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Avatar f tn I had my last brain MRI and it cost $6,300.00 and I only paid $141.59 of that. I also have good insurance with medicare. I remember when I had both the brain and spine mri...of course it was double in price.
470162 tn?1285755313 Most places are trying to go to CD so if yours is on film you won't be able to do this. Typically MRI machines are 1.5T STRENGTH. Open MRI range from 0.5T to 0.7T STRENGTH. I'm not sure if it would be on your films or not. I would asked next time or I went to a website that told what strength it was. The problem is that the better machines (the 3T) are few and far between. Most hospitals do not have them. I will be soon going to a university hospital that advertises having a 3T, 7T, & 8T.
405614 tn?1329147714 so probably image for image I have your cost beat!! LOL Did you ever find the cost of a knee MRI in Connecticut? Its good to see you around - I hope you're here more.
773060 tn?1235539182 MRI Scan of the Cervical Spine Report; Posterior bulging of the C2/3, C3/4, C4/5, C5/6, C6/7, C7/T1 And T1/2 discs causing minimal to slight indentation on the anterior part of the thecal sac is seen Slight decreased signal intensity is seen in the cervical discs on the T2 weighted and STIR images suggesting early degeneration and dehydration. No central canal, lateral recesses or neural foramina stenosis is seen in the cervial spine.
Avatar f tn History indicates neck pain and back pain. CT scan of the cervical spine demonstrates degenerative disc disease. No spinal stenosis. Small central disc protrusion is noted at C3-4 without impingement on the dural sac. Minimal annulus bulging is present at C4-5. At C5-6 there is some posterior osteophyte formation. Disc space cannot be evaluated at this level or more caudally because of shoulder artifact. There is no acute finding.
667611 tn?1226008894 Hi everyone! Hope everyone is feeling good today! I got a call this morning, finally approving me to get my MRI. I have the lab sheet and as I glanced at it, I noticed that the doctor only one spot- meaning that it looks to me like the MRI will be of my head only. IT also says w/wo contrast--does that mean "with OR without contrast"? or "with AND without contrast"?
Avatar f tn I get MRIs (brain, c-spine, t-spine) with gadolinium on a 3T machine at least once a year, sometimes more often if I'm having new symptoms. I am presently having some new symptoms and my neurologist would like to obtain a scan. I have had more lesions appear over time but not one in the past five years has enhanced. I wonder about the technique used at the hospital I go to, there is no time between administration of contrast and the scanning.
Avatar f tn I had a cervical MRI with my first brain MRI, but have never had a spine MRI. For the past 5 days, I've had some fairly bad leg pain. It seems to get worse when I sit in a chair or even when my leg is propped up. It feels better when I am standing, but still doesn't completely go away. When I woke this morning, it was horrible and the bottom of my foot hurt so bad, it felt like i had walked on rocks or gravel without shoes. The pain seems to comes and go....
Avatar n tn I will comment that I was dx'ed based on, among other tests, brainstem and spinal lesions revealed on a 1.5T, without and with gad. I have several c-spine lesions as per MRI as well as corresponding clinical signs and symptoms. However, my neuro is confident in documenting that I also have thoracic involvement due to my history of MS hug at that level of my spine, even though it's never shown up on MRI.
Avatar n tn At first he was pretty sure that it was a herrinated disk in her lower back and neck that was causing all this pain so he had her get an MRI of both regions. All the MRI came back negative for a bulging or herrniated disk. At that he thought that it might be in her nerves so he refered her to Dr. Ospina a Neurosergon with Neurosience Consultants in Reston, VA. He Imediately wanted to rule out MS, Lyme Disease, and Lupus. She had Scans done of her Brain and lab work done.
Avatar f tn ) They did a lower lumbar spine MRI last May and have just done an MRI of my head, neck and upper back on beginning of January and I am still waiting for an appointment to get to see the spine surgeon as my original spine surgeon, I think, has left. They now have a huge backlog of patients waiting to be seen and one moment they said I'd get to see a spine consultant in February when I rang on middle of January and now when I rang in February they said it'd probably be March!
219373 tn?1274925034 32 yr old with MS symptoms, having a hard time getting it considered as the source of my many neuro problems...would like to rule out or in... Is having a c-spine MRI with no contrast acceptable to show any MS there special contrast that should be requested if looking for lesions in an MRI of brain or spine and if mine were done on a 1.5 T machine and were considered normal should I request new ones to be done on a better machine...just trying to get all my bases covered.
539750 tn?1226525277 The facial structures appear unremarkable, and skull base structures appear normal. Cervical Spine MRI Again noted is the tonsillar ectopia described in the cranial MR report. There is no evidence of blocked vertebral body. The bone marrow signal is normal. There is no fracture or deformity. The osseous craniocervical relationship appears normal. No evidence of occipitilization of the atlas is detected. The vertebral bodies are intact. The vertebral alignment is normal.
3057101 tn?1360377709 Hello to aLL, How much difference if any, in herniation size from a laying MRI to a Stand UP MRI?? if herniatuion is present, can it be easier to diagnose using the stand up mri? Is MRI contrast helpful in Chiari Diagnosis, if so how?? Thanks ...
