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Avatar m tn I was diagnosed in September with MS after demanding an MRI. Can a neuroligist spec. in MS look at my MRI and tell me how long I have had MS, type and where it first originated in the brain? I have suffered in silence for 9 years not aware that I had MS. The last 3 years have not been kind and no one believed I was sick! Thanks for your response.
429949 tn?1224695179 First neuro said I had MS with only this MRI and an abnormal VEP. He said I have had MS for a while to have this many lesions. I asked why I had never had any symptoms before this one attack if I had it for a long time. He said I had it but just did'nt know it. Second neuro says all lesions are the same age, Indicating that they happened all at the same time.
354585 tn?1225916814 From my experiences it would be classed as an episode or attack. An MRI scan will show up previous lesions and scarring MS stands for Multiple Scarring or Slcerious. Keeping your core heat of your body down helps ease symptoms and over heating. I find cool showers or baths best, I have stopped going into spa's or having hot showers.
Avatar n tn for severe headaches and pain behind my right eye. I have been for numerous tests, including an CT scan and an MRI/MRA of my head. The CT scan was normal, and I found out today that there were white spots on the MRI........ I was also referred to a neurologist. My primary dr. specialty is cardiology so she wouldn't discuss my MRI results with me because she said she knew nothing about it and couldn't properly make a diagnosis.......
Avatar n tn hello sllowe the doc told me i have lesions in my brain they showed up in the MRI scan.he said its showing MS but told me to forget about it because i was sent for a CT scan by the mentle heath team because i was seeing things.he said the lesions on my brain are down to my mentle heath.but my CPN said it is not pose for anyones mentle heath to show up in there brain or from a MRI scan.i no myself i have MS because of the things that happen to me but its had when a doc wont take it on.
Avatar n tn I also need some answers. The NP still thinks it is MS and just isn’t showing up yet on the MRI. How long should I wait for another MRI? Should I get another opinion? What do you all think? Does this sound like MS?
Avatar n tn Dear Roberta: A CT scan uses x-ray beams to create an image. It is useful to use to diagnose boney abnormalities, bleeds, gross changes in structure of the brain, calcifications, etc. MRI is based on radiofrequences and are useful to denote structure anatomy (much higher resolution than CT), blood flow, myelination, bleeds, etc. They both have their niches in neurological diagnosing.
Avatar f tn The facility should have a record of my 2010 scan. I plan to call monday and make sure the order says MS PROTOCOL She knows I have Ms. I do not want to offend my neuro because he is very good at what he does,but I have to consider the fact that I need help now because right now I can't even work. the sooner i see the results of the scan the sooner I can make a decision. Thanks! PS: sorry so long.
1338940 tn?1276205669 Have you been checked for Multiple Sclerosis or Trigimenal Neuralgia? If there are lesions on your MRI, I cannot believe that they have not diagnosed you with MS. You should probably see a different doctor for a second opinion.
Avatar m tn I went to the GP and they did a round of bloods and they were all normal. Got a CT Scan at the ED and it was normal. Finally went for an MRI and the MRI results show "Multiple foci of T2 signal abnormality within the white matter distribution bilaterally more so within the frontal lobes. The foci of signal abnormality are rounded in nature and demonstrate perivenular morphology. There are one or two small discrete foci within the corpus callosum.
Avatar f tn I recently seen my MD. I was told after having a cat scan that I have MS from a ER dr after I had gone in with a migrane headache. I did have a MRI done after that and had the radiologist, and 2 other doctors tell me that I have MS. I went to another dr who specializes in neuology. She never looked at my MRI, but did test my reflexes and told me that I don't have MS. I came back home and talk to my regular DR.
Avatar n tn cannot move my leg and my toes spasm - dizziness, even when sitting down I went to my family doctor and she was concerned about MS and ordered an MRI. It came back normal. I was diagnosed with mild fibromyalgia three years ago. What could be going on?
Avatar f tn The MRI scan verbal report seems consistent with demylenating disease. The more recent MRI scan of the brain was done without contrast. I recommend that we repeat that such with contrast as well as an MRI scan of the cervical spine with and without contrast. If typical lesions can be droned also in the cervical spine, then I would think that the overall clinical diagnosis in her case would be overwhelmingly likely multiple sclerosis.
5814908 tn?1376309134 Lumbar puncture or spinal tap is also confirmatory for MS in 80-85% of the patients showing signs of chronic inflammation and oligoclonal bands. So, if MRI is positive for MS then there is a chance you have MS. The diagnosis will be more certain once the lumbar puncture results are available. Please discuss with your doctor. I sincerely hope you will find this information useful in your journey towards better health. Hope you get well soon! Good Luck and take care!
