My finger swollen hurts

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Avatar f tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! I would recommend seeing your doctor about this. The stomach cramping isn't too worrysome, but your thumb should be looked at soon by a doctor.
Avatar n tn So the first day i started having pain in my middle finger of my right hand and i thought nothing of it as each day went by it started to swell more and more now there is a huge bump on my finger that hurts if i move or touch it against anything. then today i got a similar bump on my big toe on my right foot what could this be?
Avatar m tn just that its in a different place now but on the same hand) when i touch hurts like hell....could it be a swollen lymph node? as it feels like a pea...and is under my right arm etc. well i got scared after the 6th day of my exposure(when i had a similar swelling that time under my arm) i came back to india and had a P24 antigen + hiv antibody test at day 15 ... NEGATIVE... is the test reliable? please let me know whats causing my lymph node to swell... is it ARS?
Avatar f tn I lightly jammed my finger and got a small cut on it the other day. Now two days later is hurts and is red and swollen? I don't believe it's broken, it didn't really hurt that much when I hit it, and the cut is really small, like a paper cut size only a little wider. I had a tetnus shot about three years ago... I looked everywhere on the internet, but an infection doesn't make sense, cuz the cut is so small and not deep.
Avatar f tn It is red and swollen at the tip like normal, but in addition my entire finger is swollen to the point where it is visibly larger than the same finger on my other hand. It also hurts the infected area when I bend it more than a little bit or straighten it, so I have been keeping it in the slightly bent position that does not cause pain for most o today and yesterday. Normally these infections do not worry me but this one has got me worried. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn my son fell and now his index finger is swollen and bruised and he can't grip anything and he can't bend that finger.What is it?
5394463 tn?1367327452 And now whenever I try to stretch my finger i feel electricity going through my finger and also the side of my finger feels weird ( its not numb or anything, just a weird tingling feeling when i touch it). Cutting my nail is very painful too. I can move my finger but the movement is limited. So my question is should I get it checked out? or should I leave it to heal on its own?
Business man2 I smashed my finger in a farm gate in the wheel. It has slowly gone down in swelling at the tip and the base of the finger the knuckle is still swollen. It has been about a month i can type make a fist and nothing hurts just a little tinder where it is swelling at in the joint of the knuckle. Please help with swelling reduction. I have been using ice and was wondering if there was some kind of cream?
Avatar m tn Two days ago my finger slammed against a basketball straight on. It became swollen, painful and unable to bend, a constant ache and stiffness, as well as a bruise on the inside of the second knuckle. Now I can bend it almost all of the way but still painful to do so, the swelling is down as well as the bruising but it is still stiff.
Avatar f tn A few hours ago I noticed the veins on the back of my hand were bulging out, and just running my finger across them I could feel them sticking out. It's gotten more painful, and now my hand is itchy.I do a lot of writing, so could that contribute to it? I've had similar problems before but never this bad. Also, should I avoid physical contact? Thank you in advance for answering my question.
Avatar m tn I also buddy taped it. Now, two days later, it is still swollen and the middle joint of my index finger hurts. I can only bend it about halfway before it begins feeling stiff and hurts. I am not sure if it is just a jammed finger or a sprain or is there a fracture or dislocation?
Avatar f tn It's been two days and it really hurts around my knuckle. It's not red but just a little slightly swollen at the knuckle. When I put ice on it it makes it hurt worse. Should it be looked at or will it go away on its on?
Avatar f tn The next day my hand became really swollen around and mostly above my CMC joint on my right hand and my index finger knuckle is a little swollen. The swollen area is hard and I don't have complete motion of my thumb. It hurts but not to the point where my mom is willing to take me to the doctor. From looking everything up onling it seems like I sprained my thumb. If someone has any idea what is going on I'd appreciate it.
Avatar n tn I thought i had some bug bite or a bad move that swollen my finger a bit and gave me that pain. Now that this has happened again and hurts a bit in the same place i am looking for answers. If there are some people like us there must be something that triggers it or a symptom for another thing.