Avatar f tn The process of finding or seeing a spinal lesion, is an MRI of the entire spine with and without contrast dye. The bulging disk at T-8 (the thoracic area of the spine) and disc problems at the Lumbar (lowest level of the spine) could be causing some of the symtpoms you are having with your legs. So finding a lesion in the spine, if there is one, is the same process as the brain. Oh, when Montel Williams annouced he had MS several years ago, he said that only ONE lesion was found on MRI.
230948 tn?1235847929 x sllowe I am entitled on the NHS at any time to get a second opion and it has been 2 years so i dont see why they cant but they wont do contrast they didnt last time and i cant see them doing that this time its all low cost for them. I would not do the LP if the MRI are clear i just could not go through that again i would see what the neuro thought and maybe wait another year and go back for another MRI the LP for me was torture and all for nothing as it came up clear so could not do that.
Avatar f tn Just to clear confusion from last comment, the scan 8 years ago didn't mention the cyst. But the one just over 4 months ago did.
Avatar n tn About 8 months ago (15th April, 1998) I had another crisis and I am still recovering with strong left leg pain. I did CT scan and MRI that showed significant reduction of the hernia indicating no important root compression. I have been to 2 different neurologists and one orthopedist and they recommended (or suggest!) the surgery. They said my limited movements and the constant pain after conventional treatment would suggest the surgery.
Avatar m tn On the sagittal T2-weighted sequences there is a high signal lesion in the superior cervical spinal cord at the level of the odontoid peg. A further high signal lesion is also seen posterior to the intervertebral disc space of T2 and T3. These lesions are consistent with focal areas of spinal cord demyelination. The lesions do not show enhancements postgadolinium. No evidence of cervical spinal stenosis identified.
601516 tn?1224888237 a different nurse just called and wanted to know how i knew the ct scan had showed degeneration of my spine. i explained that i had requested my records and even tho there were very few actually released to me, that was one of them and that it was plainly written on there. she told me that the mri was normal and then went into the story that my brain mri was normal as well. then she asked me why i had one done. i told her my symptoms and she said i needed to see a neuro.
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Avatar f tn Yesterday, I went to see a neurologist who gave me a copy of the MRI I had in July 2004. I am scheduled for a new MRI with injection of Gadolinium, in two months. The neurologist told me I had "probable demyelinating disease". Since he told me this, I have been feeling numbness and tingling in my right leg too, as well as my right arm and the continued numbness in my face, and I don't know if it's anxiety, the fear of the unknown, or...
Avatar n tn My daughter had an open MRI on her knee, and that machine was very open, not long at all, and looked more like a CT scan. And as far as getting your MRI results, I believe you have a right to get a copy of them?? I may be wrong, but I feel like you should be able get a copy of them. Hopefully, I've helped answer maybe one of your questions. I'm new to all of this, but I just had three MRI's and one was the traditional machine and the other two were what they called 'open'.
Avatar n tn About 8 months ago (15th April, 1998) I had another crisis and I am still recovering with strong left leg pain. I did CT scan and MRI that showed significant reduction of the hernia indicating no important root compression. I have been to 2 different neurologists and one orthopedist and they recommended (or suggest!) the surgery. They said my limited movements and the constant pain after conventional treatment would suggest the surgery.
230948 tn?1235847929 Hi Sam You may have seen on another post that I went with a friend to the hospiital for her MRI scan and in was done on a mobile scanner. (In the grounds in a portacabin). Now here's something for you to think about and maybe check up on. We honestly felt that the person doing the scan was not a radiologist, but a technician, in fact just a button pusher. If this is legal in this country then I would day with 99% certainty that this was the case.
Avatar f tn I thought that TC usually didn't show up on xray or CT scan and that is why they do the MRI. Guess it really depends on who is reading the scan - like you said, we need someone who specialises in that. I do however know that the doc we will be seeing is the head of the motility disorder center - they seem to have all the bells and whistles for research etc. I will ask when I phone next week who reads the MRI's - then of course I will research him ( or her) to see how qualified.
1312898 tn?1314571733 I had a mri done for brain scan and c spine, and when i asked for the report they said the doctor that ordered them read his own mri, my primary doctor and the now orthopedic doctor that I have sent a release for those reports to be released to them , and as of today that has not been done. I have the disk but every doctor I take them to need the report, which this doctor won't release, isn't it someone I can pay to read my mri and give me a report.
8587684 tn?1398833275 Anyways back on topic. I had a MRI/MRA with contrast done on my head, spine, and neck all at once. After the test was over I was told they were looking at the pictures and it didn't take them long (maybe 5 minutes). Then they gave me a disc with the images on it to keep and show my other doctors if they needed it. When I first looked at the disc (which is some complicated software built in) I only noticed 26 images.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year old female. I woke up a week ago to right side facial numbness, including tongue & teeth. I have been to the doctor & had a Cat Scan & MRI. MRI shows 2 white matter lesions, but no other symptoms of MS & top spinal cord looked clear. A week before this started, I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrific headache & was seeing white halos around everything. Day before the numbness, I also had a sever headache, though it went away in a few hours.
469720 tn?1388149949 I must admit that I believe the jury is still out with regards to heart scan, CT angiography and calcium scoring. After Tim Russerts death, I must have received 5-10 question a day feom concerned patients and friends. They all wanted to know if they needed a scan. People who were relatively healthy wanted to know if they were going to die suddenly. The following NY times article does a good job of painting different sides of the story.