Avatar f tn Are Cat Scans very reliable for showing white matter lesions? My doctor said I have MS even though no lesions show on the cat. He said he can diagnose from my textbook like symptoms. No test show any MS yet(EEG etc) Have not had the spinal yet. He wants to do that but I'm scared.
Avatar f tn Do you happen to know if this MRI was done to 'MS protocol'? (meaning, when it was ordered, was the radiologist informed that they were looking for evidence of demyelination-related lesions?) I ask because some of the wording is not what we usually see around here (though none of us are doctors or techs). "Etiology unknown" just means the radiologist is not hazarding a guess as to the cause of the 'aberrant vessel'.
Avatar f tn This would put you at about a 90% chance of showing all the signs of MS later. I also agree that his wanting to treat you with a DMD and with the higher dose of steroids means he is pretty convinced. Are you to choose your med or does he have one that he wants you to take? How are you feeling? Weird? Reeling? Numb? Angry? Relieved? All of those and more are normal feelings after a diagnosis. And many people bounce back and forth between opposite feelings minute to minute.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the difference between this MS protocol for MRI: and these: MT-GE Core spinal cord MRI Sagital T2 Sagital PD or Stir Sagital T1 Proton Density FSTIR or MT-GE C and T spine ????
Avatar f tn One or more MRI detected lesions typical of MS or Await a further relapse that demonstrates activity in another part of the central nervous system 3) One attack; objective clinical evidence of two or more lesions **Additional data needed for MS diagnosis** Dissemination in time shown by: MRI evidence showing both an active (current) and non-active (previous) lesion or MRI evidence of a new lesion since a previous scan or Await a further relapse 4) One attack; objective clinical evidence of
Avatar f tn I have just had the results of an MRI scan that was done a week ago showing a 4th legion on my brain and deteriation of a syrinx between the 5th and sixth disc. Today I was told that it is not MS after being a probable for many years and had physio etc. I have had all the tests over the years showing abnormality with evoce potentials. I am stunned and wonder how you can go from probable to not after the progression of a 4th legion.
Avatar n tn hmmm..well symptoms showing that there is something wrog i your brain....any hematoma, blot clot or tumor ...
443136 tn?1210539925 A lot of your questions, I can't answer. My hunch is, that the MRI machine, is safe. If MS is considered, you must have an MRI. I don't know how it works, but someone can help answer this question. I don't believe autoimmune diseases can prolong the wind for HIV and germs showing up on a test. Many of your symptoms overlap with a whole range of other diseases (many autoimmune). I'm wondering if ehlers danlos syndrome may cause some of those symptoms, too.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know how long you need to have MS symptoms or symptoms caused from any illness, before they show up on an MRI scan? Is there a certain length of time, or I also heard they can come and go, is this accurate? There are so many of us with similar symptoms and no conclusive answers. Where do we go from here?
Avatar n tn I leave for the Mayo Clinic (ten hour drive) on Tuedsay to see a MS specialist as referred by my neuro. I have a quick question. While my MRI of my head showed many lesions/demyelination areas my spinal head only showed many hemangiomas and cysts. There were no areas of demyelination. The machine used was a 1.5T. Is there really a big difference in demylenation/lesions showing up with stronger machines? Should I request a second spinal MRI or is this really not necessary?
Avatar m tn and get an MRI done. MRI is clear. Good. Well not necessarily as 5% of people with MS have a clear MRI. Oh my God once more. After many other tests, my Neurologist says everything looks normal. That's good isn't it? Well maybe. Or maybe not. And here seems to be the problem. My symptoms haven't really subsided. Many potential causes have been ruled out. Except of course MS. Because there is no conclusive test to rule out MS. Now every tingle, itch or ache I get I worry if it is MS.
Avatar f tn Hi I just saw my MRI scan (brain) at my neurology app. There was a thumb print size white patch which is apparently typical of mild MS. I'd really appreciate some of your opinions please. I'm having more scans, of my brain, neck and I think spine and a lumbar puncture. My question is how many of these patches are needed to diagnose MS so I won't need the lumbar puncture? I really expected to be told it's nothing and to go away.
Avatar n tn area that our doctor described as a hole. He said he did not think it was MS and told us to have the MRI repeated in six months to see if anything changes. In the meantime, we are very worried. I'm not a doctor, but this doesn't sound good to me. Is it possible that this could be something that is not serious? Please give me some hope, if you can. Thank you very much for your time.
401195 tn?1202121000 She had ordered contrast, but they had put me in the regular MRI tube and it was soooo tight it took all the prayer and will power I had just to make it through the first scan without the contrast. My doc, after reviewing the one MRI scan said that she didn't think another of the brain with contrast would show her anything more. Since I have not had any symptoms of the ministrokes, she is leaning towards ms. I've had symptoms on and off for years.