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1170694 tn?1285101109 My little sisters Black Bear Hamster has a swollen finger. The nail was long one moment and the next her whole finger was inflamed. Her nail is still there so I know it wasn't yanked out. Help Please?
Avatar n tn I have a very swollen index finger on my left hand . What can cause this? Iv had a mastectomy and all my lymph glands removed . Could this be the cause.?
Avatar f tn My finger has been swollen and painful for 1week . I went to the doctor and they prescribed Sulfamethoxazole and said I have felon infection.It has puss oozing from the side of it as of today.On the top of my nail it has a purple streak and also still has puss..What should I do?
Avatar f tn A rose bush thorn punctured my finger and it became swollen. I washed it with soap and put Neosporin on it. I put an ice pack on it for about 1 min. and the next day the swelling and pain subsided and there was a tiny scab at the puncture site. The finger is still a little swollen. Do I need to go to the Doctor? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241616'>Red, Hot, Swollen Finger</a>.
Avatar f tn Got into the dr, it was an infection, first round of anitbiotics did not help, so they determined it was a resistant strain of staph infection. 2nd round helped, finger is just a little swollen now and only slightly purple.
Avatar m tn My sister has a finger infection that doctors have not yet been able to diagnose. She is waiting to see a specialist, but has not yet been able to schedule an appointment after several attempts to do so. It started as a hangnail but progressively got worse. I have photos, but I don't see a place to upload them. How can I get these photos to you? The fingertip of her right ring finger is swollen with white dead skin which looks more like a fungal infection.
Avatar f tn The biggest danger here is an untreated infection. Infection is not related to the length or depth of the cut. I would recommend evaluation and treatment in an ER ASAP.
Avatar n tn Hi, making it short and quick. My finger tip is swollen, red, tender, and a bit discolored. Could it be a ingrown nail or a infection? If so can it be treated at home? If so what should I do? Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn Now my finger is swollen with a red bump where the cut was. My finger is also very warm to the touch. What is this? And what do I need to do? Thanx!
Avatar f tn I figured it would go away, but when I awoke this morning it was extremely painful, red and swollen. I then noticed a little bump on the side of my finger that was not there. My finger had gotten worse, red and warm to the touch and the swelling has went from the to slightly down the finger with the redness travelling down the side of the finger and down the middle of the top of my hand. Everyone keeps telling my just to soak it, I probably got bitten or it's infected.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I woke up with a swollen pinky finger/palm. It was red and warm to the touch. I did not injure the finger or the palm in any way. I saw my doctor who ruled out arthritis, infection or any broken bones. I have been applying ice packs and taking anti inflammatories. Nothing seems to help as the pinky is still swollen and hard to bend. When I bend my pinky I get pain in the joint at the knuckle by the palm.
Avatar n tn my index finger is geting swollen in the middle and it stings when bend it what can be the cause of it
Avatar n tn He is 16 months old. Saturday morning his smallest finger was hot and swollen and painful to him when we woke him up. The swelling was confined to just the last joint of his finger, to the tip. My husband examined it to see if there seemed to be a broken bone, but he thought not. As the morning went on, he appeared to be in a good deal of pain and just wanted to be held. By the afternoon, the swelling had increased to over halfway down his finger.
Avatar f tn I've recently seen the ring finger (4th finger) of my left hand become swollen at the finger pad and around the very sides near the fingernail (this was around four days ago). The day after, it became larger and thus became painful, hard and uncomfortable. It's difficult to curl it inwards, it hurts whenever I apply pressure on the swollen parts or try to stretch or curl it, it's strangely warm to the touch. I feel as if it about to burst on me.
Avatar f tn For about 8 months now I've had a swollen top part of my middle finger with a bumpy nail with small dents on it. It started off with very rough skin but the doctor gave me some cream and that cleared it up. He said I had a fungal infection. Also about 2 to 3 times a month white stuff would oose out of this small cut that was always there. That cuts gone since the last 2 to 3 months and the oozing has stopped.
Avatar n tn I had a laceration to my pinky finger just below the highest joint.It was not that deep but deep enough that it needed stitches from the ER. Also had a tetanus shot. That was last week friday 9 days ago. The ER doc said they neded to come out in a week so this past friday, 2 days ago, I took them out myself to avoid paying th $300 fee the ER would charge. Now I believe the area is infected. I noticed this yesterday. It is swollen around where the stitches were and a slight purple color.
Avatar f tn I cut my left hand at the knuckle of the 2nd finger and to the right of that, received a total of 9 stitches on 12/5/08. I went to have them removes a week later, was put on Keflex for 10 days, stitches stayed in for another week. I am suppose to get them out again tomorrow. The ones on the knuckle area are still very painful, red and swollen. If the stitches are removed tomorrow, with the redness, pain and swelling, is there a chance this will force the suture line open?
Avatar f tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! I would recommend seeing your doctor about this. The stomach cramping isn't too worrysome, but your thumb should be looked at soon by a doctor.
Avatar m tn After messing around sexually with another person, I woke up the next morning with one of my fingers swollen around the edge of the nail and it was a little yellowish. Its a little sensitive when I push on it. Is it possible that I contacted some STD or infection? There was never any insertion of the fingers, just fondling around the sexual organs.
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Either there is infection or inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis or reactive arthritis. Generally throbbing pain with heat indicates an infection. It needs anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics for cure. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage without examining. Do consult your doctor. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I had this cluster of little tiny warts on my right ring finger, and i never really did anything for it and all of a sudden it got really bad and my finger got really swollen and itched like crazy. Now the skin on my finger looks like i have this skin eating disease because i have a bunch of little holes in my skin and if i dont have it covered this liquid oozes out all the time. It hurts and i dont know what to put on it or do, can someone help????
Avatar n tn My finger hurt really bad for a couple of seconds and by the time I got out of the water was very swollen. There has been very little pain, but my finger has remained swollen, bruised, tingly and a little colder at the tip than my other fingers. If the swelling hasn't gone down by tomorrow (Sunday), would it be OK to wait until Monday to go to the doctor or could the tingling and coldness mean that I may need to see someone sooner (ER)?
Avatar n tn punctured my finger in the joint and now it is swollen and I cant bend it and it really is painful I dont know what to do
Avatar m tn Hello, It looks like fungal infection of the nail to me. The skin around the nail could have swollen due to paronychia. It results from a breakdown of the protective barrier between the nail and the nail fold. Diagnosed by gram staining and KOH wet mounts from the skin and nail scrapings. Treatment includes warm water soaks of the affected finger 3-4 times per day, oral antibiotics, topical antifungals and surgical intervention in more severe cases.