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Avatar n tn If you use computer a lot or read a lot then the symptoms of headache, dizziness, neck pain, numbness etc could be due to compression of the spinal nerves in the cervical spine region. This can happen due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, herniated disc, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. A MRI of the cervical spine and nerve conduction studies may be required. Please consult a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm recently having a severe neck ache accompanied with headache and/or (nausea,dizziness). knowing that due to my work, i am obliged to work on the pc for 8 hours/days on an average of 5 days/week.
Avatar f tn Dull aching type of headache which is continous and of sudden onset, feel the pulsations in the head, cannot turn head much the pain aggravates, pain aggravated also on sneezing and coughing, associated with diarrhoea and eyes pain. No dizziness, blacking out, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus No history of diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, hypertension or asthma There is history of surgery 5 years back for ependymoma in the 4th ventricle(benign tumour), no complaints of that.
Avatar n tn I have a headache on right side in eye, head, ear, and goes to neck and jaw. not daily.For 3 or 4 days, there is none, but when it comes, pain is intense and Tylenol does not help. My eyes are runny. Headache does not interfere with my sleep. I had headache since October. It began with a cold and I thought it was sinus, then allergy so I took claritan D and Flonase. And this did not help. Had ct scan (normal).
7058746 tn?1393439020 I had the same problem but got worse in a couple days were everything I drank and ate came back up, because my headache was bringing on such bad nausea. Doctor fave me zofran and told me to take 1 Tylenol 3 to get rid of the headache one and for all. He suggested that in the future the instant I feel a slight headache coming on to take regular Tylenol right away. Works better and gets rid of it a the root before it can escalate, because once it dies it can regular Tylenol is no help.
Avatar f tn When I get a migraine, I've found some relief by putting an ice pack wrapped in cloth or a water bottle filled with cold water on the base of my skull/top of my neck. Also peppermint or peppermint gum helps ease the associated nausea a bit. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn Time to get a exam! Headaches could be a sign of a bigger problem. Do you have neck pain with it? Or pain anywhere else? How long have you had it? Is it just at certain times, or all day every day? Does it interfere with your activities? Do you get enough sleep? It might be sleep deprivation. If it's only in the morning when you wake up, it could be an uncomfortable bed or pillow that is not supporting your neck properly.
Avatar n tn I'm also having neck stiffness and pain. The more intense the pain the more dazed and confused I become. I feel like I'm walking around in a haze all the time. My words and thought processes are slowed and hard to put together. I have a low fever, nothing higher then 100 and only have had a few times where I've felt nauseous. I had some one state that this could be a sign of viral meningitis. Could this be that or is there something else I should be concerned about?
233053 tn?1321647421 Does this pain radiate or is at one place? It simply could be a neck can take OTC pain medication and get a neck massage. If this does not help i suggest you to first see your physician and undergo complete physical examination.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Migraine headaches indeed may present with throbbing headaches. It is also associated with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sounds. If the pain is not relieved by your medicine or persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct clinical and neurological examination are important. Diagnostic tests such as MRI or CT scan may also help. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I have persistent neck pain and headache. I am conscious of it when I get up in the morning and it worsens during the day but is never severe. If I concentrate on something or watch a movie etc the pain level goes down / almost goes away. I also feel I have a slight problem in tilting my head to the right - I feel a pain similar to a muscle pull on my shoulder. I get feelings of mild nausea occaisionally. If I put on my phone headset in the office pain becomes more.
Avatar m tn I was given a bottle of Zofran for the nausea. I did have some brain spasms but no headache or nausea. Ask your doctor for something to help with the nausea, you certainly don't need to have to deal with it while your brain is healing.
Avatar n tn No one knew if they were mild daily migraines, sinus related, referred pain as the result of a stiff neck, etc.? Bending over tended to exacerbate the problem. Advil and Excedrin migraine helped a bit but not much. Acupuncture seemed to help a bit too. Well the headaches faded and I haven't had a headache in over three years -thankfully. But the same symptoms are now back.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms seem to indicate that you are suffering from migraine headaches. One sided headaches with blurry vision, nausea and pain in the neck are all the symptoms of migraine. Migraine is a vascular headache. Memory issues could be related to your anxiety and sleep deprivation. I would suggest you to discuss this possibility with your neurologist as you may need to take medications to prevent these headaches. Take care!
306259 tn?1204773075 On Oct 4th, 2007 peripheral vision went out, severe headache at base of skull, and nausea. Since then (5 mos) daily nausea, transient vision loss, heavy pressure pain at base of skull and neck, numbness/tingling on right side of face, joint pain (mainly jaw), Orthostatic hypotension, Babinski response on right foot only, other numbing sensations on right side of body, dizziness, shooting burning pain in head.