Avatar n tn I was hoping someone could tell me what is wrong with my finger? I injured it last night playing basketball but a jam usually does not last that long for me. It barely hurts, but rather feels very tight when I try and bend it. I figured a break would be more painful so I am guessing it is sprained. I can bend it but it is difficult. Do I need to see a doctor? Also, a problem non-related to my finger I've been having is whenever I sneeze, I get a painful burning sensation throughout my arms.
Avatar n tn Hello Me again lol My middle finger on my right hand hurts like its swollen, i cant clutch my fist anymore without extreem pain I thought at first i had broken it, but i can move it Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I had this cluster of little tiny warts on my right ring finger, and i never really did anything for it and all of a sudden it got really bad and my finger got really swollen and itched like crazy. Now the skin on my finger looks like i have this skin eating disease because i have a bunch of little holes in my skin and if i dont have it covered this liquid oozes out all the time. It hurts and i dont know what to put on it or do, can someone help????
Avatar m tn If you had no injury is your finger red, warm or swollen? Is it the entire finger that hurts or are there areas that hurt worse, like the back or front of the finger? Several of the things that come to mind for possible pain causes are Gouty Arthritis - another is muscle pain or Carpel Tunnel (CT). However CT usually more than just finger pain. It comes with tingling, numbness and the pain is most often in your little or ring finger - along with weakness and stiffness in the wrists.
Avatar f tn From time to time I get this one off tiny red pimple on my finger. Its red and hurts when I press down onto it... The one I currently have, has a tiny white head on it which I stupidly popped and the pimple being slightly swollen. I suffer from moderate acne and I have HSV1 orally - Blood test approved. Does this sound like herpes whitlow?
Avatar m tn I have had it on my left pinky, my left ring finger, and last night to my right middele finger. Does anyone know what is causing this?
Avatar f tn it almost looks like a blister, the skin is stretched and shinny, but i literally have no idea what it could be. the whole tip of my finger is very stiff and hurts to bend, but this has all come on very randomly, any advise would help!
Avatar f tn Yesterday I fell while hiking and broke my finger (right hand ring finger) Went to the ER got an x-ray that showed the break in-between the knuckle and the last joint on the finger. They gave me a referal to an ortho but he is out of town for a couple of weeks, so they said to call my Dr to get a referal for an ortho as soon as possible. The finger is severally swollen, bruising bad and I can't move it up or down.
Avatar m tn My sister has a finger infection that doctors have not yet been able to diagnose. She is waiting to see a specialist, but has not yet been able to schedule an appointment after several attempts to do so. It started as a hangnail but progressively got worse. I have photos, but I don't see a place to upload them. How can I get these photos to you? The fingertip of her right ring finger is swollen with white dead skin which looks more like a fungal infection.
Avatar f tn HIV won't survive in the air, that's another reason not to worry.
Avatar n tn This morning I woke up and my pinky fnger was red, swollen, warm to touch and painful. There are no insect bite marks that I can see. Im not allergic to anything and I have not had any type of injury. There is no drainage or puss and its only occuring on 1 pinky finger. Does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar n tn my son has a white circle on his finger and it hurts and itches and swollen and it is on his thumb but only swollen and red though
Avatar f tn I was playing football outside and my finger got jammed I think it got swollen and bruised and is hard to bend it's been a week now and it's not getting any better it's still brusied but not swollen it hurts to be touched on the bottom bone where it connects to the bone above it idk if I should go to the docter or not ?
539750 tn?1226525277 Since then my arm pain is worse. My finger has been swollen for eight years, my shoulder, and wrist hurt (a lot). My wrist crackles, my arm pops and crackles when I move it. I have lost range of motion in both the wrist and shoulder. If I bend my wrist up or down it hurts a lot and can't move very far. I was tested for CT, negative. Went to physcial medicine she said my case is complex and thought I had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome...