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Avatar n tn Mild spondylosis deformans throughout lumbar spine, particulary at L3-4 Annular disc bulge at L3-4 eccentric to the left, resulting in mildly asymmetric neural foraminal stenosis. There is borderline to mild lateral recess stenosis at this level The CT Scan of Pelvis and Abdomen read Congenital defromity of the lower lumbar spine, as well as unilateral pars defect at the L5 level.
Avatar m tn Is it possible for MS to start in the Thoracic or Lumbar Spine? I had an MRI of my head and Cervicle spine that came back clear but now I am being sent for 2 more MRI's of the lower spine.
5792451 tn?1390934690 , Sometimes a brain MRI may indicate a syrinx, but u will need a cervical, thoracic and lumbar a syrinx can form in ne area of the spine....also in getting the lumbar spine that can help rule out tethered cord, as well as disk issues in ne area of the spine in doing each area. And a CINE MRI is also suggested to see if u have a CSF obstruction or overcrowding..... Finding a true Chiari specialist is u have all related conditions ruled out.
Avatar n tn I guess I am very lucky because I have two problem areas in my lumber spine. The Physical Therapist said my lumbar spine is fairly typical for someone my age. Thanx for your comment and take care.
Avatar f tn Hello. The MRI lumbar spine will show the lumbosacral spine. Just to give you an idea, MRI imaging is very detailed to the area of the body the scan was ordered. Each body part is separate and would require an additional order and would be a separate CPT code. Even when scanning a pelvis, we refer to it as a bony pelvis or female pelvis depending on the history of the patient. Of course, there could be an incidental finding that would require additional imaging.
Avatar m tn I had a ct lumbar spine scan but dont understand it, what does it mean when the L3-4 shallow broad based posterior annular bulge. Mild bilateral facet joint arthropathy. Very minor bilateral neural exit foraminal stenosis. L4-5 Shallow broad based posterior disc protrusion. Moderate bilateral facet joint arthropathy . No centeral canal stenosis. Moderate left and mild right nueral exit forminal stenosis. L5-S1.
Avatar n tn mri lumbar spine result findings: the vertebral bodies are normal hight, morphology and alignment. there are marked discogenic endplate changes noted at L5-S1. At L4-L5 there is mild posterior disc bulge without canal, lateral recess or exit foraminal narrowing. L5-S1, there is asymmetrical disc bulging with a predominantly anterior component. there is minimal posterior bulging without significal canal narrowing. no nerve root compromise identified.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome, To my knowlege and to answer your question a bright spot on an MRI is a lesion. But a single lesion on T12 is not neccesarily MS. You mentioned lumbar spine. MS isn't known for lesions in the lumbar spine. Also, CT scans are not do for MS. It sounds like your doctor is on the ball and ordering tests to confirm his diagnosis. I would politely ask what condtions he is considering. Please let us know what you what find out!
Avatar n tn You need to get a bone scan or an MRI of your spine to find out what are those patches seen on the chest X-rays. To: eneffeneff: A facet Block is an injection of pain meds and steroids into the facet joint to relieve inflammation and pain. To: Teresa Cadena: Your report does not suggest any severe pinching our your nerves to account for your current symptoms. You may need to get nerve tests: EMG/NCS done.
Avatar f tn I had an MRI last year that indicated: Degenative lumbar disk disease throughout the lumbar spine. L1-2 shows only mild deslocationand narrowing. All of the other intervertebral disks are moderatley narrowed and deslocated. Broad Based disk buldg eis present to a mild degree at L2-3 ad to a moderate degree at L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1. Anterior marginal ostephyte formation is present at L2-3 and L3-4. The disk bulge at L3-4 and L4-5 produce effacement of the thecal sac mild canal narrowing.
Avatar f tn A non-contrast MRI scan of the lumbar spine was obtained. The L4-L5 level shows mild disc space narrowing, disc degeneration. In addition, there is a moderate extruded left central disc herniation with significant impingement of the left L5 nerve root in the lateral recess. The L5-S1 level shows minimal disc space narrowing, and disc degeneration. A tiny left central disc herniation abutting the left L5 nerve root is seen. There may be minimal nerve root impingement.
1831846 tn?1318378596 a cervical spine MRI, a thoracic and lumbar spine MRI...these help rule out the formation of a syrinx and tethered cord. And u want to rule out disk issues as well as ehlers-danlos, sleep apnea, ....
Avatar f tn These falls and balance issues all occured before my spinal cord compression of the cervical spine. I had an MRI of the lumbar spine again in 2009 due to radiating, shocking leg pain; hip, calves, buttocks, knee front and in back of knee where leg bends, ankle swolling and big toe on the left side.
Avatar f tn please explain my mri results please- sagittal t1 and t2 and axial t2 of the lumbar spine obtained. at the L1-2, L2-3,and L3-4 levels appear minimally degenerative only. at L4-5 there is rather advanced bilteral facet athropathy. the foramina appear a little encroached upon bilaterally. at L5-S1 there is again advanced bilteral facet arthropathy. there is no foraminal encroachment.