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Avatar f tn I was crying and called my husband, he helped me to sit upand helped me up,it took me nearly 20 min, afterwards i couldnot walk, or sit down for 1 hour. Nerves running down my feet, tingling , burning  sensation .The tinniest twist can agrivate my unbearable lumber interbody fusion my really my last option. I am scared. I had backpain for 10 years,female 33 years, 168cm, and 80 kilos.
459853 tn?1283144114 Ever since September of this year I have been dealing with sciatica pain on and off. I had a sever flare up that started yesterday. It's so bad that I am completely bed bound. I can not sit up in the bed, I can't roll over, I can't stand or put ANY pressure on my right foot/leg without severe pain! It's so bad that I have to go into the shower with scalding hot water to use the bathroom b/c the pain is too bad to sit.
Avatar f tn Last week I started taking Mobic and Neurontin for a very painful sciatica/bursitis problem. My blood pressure has now escalated to 220/120 at times from a normal 120/70 or 130/80. I normally take one 16mg Atacand daily. My doctor has now temporarily increased me to 2/day plus one Triamterene-HCTZ (plus ativan if needed) . It does hslp lower the BP. Yesderday I stopped taking the Mobic, but am wondering if the Neurontin is the culprit. I'm not a good pill taker because of side effects.
Avatar m tn I went back to my GP again, who palpated my buttock and lower back region, found a point of tenderness in my right buttock, and concluded I have sciatica in my right leg. He prescribed Mobic (Meloxicam) once daily, gave me sciatica exercises to do at home, and sent me on my way. He believes that I may have irritated my Sciatic nerve from my daily bike commuting to work, where my bike seat dug into my buttock region.
Avatar f tn I've had a toradol injection and have been on Mobic for 2 1/2 weeks. It is worse instead of better. Now I have shooting pains in two toes on my left foot. I've been walking and doing stretching exercises everyday. I've also been laying in the floor with my feet up on the couch a lot too. It isn't hurting when I first get up in the morning but starts as soon as I'm on my feet a while. Standing in one place is worse than walking but walking is hard because my legs get so weak.
Avatar f tn I am living on Prednisone treatments and Lortabs, along with the anti-depressants and medication for sleeping. Home life - Not worth a **** as usual life is being a b.....! lol I no longer can do any of the things I love to do. I don't even want to go anywhere anymore. I would rather stay home that go somewhere for two hours and have to deal with the exhaustion and pain upon returning home. That's depressing!!! Right?
Avatar n tn Thanks for responding. I have been put on Mobic for a knee problem, which has now resolved. I hoping that my pain Dr. will agree to let me stop the narcotic pain meds and try to use the Mobic and epidurals. I really don't know what is worse-the steroids in the epidurals or staying on Percocet. It would be OK if I really felt it was helping, but I don't. I had a sciatica flare up about 3 months ago, and had to go on Oxycontin 20mg for a few weeks.
Avatar m tn I don't feel pain, only minor discomfort which gets a bit worse and spreads to a larger area (the discomfort, not the swelling) when I stand up or sit down for too long. I can walk, run (I don't though), climb stairs and squat (I don't) without any problems. This has been going on for the last 4 months without any improvement. I've visited two Orthopedists who pushed pulled and did various things to my knee which should have produced pain but didn't.
Avatar n tn Have you tried PT , stretching, etc? May help. I was on mobic-did nothing for me either. Indocin worked much better for me. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I get some relief when standing for moderate periods of time but after sitting for moments the pain is excruciating. I take Mobic for chronic low back pain but that doesn't help with this pain. This has escallated over the past 4 weeks until it wakes me up during the night after having problems falling asleep to start with. What is peripheral neuropathy and what can I do to stop or ease this constant pain?
Avatar m tn The various causes of leg pain are atherosclerosis, deep vein thrombosis - leg pain on walking (A blood clot in a deep vein), Leriche syndrome (block in abdominal aorta and/or main leg artery), limb ischaemia (low oxygen to limbs), sciatica or spinal nerve compression in the lumbo-sacral region, spondylitis of lower vertebrae and peripheral vascular disease (arteries of limbs are involved).
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Neurontin, Baclofen, and Mobic. She later took me off the Mobic, and gave me Tramadol, and now Celebrex. I took myself off the Celebrex, it irritated my stomach. The Neurontin seems to be helping on most days, my legs have stopped hurting at night when I lay down. Now after I've been on my feet a few hours at work, they begin to hurt so bad, I can hardly walk. Nothing seems to help this pain.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the responses!! You know, the whole reason of why I ended up at the neurologist’s office after the orthopedic, rheumatologist, and a string of others, is that I was struck by lightning nearly two years ago. It came through the water and up my left leg, as I was attempting to enter the shower, throwing me back into the bathroom closet. There was no sign of rain, but just as I had put the one foot in and began to get in completely, there was a BOOM!
975514 tn?1325001538 I am curious to know for those of you who have only been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (no other coexisting diseases such as Lupus or Lyme disease), do you get pain relief from any NSAID medications like ibuprofen, Aleve, or any other prescription NSAIDs like Mobic or Voltaren?
Avatar f tn Before I tell can tell you can you tell me the probem.One doctor told me I haveBack Pain with Sciatica, Hematuria and he went on im his notes I have MS and the MS is called Arthralgia and Muscle problem.Now another told me that Diagnostic were that he note Facet Arthrosis in the lower spine -L4-L5 and L5-SI and mild facet hypertrophy.But no significant disc bulge or protrusion is seen at any level. Disc space are well maintained.
