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Avatar m tn Hi, I went to a walk in clinic on Friday, I had a cold for about 5 days that seemed to be getting worse, sinus pressure, post nasal drip, cough and phlegm that produced green phlegm so he said it was sinusitis, gave me nasonex and Azithromycin. 6 pills, two at first dose and one a day, started on Saturday, it's now Tuesday, cough is minimal, still coughing up phlegm about once an hour, blowing nose is clear, chest congestion is mildly green.
Avatar n tn Heres something thats helped me big time with sinusitis.. and the reason I got it. Your vehicle has whats called a CABIN FILTER.. look for it, goto walmart automotive.. ask if they carry cabin filters for your make and model.. and they probably will.. buy it! Its a filter not too many people know they have in their cars.. its the filter to filter your air system.. heat or AC.. if youve never heard of this before..
Avatar n tn I have an inhaler, nasonex spray, I take Zyrtex and benedril. I still have a lot of drainage and cough a lot, especially at night and in the morning. I have a deviated septum bit not bad enough for surgery. I have had chest x-ray and c-scan of sinuses. I am so tired, I can't get rid of this. Is there anything else I can do? (I have used eucalyptus in a pan of steam every day.) I am so frustrated at not feeling well. I do not smoke.
Avatar n tn i have tried pain medicine, saline drops, nasal rinse, nasonex for relief. it is mostly the inflammation and pain that is bad. do you have anymore suggestions on what i can do ?
Avatar n tn There are a lot of steroid nasal sprays that you might react better too. Nose bleeds are a common side effect so a different brand may help better. Others are ayamys, nasacort, or nasonex, plus many others. Nasal rinsing using a neti pot or neil med sinus rinse may also help flush out anything that is in your sinuses and there is a much lower risk of bleeding since there is no medication, it's just pure saline.
Avatar n tn I use a blend of kosher salt and baking soda in solution (1-2) times daily and use two sprays of Nasonex in each nostril in the AM and on occassion use NasalCrom (over the counter--Cromolyn Sodium Solution). I can breath, my sinuses are not blocked and my infection rate is way way down. It sure beat antibiotics and oral steroids. The first ime you use it the feeling is a bit intimidating. I first thought "Where is the water going, into my brain?
Avatar n tn I hope that this will finally clear up the infection. In addition to the avelox, I am on zyrtec and nasonex for sinusitis and allergies. I also due nasal irrigation daily.
480448 tn?1426952138 I can only imagine! I have chronic sinusitis of my maxillary, ethmoid, and frontal sinuses and it is pure torture, so I can just picture what you're going through. I can definitely empathize with you! I just had tubes put in my ears after a year long struggle with pressures that were so unbelievably uneven it was ridiculous. One ear would be -126 and the other would be +37! It was crazy. Definitely keep in touch and let me know how you're doing! I feel bad for all of us sinus sufferers!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with sinusitis 3 months ago and have had 3 rounds of antibiotics and it just keeps bothering me. What bothers me the most is my eyes have frequent pain. Mostly my right eye but today is my left more. I have pain behind my rt eye and up the rt side of my head behind my ear daily. What would cause this?
Avatar m tn That's what competition is supposed to do. But noooooo... I went to CVS today and the price was $218 for Nasonex. That is a total ripoff... Why did the price go up? So what's the difference between Merck, the manufacturer, and a robber with a gun on the street? Answer: The gun. Merck robs you without using a gun. Very clever, taking advantage of peoples' medical conditions.
Avatar n tn Hi Jason, Sorry you've been sick, and I know how you feel. I've been having chronic and acute sinusitis and infections for 30+ years. I had surgery to open up things about 18 years ago and it really helped; I went from 6-8 to 1-3 infections per year. That said, I wanted to list the symptoms of my latest, current, infection, for which I am on the third dose of antibiotics. Some Facebook friends also reported having relapses and similar symptoms.
Avatar n tn I've suffered from Chronic Sinusitis for about the last 9 months. This was primarily due to a badly deviated septum and bone spur that had to be surgically corrected. The infections are pretty much under control now, but I still have one big problem. At night, especially when I sleep, I get extremely congested, and I have to breathe out my mouth. Now I have been getting dry mouth (I don't think it's an infection, because I don't see any evidence of that).
Avatar n tn CT's on both children have been performed, no note of blocked passages, just chronic sinusitis in one and "recurrent" sinusitis in the other. Both have also had the rhinoscopy which showed only rhinitis, no polyps or abnormalities. Both have had T&A's, ear tubes. Both on nasal steroids for many months. Given this situation would long term antibiotics (meaning months) be the best route or should I begin asking about the sinus "flush"?
Avatar f tn I've lost weigh because of this problems that worries me alot.I went to the hospital like 3 wks ago and they told me i had sinusitis and ear fluid in my ear! i took the medication they gave me but i still feel the same.And from all of this im getting sick from my nerves,i get very nervous!!!Recently i went to a family doctor and he said that he does see that im a little congested from my nose!So he gave me some pills for that but i still feel the pressure in my nose and throat!
