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Avatar n tn She consumed 61 powders plus a prescription of 30 pills of Mobic (arthritis med)in 6 days. She is currently living with me and my husband and when I confront her she gets very mad and tells me I only want to control her. Does she get the same "high" from the powders as a hydro or something similar? Is the addiction to caffiene or just medication in general. She has a very addictive personality (cigs, meds, people, etc..
168348 tn?1379360675 , to be certain no other damage done by taking this darn Mobic for over a year now .. kidney panel bloodwork is fine on the Mobic but it can cause GI Bleed, etc. w/o warning so it may be doing a # on my stomach .. the Orthopedist is the one who scripted the Mobic but my Prim. Doc should be the one to figure out the side effect given my other meds, too, etc.
Avatar f tn I dont go to Dr til Mon the 9th. I am currently taking Mobic. I was just curious about OTC meds other than Advil. I will update after Dr appt.
Avatar f tn I do not know you, but Congrats , you have come a long way. There is a drug called Mobic, that is for pain, you could ask your DR.
Avatar n tn A doctor could give you a prescription for a similar drug which has a generic counterpart- some names are indicin, mobic, naproxyn. I understand that if you do not have insurance Walmart will make these available to you for $4.00. Two: in the meantime you can try alleve OTC, which has anti-inflammatory agents like Celebrex.
Avatar m tn The air in the building was not being properly evacuated a it should and we were breathing in some dust. The doctor put me on advantix, singular and Mobic upon being releaed from hospital today. Any thoughts on what I should do next.
459853 tn?1283144114 I'm kind of limited to OTC NSAIDS I can take due to Auto-Immune Hep. I take Aleve like it's candy! I've tried Mobic with no releif. I'm one of those that's hard to tx since most meds dont work on me. I have a really high tollerance to most pain medications. Put it this way; when I had an oral procedure done, the doctor used 2 different kinds of anastetic. He said I should be numb til lthe next morning. By the time I got out of his chair and rinced my mouth out, I was no longer numb!
Avatar m tn Search instead for meloxican water retention. Search Results Mobic (Meloxicam) - What You Need to Know About Mobic (Meloxicam) - CachedMobic, generic name meloxicam, is one of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used to ... Mobic can cause fluid retention and swelling in the body. ... ► M Medications That Could Cause Water Retention | LIVESTRONG.COM
Avatar m tn I've done the OTC meds and that's what took me to Mobic/Meloxicam. My doctor did the preauthorization and that's what was denied. I don't even know if Celebrex is going to bet miracle. I will go to their website and see if I can get some discount coupons. Just for general information to anyone that cares..... I have seen a top gastroantonologist (spelling) who killed the myth about Tylenol and liver function. His words were " Tylenol is the better OTC for people with liver problems.
Avatar f tn slight positive ANA = 1.1 (normal is 0-1) positive SS-B/La Ab, IgG = 4.1 (normal is 0-0.9) RF quan = 85 (normal is 0-14) everything else was in normal range (SS-A/Ro Ab IgG, SM Ab, IgG S, RNP Ab IgG S, Scl 70 Ab IgG S The other recent new DX's from various specialists at the Mayo: dysautonomia (mostly cardiogenic type), fibromyalgia/central sensitivity syndrome, joint hypermobility syndrome (have always known I am double jointed).
Avatar m tn I ended up just sucking it up like the military teaches and now I'm having some pretty decent pain usually in the mornings and before bed. I've taken OTC pain killers with no success. I usually just end up soaking it and loading up on ibuprofen. It takes a bit of the edge off the pain but not much. What I don't get though is my ankle looks completely normal. Aside from the occasional slight bruising I see it never swells or anything. It's just a sharp and annoying pain.
Avatar m tn 2 months later, similar heartburn returned. I bought some OTC omperazole and that helped clear it up. Come Decemeber 2010, more bad heartburn and stomach pain. I went back to the urgent care and was given 3 months worth of Prilosec 40mg. After about one month I had some improvement. I got a referral to have an Upper GI done with a barium swallow to see if it was gastritis/GERD/etc. It came back normal. No ulcers, no inflammation, no reflux.
Avatar n tn I would suggest talking to a pharmacist about an OTC anti-inflammatory to see what you can do - as well as search for anti-inflammatory foods etc to see if any of that helps?
182493 tn?1348056515 nothing seems to help right now.. I am back taking OTC stuff but its not really doing anything.. I take flexirl at night if needed.. I am icing, and even heating despite my chiro saying "no heat" sometimes the ice makes me worse.. so I have to do the heat sometimes.. I am trying Excedrin Tension Headache, but I mainly get the headaches after 5pm.. so its messing with my sleep even more than the pain already is..