350801 tn?1201928363 it probably works for both (and for you - hopefully the pain.) just making sure you had this info... good luck!
Avatar f tn I have been in pain management for about 2 years now, mostly for my neck (I have several herniations in back also and advanced arthritis, but my neck has been the bigger issue).When I first went into treatment, I had very limited ROM, severe neck, shoulder,arm pain and headaches.I have been in PT several times. I take Tizanidine 8mg QD, Mobic BID, Cymbalta 90mg QD (fibromyalgia) and Percocet TID. I have regained alot of ROM, probably as best as it will be again.
Avatar f tn My pain management doctor prescribes me Flexeral once a day, Mobic twice a day and Vicodin 10/325 4 times a day for the pain. This was working for a while, but now it seems it does not help as much as it did before. Is it possible that my body has become tolerant to these medications? I am wondering if my doctor should try something else for the pain. I have been on this regimen for over a year now. Thank you!
603946 tn?1333945439 He was diagnosed with CRF a few years ago and we have hung on through vomiting, 6 days on IV at pet hospital, phosphate binders, EPAKITIN, ondansetron for nausea, famotidine for ulcers which I'm not sure he has yet, and not sure how I will know except when a human has ulcers they hate to eat bc of pain. This guy has a great appetite now, on Rx canned food, eats a few snacks a day, dental chews, a few bites of ham, hot dogs for treats. The other med he is on is Tramadol in case he is in pain.
Avatar f tn Then in August I finally when to my 1st Orthopedic Spine Specialist who ordered a MRI and a Bone Scan and was told that I had strained some ligaments and with some PT and laying off of dance for about a month I would be fine. I did PT for 3 and a half months, and there was some pain relief, but not a lot. At PT I did electrode simulation, exercise ball, and used a Pilates Reformer machine.
Avatar n tn you are high all the time or you are hurting all the time? I think the answer is different for everyone. I think that for some people, saying that they are "addicted" to pain medication is like saying a diabetic is "addicted" to insulin. Frankly, dude, listening to your story, I wouldn't begrudge you a steady supply of dope. lol. Maybe that's wrong, but it's just the way I feel.
659608 tn?1318292966 I was just diagnoised with Fibromyalgia, however, most of my symptoms are the result of a car striking me (pedistrian) eight years ago, and a recent fall. As a result of the car striking me, I had 3 fractures of the pelvic, rib fractures, sturnum fractures, rotor cuff surgery, sicatic, hip and leg pain. I have had recurring pain in those areas since. About 5 months ago, I injured my arm and shoulder helping my 93 yr old Mother out of bed several times a night after she received a pace maker.
Avatar m tn Lately, it's been somewhere in the middle. If I sit in a chair for an hour without moving much, it sometimes siezes up and I can't get out. And then the bad spasm episode last night and today. Enough background... Looking for any and all help, experiences, cures, etc. ... do not be afraid -- if you think a mixuture of hogwart tail and dandelions will help tell me. A friend said she got some relief by having a saline solution injected into the muscle knot.
Avatar n tn I am an avid hiker, biker kayaker etc. For four months I've been unable to lift my leg without pain. Example, getting into a car. I have to lift my right leg. To cross my legs when sitting I have to lift my leg. It is undiagnosed but my GP sent me to Physical Therapy. They have no idea, but have me doing pilates style exercises. Nothing is changing. I'm worried, frustrated and miss my life the way it was. Any ideas what this might be, what type of Dr. I should see?
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for your input. I was tyring to get a job again (to pay for the medical bills) before this happened again but don't think I can used to have a desk job but it got to hard with all the pain I was having. My husband makes very good money but even with that and his med. insurance the medical bills have racked up and I can't qualify for state insurance I live in alaska but and orig. from michigan.
Avatar f tn what are these drugs for..guess i can look them up..I just want to be armed with something to ask for instead of my dr. giving me narcotics..and unfortunately I feel like they stick to certain things and I want to know from the people that take different things..thanks again..enjoy your coffee..
Avatar n tn I get severe low back pain after standing or walking. It's been like this for a few years, but lately, I can't stand more than a couple minutes without feeling the need to bend forward to alleviate the pressure on my back. I've mentioned it to my doctor and my chiropractor and both of them just sort of blow it off as nothing - but it's seriously affecting my quality of life. Even grocery shopping is difficult anymore. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn After two years into recovery (still on Tramadol 150-200mg, antinflamatories like Mobic) and regular exercise I was feeling stronger and better... And then, overestimating my wellness and underestimating my addiction - I had a fall and sustained another injury on top of others, soon increasing tramadol to 800-1000mg, sometimes even 10X200mg-2000mg DAILY again PLUS Buprenorphine patch 20micrograms per hour through the skin...Shocking.
Avatar n tn Perhaps your bones need strengthening. Try taking calcium supplements, and get checked by your doc for osteoperosis.
Avatar n tn I have also been diagnosed of sciatica and given medication like neurontin. It made the pain go away for two days but after that, it was the same again. I am really anxious of what might be going on. I am so young to experience this. And sometimes it makes me think that I am dying. I wanna know what causes my pelvic pain and leg pain.. PLEASE HELP ME.