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Avatar n tn Wouldn't think it would be withdrawals. He might have something else going on???
Avatar m tn I then saw your post about steroids being possible causes of eye puffiness - I have been taking Nasonex which has a small amount of carticosteroid in it for about 13 years to counteract perennial rhinitis, one of the symptoms of which, unfortunately include puffy eyes! My question is whether the amount of steroid in the spray taken as perscribed, could be causing this.
Avatar n tn Nose specialist prescribed him with Nasonex 2x spray per day, Ceflour antibiotic, Anpro Loratadine, and Roximeth. But i worry about the STeroid effect to my son. . So i stop after taken 1 tablet of Roximeth after i found out this is steroid. Please advise any side effect if my son stop this Roximeth after 1 tablet ? (as doctor always advise me to finish it so i don't want to tell doctor) Nasonex also steroid spray right?
Avatar n tn Now im using Nasonex nasal spray but every single day is a hell for me. now the odor is so strong especially when its very cold or very warm. I dont know what to do.can anybody help me?
Avatar n tn But my question is should I go back to taking the nasonex? Was it a good thing that the nasonex made it louder because maybe it was just cleaning my ear out from the fluid, since it stopped ringing completely later that night which it hasnt done all week. But I dont know because it was a lot more irritating that night then ever! When I got out of the hot shower. I'm starting to think maybe the hot shower could be whats really irritating it more.
Avatar n tn My symptoms have gotten stronger and I can not bear the pressure in my nose/forehead/eyes any longer. I went to a regular physician and he prescribed Nasonex. wich, again hasn't relieved any of my symptoms. I'm desperate to find a cure to my heaches and now this horrible pressure that comes more often at night. I'm uninsured and I'm trying my best to get the help, but I can not afford to get a CT scan or MRI to tell me if there is something more serious going on inside my brain. HELP!!
Avatar m tn Can you take both at the same time? Any other suggestions for allergy relief? Nasonex and the non-steroid Nasocrum have been mentioned before. I know some docs don't prescribe nasal steroids when you're on tx, but mine has no problem with nasal or oral steriods. And in this case, the benefits will outweigh any negatives as long as it works.
Avatar f tn I have been reading all these postings and cannot believe so many people are suffering from this and all doctors can do is say - "here try this - if it doeasnt work - try this or may be both together." They so often fail to even care any more. Never seem to seek alternative therapies...
Avatar n tn The best way to identify a sinus infection is with a sinus CT scan, although sinus x-rays are a decent alternative. A sinus CT scan will also identify if any of the openings that drain your sinuses are blocked. If your stuffy nose is due to sinusitis, it will last as long as the inflammation continues. Here are some ways to clear up the inflammation. Please check with your doctor to see which of these would work best for you. Please read our Sinusitis MedFact at http://www.nationaljewish.
Avatar n tn Children's Claritin is a good medicine. My son has severe allergies and has to take Flonase, Nasonex, Singular, plus Zyrtec all year.
Avatar f tn After seeking treatment w/ my PCP and being on one antibiotic after another, I was referred to an ENT. He placed me on Xzal, nasonex, and sinus rinses to see if it helped. The improvement was mild. He suggested I follow-up w/ an allergist. The fist one I went to did not do a complete allergy test and only advised I had mild allergiest to dust/mold/pollen. I returned to the ENT to have a deviated septum corrected and the whole nine yards.
Avatar n tn Prescribed cleansing w/ saline, Nasonex spray and Allegra. 10 days later my nose is still bloody. It's gotten a tiny bit better but only a tiny bit. I have a sinus headache all of the time. Normally in the fall I have allergy problems with a little blood once or twice during the season but never like this. I've seen a handful of people on this board talking about sinus troubles. What have you experienced? What has your doc said about this being a side?
Avatar n tn I went to an ENT who ran sinus CT Scan which came up mostly negative aside slight mucus build up. A touch to the forontal passages and my ears want to explode. Aside from daily doses of Nasonex, which don't appear to be working is there I went to another general doctor who ran blood test, carotid doppler test, ekg head CT scan of the head which all came back negative.
Avatar f tn Most of the dr's just tell me to take Flonase or nasonex, or something like it, or use a sinus wash. I've tried these and nothing seems to work. This year seems to be the worst I ever recall, I've had tinitis since February. Last ent I went to did allergy testing as well as hearing test. Allergy testing showed allergy to dustmites, mold, and cockroaches (eww).
Avatar n tn 81 mg aspirin, Sertraline 150 mg, Lisinopril 20 mg, metoprolol 50 mg, simvastatin 40 mg, hydrochlorathiazide 25 mg, nasonex one spray each nostril, twice a day and the ferrous sulfuate 325 mg, twice a day. Any suggestions as to what could be causing my tummy to hurt so bad?
