemia, postural hypotension, migraine etc too can present with similar symptoms.
1663373 tn?1333635989 I was doing yoga when the arm and leg pain began. When I stopped yoga, the pain decreased. This week, however, it has begun to happen with no activity! Have you ever experienced this. I know we all deal with our individual symptoms. I'm assuming, though, that you would recommend physio. Thanks for the info !!
1936411 tn?1333831849 I do yoga, core exercises, walk, swim and ride horses. I had to give up cycling because of falls.
Avatar f tn Every time I go to stand up or even turn in bed I feel as if my pubic bone is going to just pop ! On top of pinched nerves in my back ! I am currently 34 weeks.. any exercises i can do to relieve the pain ?
Avatar f tn I found out quickly that if my monitor and keyboard were not positioned right I would get pain in my neck and sometimes arms. I am a back sufferer and learned a long time ago that posture is critical to painless days. Adjust your monitor level so your eyes are level is a good thing to do. Stretching alot is helpful, good lumbar support (as mentioned above) is critical. Remember its all one spine. All the IT guys I know suffer from neck problems if they are not positioned right.