1687346 tn?1305590091 I'm already on Nasonex, Astepro and now trying it with Zrytec instead of Singular. I don't know what else to do, I can't be on Prednisone forever! Please Please is there anyone out there who had other types of treatment other than loading up on meds. I have heard a couple of people using acupucture and found relief but I want to hear more testimonials on acupucture or any other trmts. Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn We are currently on Nasonex (since November)and after about 3 weeks we had a 2 week let-up (though it was going to work) but the sinus infections have returned again. We have went through allergy testing (I was thinking milk due to timing these have started) but there was only one small allergy to tree pollen.
Avatar n tn Our family doctor gave him 2 rounds of antibiotics, deconamine and nasonex. He was also on 2 types of ear drops. He went to an ENT who ordered a CT scan (confirming sinusitis) and a hearing test. The audiologist said the hearing loss is mostly due to pressure on the ear drum, not bone damage. The ENT now thinks there is a growth in the eustachian tube. He is sending him to his son for a second opinion. And he is talking about surgery.
Avatar m tn Also gave me Amoxicillin as he thought there may be some infection. Was also prescribed Nasonex (corticosterone spray) and told to take an anti-histamine a day. He thinks there was inflammation due to the initial allergy attack which caused fluid back up that is now causing my taste and smell to be weak and my sinus pressure. The antibiotic is in case there is infection in the sinuses from all the fluid back up.
Avatar n tn I used the nasonex like explained and no difference. I took an allergy pill at bedtime and no difference. I bought a dyson allergy vacuum and I vacuumed atleast once a week. No difference. So I don’t believe it’s allergy related. Most recently I bought a humidifier and I have that going at night. It blows near my face from the floor by my bed. I purchased a hygrometer to test the humidity in this place. It ranged from 28-34 mostly this winter. It stays about 37.
Avatar f tn It took almost one year to identify this reaction, by then asthma had been diagnosed and later on sinusitis. Even though I have stopped taking Advil since January 2010 and any of the medications in the same family, my symptoms have not improved. I am constantly producing mucus in my sinuses and/or phlegm in my lungs. I am right now on: Patanase (Nasal Spray) two on each nostril twice a day; Nasonex (Nasal Spray) two on each nostril once a day; Symbicort 160/4.
Avatar m tn I suggest you go to and look at the reviews ny patients for Nasonex. From 2006 to presemt day, there are alot of simular bad side effects related to Nasonex. I think it should be banned!!!
Avatar n tn After the exam the doctor told me that I had a deviated septum and possibly a nasal polyp. The ENT Doctor prescribed Nasonex and also told me that surgery may be an option. I have found that Nasonex has worked well for me and I am able to breath through my nose. Sometimes I notice that I can breath through both sides. As a general rule if medicine helps is it wise to not consider surgery? How long can people use Nasonex?
Avatar f tn I have a history of sinus problems and also have enlarged tonsils that lead to frequent sore glands and ear pain. I stay on the generic for Claritin (Loratadine 10 mg) daily and use a Netipot to do sinus rinses every evening. I have tried using sprays like Flonase or Nasonex, but they do not help. Even with taking steps to control post nasal drip and inflammation, I still get frequent sinus infections. My primary Dr prescribes antibiotics several times a year.
Avatar n tn I am 33 y/o, female and have had a cold (cough and runny nose, congestion) for a few months now. I orignially got dx w/sinus infection (after I lost my voice) and was given amoxy and nasonex. I took amoxy for few days before I lost it.I recently found it and started it again. This past weekend when I spit out my mucus there's dime sized blood in it. Mucus is light brown caramel color. This morning I blew my nose and found blood in that as well.
Avatar n tn I have also been on a regimen of Nasonex and other sorts of nasal sprays that you need a prescription for. Once again, I saw temporary relief only to have the symptoms return. This summer (and now September) of 2008 has been really bad. (I lived in Japan from July 2006 to May 2008, and for some reason I had few allergic symptoms there). I am, like ever, waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe because my nose gets congested. I blow my nose, but nothing gets drained.
Avatar n tn we went to ent dr ( pns ct )result nasal polyp in left maxillary sinus grape size and thick left nasal wall the dr put her on tri b im injection and nasonex twice daily but now 3 Weeks on the treatment no improve please i need consult ion
Avatar n tn Neck pain along with these symptoms can be radiated pain and could be due to chronic sinusitis. But if you are having only neck pain then it could be related to trauma to the cervical spine, slipped disc, muscle sprain, hypertension etc. I would recommend that you consult a physician for further examination and confirmation of the cause for this. Best.
Avatar n tn I have tried claritan, zyrtec, and others and now I am trying Zyzel and in two days I can see a big difference in attitude (no more sweet girl). She has a bad gag reflux and when she vomits it is pure slime by the cupfuls. I am thinking about getting her adenoids out, but don't know what I should do. The only thing that is lucky is that she has never had an ear problem. I can't be (or hope) that I am not the only one out there with this problem. Any suggestions? ANY?
Avatar f tn Other common causes of chronic cough include asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinus problems (for example sinus infection),post nasal drip and esophageal reflux of stomach contents and these also should be investigated and ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn I have been treated for sinus problems in the maxillary sinus for abou 5 years. Singular, Nasonex and have done pretty well. Treatment for flairups have been doxycyclene and other antiobotics. Now I am worse and antiobotics are not working. I went to ENT and had ct scan. I am scheduled for sinuplasty on right sinus opening on the 19. My pain has benn increasing. Last night was the worst pain I have ever experienced. It felt like lightning hit the right side of my head.