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1465913 tn?1318975052 Also he said because the kidney function number he was concerned about was so close to normal and the BUN and Creatine numbers were normal, he was going to put me back on Mobic once I hit the 3-pill day of the Medrol pak. I also shared with him what I have learned from this site and others. So the game plan is to follow Medrol with Mobic and give it a couple more weeks. If the pain is not much improved he will refer me to a shoulder doc for evaluation and possible cortisone injection.
Avatar n tn There is no evidence that meloxicam (Mobic®) or other somewhat COX-2 selective NSAIDs are gastroprotective. These medications additionally have potential kidney effects and heart (cardiovascular) complications, especially when taken for prolonged periods. - American Chronic Pain Association, Copyright 2007 ______________________________________________________________________ Brand Name: Celebrex Generic Name: Celecoxib Drug Class: NSAID / Specific Cox-2 Inhibitors. Rx Report: http://www.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it scares me but that's a good thing because I can be bolder with my daughter knowing the dangers. Thanks. I've told my cousin about this site. Her daughter is withdrawing from oxycotin. I hope she gets some help here as well.
Avatar n tn I didn't want that type of drug so requested the most conservative approach possible to start out with. She gave me mobic, which is a non-steriod anti-inflammatory. I can't say I felt any difference from this at all. Taking nothing else. I'm in Missouri, where are you located? Are you on any meds at all? Have you got referred to the spine clinic?
Avatar n tn It felt like someone was stabbing an ice pick into my hip. He blew me off (even knowing the dangers of injuring adjoining disks post fusion) and had a hip xray done which showed nothing. fast forward 1 yr 2 months after the incident I just about crawled into the GPs office demanding an MRI and low and behold it showed a huge l3/l4 herniation which was causing the right hip pain. I showed the MRI to my spine surgeon and he suggested waiting as long as I could before addressing the situation.