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Avatar n tn I have been having pain in my pelvis and my family doctor ordered an MRI of my lower spine which was normal, but told me that an MRI of my pelvis was overkill. The pain has has not gone away and I cannot get in to see my oncologist for another month. I feel like I have "cried wolf" so many times with aches and pains that the doctors brush me off now. I am 6 years out with a stage 3 breast cancer. 9 months ago I had a completely normal PET/CT for evaluation of a different ache.
Avatar f tn Ok well.. I have been getting back pain on my spine and on lower back. It has been hurting since I was 5... I had a doctor check it out but they said nothing was wrong, I then had one more doctor tell me something is wrong but they can't tell what it is..
Avatar f tn Degenerative spinal disorders are a group of conditions that involve a loss of normal structure and function in the spine. This is caused by a variety of issues such as aging, infection, tumors, muscle strains, or arthritis. Spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal, is a condition potentially more serious than degenerative disc disease - the spine and nerves may be significantly compressed causing both back pain and pain that radiates to other parts of the body.
Avatar f tn i want to know about the severity of my problem after a MRI scan . the scan was done as i was having severe pain accelerating to my buttocks . iam now on medicines and physiotherapy . The report says1) POSTERO-CENTRAL DISC PROTRUSION WITH CENTRAL L5-S1 LEVEL CAUSING CENTRAL CANAL NARROWING AND MLIDLY INDENTING THE TRAVERSING NERVE ROOTS 2)MILD PSEUDO DISC BULGE AT L4-L5 DUE TO ANTEROLISTHESIS WITH NO SIGNIFICANT NEURAL COMPROMISE..
Avatar n tn Mild spondylosis deformans throughout lumbar spine, particulary at L3-4 Annular disc bulge at L3-4 eccentric to the left, resulting in mildly asymmetric neural foraminal stenosis. There is borderline to mild lateral recess stenosis at this level The CT Scan of Pelvis and Abdomen read Congenital defromity of the lower lumbar spine, as well as unilateral pars defect at the L5 level.
Avatar f tn If you are having Occipital Neuritis and Arm Symptoms, you need to scan the brain and C-Spine. If the symptoms are in the lower limbs, you need to scan the brain, C-spine and T-spine. Your doctor may also decide to scan the L-spine, not looking for lesions, but looking to see if lower limb symptoms could be the result of compression of the Cauda Equina, the horse tail nerves that go to the lower extremities.
Avatar f tn Hi :) and thanks for awnsering my post :) Yes i can see now i hadvthe old one. I was diagnosed in 2004 without supportive MRI, clinical diagnosis. I am having symptoms at the moment and want to have a MRI. But want to make sure it is done in the best possible way, also i am a self pay patient. My insurance company have refused to pay out my critical illness policy because i am not showing anything on MRI ! So i need to find these leasions !
Avatar m tn I have been in sever pain in my lower back which is gradually worsening for the last 2 weeks. I had an MRI scan which was normal apart from the comment "mild bony spurring at the L4/L5 facet joint. My doctor never mentioned this to me and just said my results were fine and there is no reason for my sever pain. It wasnt tll i read the report that i saw that. Could this be causing my pain?
Avatar f tn My last visit was in June but this time my pain was also in my right side mid to lower back area. The pain radiates into my ribs and runs up the side of my spine. The ER doctor gave me pain meds and told me to have a MRI of the Thoracic Spine without contrast. I did this and my doctor informed me that the results were "ABNORMAL".
Avatar f tn Hello. The MRI lumbar spine will show the lumbosacral spine. Just to give you an idea, MRI imaging is very detailed to the area of the body the scan was ordered. Each body part is separate and would require an additional order and would be a separate CPT code. Even when scanning a pelvis, we refer to it as a bony pelvis or female pelvis depending on the history of the patient. Of course, there could be an incidental finding that would require additional imaging.
233622 tn?1279334905 I got my result of my t-spine MRI and everything looked fine. MY c-spine was good too except for a mild bulging disk. I have a lot of trouble with numbness in my arms, neck, mid back. I was expecting something to show up. A pinched nerve or something. My MRI was done on a 1.5 t. I am wondering if something might show up on a stronger machine. It is odd that I'd have this numbness when my back seems to be in good shape.
Avatar f tn My recent brain-spine MRI was just over an hour. The power of the unit is important. You can study the types on the net. Most hospitals claim state-of-the-art for all their equipment, leaving patients pretty much in the dark. Even well-known centers can be weak in some areas. If you aren't satisfied with your improvement, learn more and keep looking for better treatment.
Avatar n tn my wife had a mri scan on her neck the result came back as follows mri on the C- spine showd minor degenerative changes with a normal spinal cord there disc lesion at C6/C7 which corrugates the postrior longitudinal ligament by the spinal cord .
Avatar f tn Yes, you need that mri scan, if only to rule out any spine/disc damage. BUT, If it shows nothing that could cause you so much pain, check out piriformis syndrome (PS), especially because you have shooting glute pain. PS is rare, and rarely mentioned, but it is the cause of at least 6% of sciatica , which causes shooting pain. Hope everything calms down soon. Take care.
Avatar m tn i have had done mri scan done it shows one small disc is moved but doctor said to me is not worth to operate he recommend massage of spine and back gp will send me to neurology to check nerve system but im still concern about doctors in uk .
Avatar n tn Everything that the sonographer could see seemed normal but she could not get some shots of the lower spine because the baby was in an awkward position (breech with it's spine against my spine). Since then I had 2 more ultrasounds with her but she was still unable to see the lower spine. Two days ago she called and said that she had consulted with the obstetric specialist at the hospital and that they were not too concerned and that they would take no further action for the moment.
1406332 tn?1315962760 I had my MRI of the spine done today (thoracic and lumbar) It lasted about an hour and was pretty miserable. I've had lower back pain for years and silly me, I thought last years MRI had included the entire spine. It hadn't. Well, I have a very hard time lying flat on my back. It's very painful, so I of course avoid it. I didn't realize how bad my back has gotten until today. After lying there for about 3 minutes my arms and legs started getting all tingly and numb.