Avatar n tn The Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum Topic: Neurology - General Subject: Dizzy, headache, neck pain/ache From To Post trixmouse 01/12/2007 . I'm a 33 yr old female and about a year ago I started feeling extremely dizzy. I wouldn't describe it as room spinning dizzy, more like I feel like my head is in a snow globe and someone is shaking it, very spacey. The first "episode" lasted about 5-6 weeks.
326590 tn?1296066049 I have had a headache I can't get rid of since I woke up. I have taken tylenol, and I have even put an ICY HOT patch on my neck where the pain seems to be generating from. When I stand up it seems to get worse. I don't get migraines, except when I had a spinal headache after an epidoral when I had my 3 yr old. It sorta feels like that, but not that bad yet. I can't tell if the nausea is from the headace or morning sickness. Should I be concerned that it won't go away?
Avatar f tn Temporal tendinitis mimics migraines including TMJ pain temporal headaches, tooth sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain. Treatment includes injecting local anesthetics and other medicines, moist heat muscle relaxants and NSAIDs along with physiotherapy. Multiple sclerosis would also need to be excluded.
Avatar n tn If you use computer a lot or read a lot then the symptoms of headache, dizziness, neck pain, numbness etc could be due to compression of the spinal nerves in the cervical spine region. This can happen due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, herniated disc, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. A MRI of the cervical spine and nerve conduction studies may be required. Please consult a neurologist.
Avatar f tn The next day I felt lightheaded and nausea. Tuesday and Wed. I felt fine except for the headache. Then Yesterday at work I was giving a massage and got clammy, cold sweets, lightheaded and blacked out. I sit down and drank some water. later that night the vomiting came. Woke up this morning still with the headache. I Keep checking and I don't have a fever. Never have gotten headaches before. The pain is in the middle shooting out and nothing makes it go away.
Avatar m tn At the first sign of a migraine (before nausea, etc.) I drink a cup of very strong coffee. That will abort it. Also some migraines have triggers. Mine take place in the afternoon. Usually if I was fatigued and sitting in the sun. Especially If I had a drink in that condition a migraine was guaranteed. I am not talking of drunkenness and I rarely drink. But even a small glass of wine would do it.
Avatar n tn I have a similar problem. I am nauseas all the time, day and night. It is accompanied by a headache and neck ache and nothing I take (motrin, tylenol, sinus meds) seems to help. It is really becoming a burden in my life. I had Hep C but was recently told I no longer have it after a one year drug treatment. I am in excellent health otherwise, I think. Any ideas??
306259 tn?1204773075 16 yr old with constant headache pressure at base of skull and neck for 5 mos. Also nausea, dizziness, numbness, orthostatic hypotension, Babinski response, transient vision loss. All tests (MRI & MRA of brain & cervical, blood test, lyme, heavy metals, ANA, heart, etc) normal. Neurological exam: babinski response on right foot, less sensation on rt side of body. Very low blood pressure. Question: if other tests all fine, is Babinski response (done by neurologist) okay to have?
Avatar f tn About a month ago, I called my endo about the headaches, neck pain, back pain, nausea he told me then none of those symptoms were related to AI to go see primary and get checked for fibro. My PC looked at me and said you don't have fibro..... You are AI. So I guess that was the first time my PC got to see my endo's way of thinking. Oh, and my tongue is changing. Little cracks and tiny red dots. And it feels scorched all the time-- like I drank something hot and burned my tongue.
Avatar n tn When i move my neck i often feel the muscles almost click and i can hear soemthing that almost sounds like fluid. I also frequently get a feeling of nausea along with the pain. In the last year I have had a sinus infection this has not disappeared completely but is no longer severe as it was and the pressure does not feel connected with this. I am also experiencing diffcicuty finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hello Dear, There could be various causes for the headache like migraine,neuralagic pain,tension headaches,degenerative spine changes etc Is nausea,vomiting associated with the headache?You can also try for sumatriptan in combination with NSAID like naproxen .You should consult a neurologist as your symptoms seem to have a neurological cause.
Avatar f tn Patients with dizziness due to neck pathology (cervicogenic dizziness) often complain of dizziness that is worse with particular head movements and when the head is maintained in one specific posture for prolonged periods. Neck pain and a headache in the occipital region (the back of the head above the neck) may be associated with the dizziness. The dizziness may last minutes to hours after assuming certain head positions.
Avatar m tn Since that time I have been suffering with periods of; severe headache, severe neck pain, painfull eyes, dizziness, nausea, weakness, fatigue, restless sleep. Now I have the headache, neck pain and pain in eyes and all the other symptoms, constantly for about 3 months. I have sensitivity to light and pain in eyes/ nausea when looking at some thing close or sometimes in the same room. I am also experiencing pain in all joints which is pronounced in knees ans shoulders.