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213398 tn?1202674074 Our pharmacist told my son ( gets over a thousand ectopics a day but doesn't notice them) no cold meds and to use saline nasal spray. Even if you do get some blips taking the nasal spray they are harmless and won't hurt you in any way.
538745 tn?1213759588 he said ear was clean and gave me for two weeks Nasonex said if don't work come back..I don't have a cold nose isn't backup no sinus pain or head this normal to give allergy meds for ear problems ??
Avatar m tn Is it safe for a person with Afib to use Flonase or Nasonex on a daily basis? Do they contain stimulants that might trigger an Afib episode?
Avatar n tn Hi all! I'm an otherwise healthy male in my late 30's. Recently got sick about 4 days ago: stuffy nose, followed by a sore throat (when swallowing). No temperature, headache or cough. The only thing I used before seeing doc was Afrin, Advil and some Zicam. Went to the doc, and she said it was a virus. She prescribed Nasonex, Astepro, and the usual "stay away from afrin" advice.
Avatar n tn Could these sensation happen because I stopped taking Nasonex too abruteply (for 3 dose a day to nothing). Or are those sensations signs that Nasonex damaged my heart in some ways?
Avatar n tn I am on Cardizem CD(360mg/day) to prevent afib(no high blood pressure problem). For 2 years I have had a problem with one inner ear not draining properly due to colds/sinus stopping up the eustacion(sp?) tube. What cold/sinus medicines can I safely take that might clear this problem? Ear doctor has tried guaifenesin(1200mg/12hrs)and Nasonex spray but these have not worked. The only thing that works is putting a vent tube in eardrum- I've had 3 of these. Help!
Avatar n tn You're not getting a cold every other day for the last 6 months. You're having perennial allergic rhinitis and post-nasal drip. Hong Kong has plenty of dust, my parents are from there, I've visited from time to time. The allergy medicines can help. Especially nasal steroids like rhinocort, nasonex, flonase, beconase, etc. Rinsing with nasal saline beforehand helps even more. Allergy shots from an allergist can help too Good luck Sheeba!
Avatar n tn It feels like I had an ice bag in one spot for a few minutes. Almost feels a little numb, very cold like one would imagine the onset of frostbite would feel. At first it started in parts of the feet, like the surface, the ankle, sometime just above the ankles on either side. It then moved up to shins, thighs, forearms to the point where I feel these cold spots everywhere. They vary from place to place and seem to be expanding.
299912 tn?1341626700 However, and I do not know why I did this in the first place, but if I press lightly into the spot of my throat where it hurt originally (close the the base of my neck) the tickly would subside for just a few minutes (weird I know). This tickly and coughing kept me up quite a while that night. The next day (after the morning "clearing-of-the-head-and-sinuses: that always seems to come along with a cold, I felt pretty darn good and thought it was over.
242143 tn?1215473908 Hey ladies! Ok, I've had a cold for almost a month now..I can't take it anymore. I was coughing but that stopped..the problem is my congestion right now. A pharmacist gave me a nasal spray for that that does wonders says on the back that if it persists for more than 7 days to consult a doctor. Now, is it a waste of time to go see a doctor? Will they be able to prescribe something to heal my stupid congestion once and for all???? Have any of you had something prescribed? thanks!
Avatar n tn Good morning ladies! I see the mother ship still has not landed... *looks like War of the Worlds...lot of little aliens running around my neighborhood, feeling lost and waiting on Mother ship* It's starting the day here at 67 degrees, and ending tonight around 40!! Then tomorrow, it will be 20 degrees!!! 20 degrees is like "rush to the grocery store and buy all the bread/milk, because we might get stuck in the house for a week from all the ice"!!! So, excited!!!
1316961 tn?1274136871 I have for the last 8 months that I have been tracking get a sinus infection/cold with my monthly menstrual cycle. My cycle is very regular and only lasts about 5 days. About 2-3 days before the flow starts I get headaches, fevers, shakes, coughing, post nasal drip and just plain dizzy. The worst of the sinus infection hits the day the flood gates open. Each month it is basically the same symptoms but this month they are more severe.
Avatar n tn I took her to her pediatric doctor for a ear infection and she prescribed some antibiotics. she got rid off the ear infection. Also the cold symptoms got a little better for a day or two but the symptoms came back as bad. example clear runny nose, red watery eyes and sore throat and cough. I also been with the cold for about 3 weeks but not as bad as my baby. I Please any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Why would he then get this pressure following a cold or asthma & feel some improvement with use of antibiotics? Soon after he's off antibiotics, he feels worse!