Avatar n tn He tested negative for indoor and outdoor allergies. He's been on nasonex for months and I've even tried daily zyrtec to no avail ... still stuffy. Out of desperation, I gut out wheat, gluten, and dairy ... still stuffy. Any ideas? I don't know what to do or who to see next ... pediatrician? ENT? Allergist? I'm at a loss and very frustrated as I feel this is affecting his quality of life. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn beconase, flonase, rhinocort, and nasonex.
Avatar f tn The best way to identify a sinus infection is with a sinus CT scan, although sinus x-rays are a decent alternative. A sinus CT scan will also identify if any of the openings that drain your sinuses are blocked. If your symptoms are due to sinusitis, they will last as long as the inflammation continues. Here are some ways to clear up the inflammation. Please check with your doctor to see which of these would work best for you.
Avatar n tn This is mostly in the summer since he is less stressed when school is out and eats better. Gary also is on Zyertec and Nasonex for seasonal allergies and he takes Advair and Singulair for asthma. He has low muscle tone and motor problems as well as an Autism Spectrum Disorder. What reason did the doctor give for taking her off the medicine and what alternatives did he offer?
Avatar f tn You can also try complementary and alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Removing the polyps with surgery usually makes it easier to breathe through the nose. However, over time, nasal polyps may indeed return. Reduced or lost sense of smell does not always improve following treatment with medicines or surgery. It is best that you talk to your doctor or ENT about this for proper management. Hope this helps. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn So, the reason I am telling you all this is so that you can learn from my story. Work on the immune system now. Use alternative medicine for that. Doctors only treat symptoms. If you want to keep your child on as few medications as possible then help your child to be as strong as possible. My goal was to not live in the hospital. I accomplished that. Diet is the most important thing. Learn about good diet, food additives, dyes, etc.
Avatar n tn The best way to identify a sinus infection is with a sinus CT scan, although sinus x-rays are a decent alternative. A sinus CT scan will also identify if any of the openings that drain your sinuses are blocked. If the tiny amount of blood in your phlegm is due to sinusitis, it will last as long as the inflammation continues. Please read our Sinusitis MedFact at to learn ways to clear up the inflammation.
Avatar f tn It's nice to say "I'm not giving up diving", but you may have to choose between diving and death. In death, for the next billion years you can dream about diving. The bright side is, I am not convinced you have to make that choice. Let's forget about terms such as "asthma", for a moment. You are experiencing sudden onset shortness of breath, which grows worse (you haven't experienced where it may go) and it is relieved by albuterol sulfate.
94365 tn?1216090760 My tonsils are very crytic now since having so many infections and they are easily infected. Question 1# I don't want to use the Nasonex, I don't like steroids or their side affects. Any alternative like regular allergy pills in conjunction with the amoxicilin? Question 2# Is it a good idea to have my tonsils removed? The doctor said that I will get less infections. But I am sickly already and fear removing them will me me even more suspetible to illness.
Avatar f tn I have expressed this to the neuro with the idea that it is just allergies. I have tried Nasonex and sudafed. I try gum, yawning, peroxide, nose plug blow and nothing works. I am having so much trouble hearing. I read in the HPs that loss of hearing in one ear could be MS related. Does anyone have any suggestion?
Avatar f tn Outside of conventional medicine, he has tried sinus irrigation daily, allergy meds (including singulair, claritin, flonase, nasonex, allegra, ect). He does not think this is allergy-related as he never gets congestion, sneezing, post-nasal drip, ect. We have also tried alternative remedies such as oil of oregeno, bromelin with quercitin, garlic, apple-cider vinegar, ect.. He feels so hopeless at this time that he has left the state too deduct any environmental allergies.
Avatar n tn I am tired all the time from lack of sleep due to reflux cough at night. Now I am considering alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Has anyone tried any alternative therapies? (not health food store stuff like licorice; I tried that and ginger and neither worked)I really want to get my old symptom free life back if possible. Help!
Avatar n tn I have tried Claritin D, Tylenol allergy sinus headache, Nasonex, Afrin, Psuedofed and others I can't remember. I haven't tried any antihistamines yet because I don't like to take things that cause drowsiness. But I will if anyone has any ideas. Thanks for any and all help you all can give me. I really apprecaite it, and look forward to reading your replies. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays to everyone!
Avatar f tn She prescribed me Nexium, Claritin-d, Mucinex-D, Nasonex and antibiotic Levaquin which I am taking now, but annoying ear pressure (and also a lump in the throat) are still there. Can you help me?
Avatar n tn In 1989 my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma, and I began to research the many types of alternative treatments available. I corresponded with several alternative centers and/or practitioners, all of whom told me that their treatments were very successful in treating lymphoma. But every time I asked them to prove it to me with numbers, they could not. What I got was a lot of defensive, anti-medical establishment paranoia and palaver.