Avatar n tn The only thing I'm left with is being careful to spread it out from otc cold products and even my other med (Mobic anti inflammatory) cause I get spacy really fast from mixing that Synthroid with just about anything!
1935252 tn?1329760719 Thanks for your post -- I'm 12 days clean and facing knee surgery and I had the same question -- I went to the orthopedic just today and turned down Vic for a non narcotic -- Mobic, in any event I'm waiting for my MRI and results but I'm facing the same fear as you. In any event If I am given the pills I have a trusted person in waiting (my wife) to administer them when or if needed but I will try to avoid it all together if possible.
Avatar m tn It was not confirmed that I had an ulcer but my PM added the ulcer medicine just in case. It works amazing. I never have stomach pains after taking Mobic anymore. Still not sure if the Mobic is helping but at least it's not killing my stomach.
Avatar f tn Has your doctor prescribed any of the stronger NSAIDS (Meloxicam/Mobic, Toradol injection) in conjunction with Prilosec OTC, etc.? As an addict who also has chronic pain, I've found these of some (limited) use. Good luck with getting through this - what I've found that helps more than anything else is getting up and around as soon as possible, interacting with others, etc.
Avatar m tn i was told not to take any over the counter meds that may contain asprin or some other stuff so i don't take any otc meds at all , may interfere with what im on prescription wise any way my dr quit her practice last week for good , now to find another to get thru New Years i had to go to local Emergency room for refill prescriptions of oxycodone and fentanyl pain patch , maybe you think that was easy to convince a doctor i never saw that i needed to take the oxycodone first and fore most missed
Avatar n tn Either an ENT or GI would probably do that type of test. I, too, have been on Orudis .. it is no longer avail by the mfg. in the US otc .. not sure about Ketaprofin via script -- I take Mobic which is a bit more gentle. Have you been food tested for allergies ever? The peas could be in the lentil food family if I recall and that can be in the peanut family of allergins .. (going by memory, you may have to double check on this).
Avatar m tn Still have pains but just trying mobic which doc prescribed one a day. Also tylenol but not much change yet. Mobic is supposed to be an anti inflammatory.thanks for the support. If I can get the pain managed I will be fine.
Avatar f tn I still see a physiatrist for injections in my back and treatment for a labral tear in my hip. He prescribes Mobic (anti-inflammatory) and neurontin for me. I called last Friday for refills for them and was told he wouldn't refill them because I was "getting medication from another doctor". At first I denied that, and then realized what they were talking about...I had surgery on December 18th and filled one script of 25 Vicodin.
Avatar f tn I understand what you are going through. You will be in alot of pai for the firt approxamently 2 weeks you can use OTC Pain Medication to help with the pain you are having. After the first 2 weeks you will start feeling much better. You can do this. You are strong. You want this very bad. That will get tyou through this pain. I however have never heard of bumps on your toungh. This my be something from something else.
3163650 tn?1391640150 If I am on my feet all day and they hurt badly, I take an OTC med. I had some prescription strength Ibuprofen and I have taken one of those sometimes when it was really bad, but I am almost out of them. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was, the pain may seem worse at first, but don't give up, because it will get better.
Avatar n tn It's possible that maybe if the dose of naproxen your doctor gave you is a bit strong for you with your blood pressure, using the otc Aleve might help that and still give you some pain control. OF COURSE, DO NOT CHANGE ANY MEDICATIONS WITHOUT FIRST TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR. Have you mentioned to your doctor that you feel the naproxen is raising your blood pressure? Do you track your pressures at home?
900459 tn?1304996859 (But if you do have arthritis, it's there for life, so you have to start somewhere.) Some people like OTC Ben Gay and stuff. I have a topical cream for arthritis called Voltaren Gel. It helps a LOT. It's a prescription and it's made for smaller joints. It may help for a shoulder, not too sure. Other people like doing the Motrin 800 mg. but some people prefer the Aleve, which you only take once a day.
Avatar f tn I want to be able to hold him without hurting! It only takes 3-4 pills a day and I also take Mobic twice daily. I want to find an alternative because I'm unable to buy them (narcotics) all the time. Actually, I'm sick of taking medication for anything and everything. Any advice?
Avatar n tn still do at 7 months post. My Rheumatologist had me take OTC version of Naprosysn, i.e. Alleve; suggested 2x220 mg/day for maintenance, more as needed. I was taking more, 3 or even 4 recently, and went back to the doc for more help. I was to start Vioxx on Thursday... Got another med instead, but all of these are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID's). A doc who is my friend says all the NSAID's are more or less similar in action.