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Avatar f tn Monday I went in for my 2nd ultrasound- ectopic pregnancy and to have a medically induced miscarriage..... needless to say my husband and I are devestated.
1109547 tn?1300238866 I have had 4 pregnancies and I have 2 boys. This pregnancy I requested to have one early b/c of my miscarriage last time and they got me in at 8 weeks which is the most accurate time for dating. I had early u/s for all of my pregnancies except the one I miscarried and I lost the baby at 9 1/2 wks but I was 12 wks when the u/s couldn't find a heartbeat. Try asking for one or just pretend that you're clueless about your last period and they can't deny you an u/s.
Avatar n tn wow, that is really early for an ultrasound! That is way to early to see anything! I went in for an ultra sound like 1 week after my missed period and they didnt see anything until the following week. I think it is way to early, so dont be upset and give your little peanut a while to grow!!!!
Avatar n tn With a trans-vaginal ultrasound, a gestational sac should be visible but this is not always the case this early into a pregnancy...... With a regular ultrasound, you likely will not see anything for a variety of reasons. Also, if you ovulated a little later than you thought, this could throw things off a bit. I think at this point, you have nothing that you should be concerned about. Good luck!
Avatar f tn i am pregnant i started to bleed on the 20 of november i was sent to the early pregnancy unit for a scan they saw a sack with the yolk round it and said i could be about 5 weeks pregnant and to come a week later that was 28th of november by then i had stopped bleeding and had not been since 26th november they wanted to see if the sack had grown when i went back a week later 28th of november and had another scan they said that the sack had not grown and they still could not see the baby and told
Avatar f tn I look to be about 5 weeks i went to doc today had a vaginal ultrasound but according to my last period i should be 12 weeks doc took blood an wants me to come back in a few days to check an see if im really early or if its a miscarriage im not having any bleeding but a lil bit of cramps but i wouldn't really call them cramps.....i have alot of pregnant symptoms should i worry? Any advice is welcome!
Avatar n tn i'm only 3 weeks pregnate, i've not yet went to the doctor or anything because i've not got insurance but i did go take a pregnancy test at the health dept but this didnt start till after words its really eased down and i really dont do it often now as i was when i first found out i was preg,i'm spotting light pink and this morning noticed a little brown but thats it,everybody is telling me to calm down its perfectly normal to spot in early pregnancy but then im reading other stuff thats making
Avatar f tn At 6 weeks which is still pretty early the doctor will most likely do an ultrasound to see how your pregnancy is progressing. He may also suggest having a beta hcg blood test to see if your hormone levels are rising appropriately.
Avatar f tn The fact that you didn't have cramping is hopeful. However, you would be early on in the pregnancy and may not exprriece any cramping during a misscarriage. A pregnancy test probably won't tell anything as you'll still have HCG in your system after a miscarriage. Also, the source of the bleeding could be something else, maybe the placenta. It could put baby at risk. Whatever the case, you need to see your doc to be safe.
Avatar f tn ) I agree heavenlyforever, I think an ultrasound at 8 weeks should be done all the time. This is my first pregnancy really my miscarriage was in the very early days.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks ago, i know this because he got really sick the next day and was down for a few weeks. How can this date be right? Could i only be 5+ weeks? or am i having a miscarriage? the ultrasound showed a yolk sac, but no fetal pole. Thank you!
Avatar n tn No one will be able to tell you the date of conception. If you had an early ultrasound than they would of been able to give you an accurate date as to when you concieved. At this stage they probably will be able to give you a rough estimate.
Avatar f tn Hello, I agree with your doctor since the HCG levels have increased in number, any repeat pregnancy and miscarriage should be ruled out. Pregnancy during the early stages is hard to interpret on ultrasound abdomen and hence you should get the HCG levels monitored. Rising HCG levels are indicative of pregnancy and if the spotting continues then you may need to take progesterone supplements.
Avatar f tn As for the ultrasound 12 weeks is normal for an ultrasound unless there is complications, eg bleeding cramping or possible etopic..
Avatar n tn You can't stop a mc/ you can only endure it in early pregnancy, so you either will or you won''t...since you are not bleeding and you have no m/c signs then I say hold on to Hope, get more bloodwork run...it is way too early to make any decisions... I hope this helps..hang in there...only time will tell but relaxing is the best thing you can do for your baby.
Avatar f tn Give it a little time, it sounds like you caught this pregnancy really early! Good luck! Oh and even if you do miscarry this time, it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you or your partner. The average healthy couple can experience 2-3 miscarriages in their reproductive lifetime. This is why many doctors won't even consider doing fertility testing until after the 3rd miscarriage.
Avatar n tn and he says I most likely had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in an early miscarriage. I had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure there was nothing remaining in my tube and/or uterus. Everything looked normal, so it was reabsorbed by my body. I was only 3-4 wks along. I took another pregnancy test..it's now negative. My hormone levels never really had a chance to build up, and ectopics don't double like a normal pregnancy test. He also said that with an early complete miscarriage..
Avatar f tn It's known as a missed miscarriage the body tries to hold on to the pregnancy even though the fetus is no longer living and not all miscarriages start with a lot of bleeding or pain if she feels they are wrong then get a second opinion how far along is she?
Avatar n tn I was only 6 weeks pregnant never had this hcg levels problems before, we were expecting baby 4 we both were excited to announce my pregnancy like other people would. On Tuesday morning I notice cramping spotting them blood so i went to the e.r. and I was life threatening to have a miscarriage just cause of my HCG levels, so this morning I had blood work after I went home to rest and when I went to the restroom I saw our 6 weeks old baby. I have no words to explain on this pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Is it possible he just couldn't locate the sac because of how early I am in the pregnancy? Or could it have been twins and I lost one and the blurb he saw was the other one and it was just small because it had been twins? Am I just trying to grasp at hope? This is my second pregnancy, my first one was 14 years ago and everything went normal. My husband and I really want a baby together.
Avatar n tn My last period was Aug 30. Well sep 27 i took a pregnancy test (first responder) and it showed positve! Then i took 2 more the 28th and 29th, they both came out positve. On the 30th i started bleedind lightly. Then it flowed like a period. I took another test while i was bleeding and that one showed up positive. My ultrasound didnt show anything. My blood was at 18. am I misscarring or what?
Avatar f tn However, many women will bleed in early pregnancy, even passing small clots. So again, the only way to know is diagnoses, usually through ultrasound. If you suspect you are miscarrying, or have had a miscarriage, you should see your Dr. or if you are bleeding more then a maxi pad an hour, you need to seek emergency medical treatment.
Avatar f tn Then I saw pinkish brown discharge. I went to the doctor who told me it can be 3 things....miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or wrong diagnosis of how far along I am. He said I was 6.5 weeks since my last period. I went for and ultrasound, where they said there was something small in the uterus. last night the discharge changed to reddish pink and clots. Im not bleeding like a regular period but have cramps. I have no answers and this is my first pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Doctors check the hcg levels to make sure a pregnancy is progressing as expected. They should continue to increase (usually double every 2-3 days in early pregnancy). It is normal to feel as you do, and to doubt the findings. You have to be comfortable with the results and any decisions that you have to make. I would recommend speaking with your doctor about the possibility of retesting your level, and a repeat ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Yes can be normal. Usually they aren't able to actually see the baby until 6 to 8 weeks. Did they check you hcg numbers?