Avatar f tn You also need a prescription for it, so I don't think it is a good idea to take it. Nasonex is prescribed for nasal symptoms related to seasonal allergies. I don't think that this will help you either. I think you should ask your doctor about the persistent cough (perhaps it is allergy related) and see what he/she suggests. Good luck.
Avatar m tn It's only a different color like green, or yellow when I have a cold. Like I said I have had this for many, many annoying months. It started happening last winter right after I had a flu. Also during the summer time I got "step throat" 3 times in 2 weeks. The first time I had strep, they didn't even test me, they just gave me antibiotics (don't remember what it was) It actually cleared up my thick mucus for a week and it came back.
Avatar n tn My husband has had a cold (stuffy nose, congestion, minor cough/throat irritation) for nearly a year. He had about one month without symptoms since January. The doctor gave him Nasonex and Allegra, but they really haven't done anything. What should we do now? Is it common to have these symptoms for this long?
Avatar f tn l nasal irrigate once a day and use nasonex spray once a day as well, can't stand it right now so have taken an antihistamine which has not done anything!!!! l am allergic to oral cortisone and sudafed makes me really jumpy inside my body' l am also very allergic to raw carrots, celery and kiwi fruit.....
Avatar n tn I have following problems. 1. I have a bent septum 2. There is a tissue growth on left nostril 3.
Avatar f tn Hi, The best type of MD to see for tics is a child neurologist or a child psychiatrist; there is NO substitute for experience! Intuniv ( time release Tenex) is used to treat tics also & helps ADHD symptoms for some people. My 13 yr old has a basket full of tics & he is starting Haldol.
Avatar f tn I have seasonal allergies and have been using Claritan, Nasonex and Patanase on a regular basis for some months now (years for the nasal sprays). I also use a neti pot every night without fail, which has worked wonders to lesson sinus pain. That's a basic background on me. I pretty much feel like my allergies are under control. This year particularly I've noticed blood in my snot every time I blow my nose.
Avatar m tn It's only a different color like green, or yellow when I have a cold. Like I said I have had this for many, many annoying months. It started happening last winter right after I had a flu. Also during the summer time I got "step throat" 3 times in 2 weeks. The first time I had strep, they didn't even test me, they just gave me antibiotics (don't remember what it was) It actually cleared up my thick mucus for a week and it came back.
Avatar m tn It was my best stress-reliever, and gave me a way to escape from problems with work. Now my options for exercising continue to dwindle, and it is playing significant damage on my quality of life. The daily symptoms are making my work much more difficult as well. If anyone has experienced similar symptoms and has come to a resolution, please let me know. I don't want to continue to be so unable to live my life the way that I want to.
Avatar n tn Hi, read your post with interest because I have some of the same circumstances as you, unfortunately not your geno (I'm a 1a, sniff, sniff.) But I am a bx 1 as well, with good labs. I've had it for about 30 years and have only been symptomatic for the past year (meaning more fatigue with a few flareups - that seem to be held at bay with my health regimen, for the most part.
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Avatar n tn You could try to eliminate these things for a few weeks or longer. Medicine only covers symptoms and does not make it go away for long if it is allergies!
Avatar n tn This is crazy, I have the same problem and its driving me insane....Please tell me what any of you have discovered. I am between jobs, never get sick....really never use my insurance I've been paying for the last 20 years and now of course I could really use it. HELP!
Avatar n tn He had her on anitibiotics for over a week and we went for the follow up yesterday 10/11 with no change. She was also on a cough suppresant and a nasal decongestant, but no change in the cough. I have an appointment now with a ENT doctor on Friday 10/13 so hopefully they can help. The allergist told me to use Afrin on her 2 times a day to see if her nasal passage way is clogged, but I dont feel to comfortable about this.
Avatar m tn Then i was taking those for about 3 days when i caught a cold again, runny nose, fever, cough and throat pain, again coughing up yellow (greenish) mucus. This time we went to another pulmonologist which diagnosed me with Tracheobronchitis, Morbus refluxualis gastro-oesophageus, Sinusitis acuta alia, Tussis but she also gave ma diagnosis Asthma so she can prescribe me montelukast and Prednisone.