Miscarriage of one twin in early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn I had 2 miscarriages last year (one at 5 weeks the other at 10 weeks...no one even knew I was pregnant) with this pregnancy now I was showing a little bit earlier than normal, I wasn't huge, but had a little bump early on. I just think it has to do with being pregnant before.
1000480 tn?1266596199 My doctor said since i'm about 12 wks disappearing twin risk is gone and now its just staying healthy and hoping there isnt a miscarriage with one or both. Babies were already fighting and kicking eachother. Sibling rivalry starts early I suppose. I'm waiting to see if my employer will work with my new restrictions or if they will put me on LOA. Either way is fine. Well thanks again. Your boys are really adorable by the way. Are they identical or fraternal?
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in February. This was very difficult for me to cope with.... Then, just a couple of weeks ago, 2 weeks after my period, I found out that I was pregnant again. I went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy (since it was so early), and they told me I was indeed pregnant. They checked my HcG levels, and then two days later, checked them again. The levels were 1529, then they were 2088.
Avatar f tn Well i no that after a m/c, a hpt can be positive for as long as you have a level of 25(of the hcg hormone) in your body. It took a little over 4 weeks after my m/c for my levels to go to 5. After a m/c your hormones are all over the place and can still make you think you are preggo. Now as far as having a complete m/c and still having flutters i cant answer that one, i was 10 weeks and didnt feel any movement at that time. I no women who had twins and one died but disengrated within the body.
Avatar n tn Can anyone shed any light on my dilemma pls? I am/ was just 6/7 weeks pregnant. Had early bleeding last week as I did when I was pregnant with my healthy daughter (so seemed normal this time round). Scan showed that fetus was ok but no heartbeat yet so to return in 2 weeks. Days later I have heavy bleeding, cramping & lots of large blood clots. Gyno said I was having a miscarriage & by saturday morning we were convinced that all had gone.
Avatar f tn Happy Mommy- it is not uncommon for one twin to pass away in the womb in early pregnancy and is often termed Vanishing Twin Syndrome. When that happens you can bleed but the baby's body is absorbed back into your body at this young age. If you were further along, close to term, you'd more than likely deliver early to prevent anything from happening to the other twin as your body cannot absorb the deceased baby. It's no comfort to hear any of this, I know. I'm so very sorry!
Avatar n tn But last night’s ultrasound report seems to be replica of earlier report This time though the Ultrasound report,taken a tad earlier was not cleared enough. Though twin gestation sac is visible,and one sac is empty, the presence of life in one of the sac could not be traced. And the doctor has advised us to wait for 7 more days. and then redo the ultrasound before proceeding for any further action.
Avatar n tn HOWEVER, my last period in nov was 2 weeks late, and very heavy and painful, i done 4 pregnancy tests and they all came back neggative! but i'm now wondering if i was in the early stages of pregnancy in nov meaning it wasn't detected by home kits, and actually misscarried a baby. there are twins in both mine and my husbands families. Any suggestions on what i should do?
Avatar n tn A vaginal u/s shows better at this early stage in pregnancy. I had my second one yesterday at 10 weeks and 3 days one baby is fine but other still hasn't vanished yet. The last time measuring 6 weeks and 4 days with no heartbeat and now measuring 7 weeks with still no heartbeat. How it grew a lil in 2 weeks with no heart beat baffels me but i know it didnt grow much so i have no high expectations for that one surviving.
1052633 tn?1311876278 so bleeding isnt always involved.Also bleeding is common in early pregnancy doesnt always mean miscarriage, unfortuntley it was with me, keep getting monitered if you can and I pray twins or at least one embryo survives.
Avatar f tn Im concerned because i have had several children and never had this to occur. Is it possible there is a twin and is it too early to detect heartbeat?
Avatar n tn I am in my early stages of pregnancy with a single baby. I have a set of twin boy girl who are 5yrs 2mnths and I had the easiest pregnancy. My progesterone levels tested at 19 two weeks ago but when I tested again a week later it was 15. They doctor has told me I will most likely have a miscarriage because of this? Anyone gone through something similar? I am so sad at the thought of losing this baby. Should I start progesterone gel injections? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
1052633 tn?1311876278 i went to go pee this morning and i had a blood clot hanging out of me and when i took some toilet tissue and pulled it out, it was actually a big clump of tissue. i would love to hang on the theory that it might be the vanishing twin however, my levels were so low in the beginning that it probably is just what it seems...a miscarriage. i really wish i knew why my numbers increased by so much the 3rd and 4th time i took a blood test. how does one go from 60 to 208 to 600 to miscarriage??
Avatar n tn On top of that, its important to see if you miscarried one or both twins (in a situation like this its assumed you would have MC both). It can take weeks after a MC before hormone levels return to normal so its possible to still feel pregnant for some time.
Avatar n tn I've done a lot of research and what I found out is that it is very easy to get pregnant right after a miscarriage. If you did in fact have one when all this started have you been using any contraceptives? Usually its recommend to wait for two normal periods after a miscarriage before trying again so they say use some form of birth control to make sure your body has had plenty of time to heal. However, your situation seems really weird.
Avatar n tn Not to worry you though, because even with the slight clotting I had, had no sign of beginning a miscarriage. Some people bleed in early pregnancy and everything is fine. I hope you hear some reassuring news soon and take care...
Avatar n tn I am also 7 weeks pregnant and for your advise I have talked to my OB and my Rheumatologist and they have both told me if my pain gets bad enough to take half of one of my pills just not to take the SIX a day that I was. Yes that is right six. I was taking two three times daily. So the next time you would like to pass judgement you might want to think that not everyone is blessed enough to have a body that acts exactly the way it should!
Avatar f tn WEll one of the twins misscarried half way through the pregnancy. The other twin injested (absorbed) a lot of the fluid from the misscarried twin.now there was another genetic test done and it said that the live child was not his. and then it showed that it was not the other mens child either. Now the mother wants to do a DNA test to prove that my friend is the father and he is not sure if the test result will be accurate because of the live child absorbing the other twins fluid.
1312584 tn?1280938285 A week before the bleeding started I had been having weird dizzy spells, constipation, needing the toilet a lot more, breaking wind, sore breasts, headaches, tiredness and just the feeling of maybe being pregnant. Because I wasn't sure if it's my period come early, implantation bleeding or a sign of miscarriage, I spoke to NHS Direct last night and was told to go to the hospital where they did a pregnancy test which was negative.
400210 tn?1201372173 So Im new to this forum, but have a question and hope someone can help. Im a proud mommy of 4 year old twin boys. I found out in Oct I was preggo again and ended up miscarrying and having a DNC on the 12th of November. I had my first period on the 11th of Dec and just found out Im about 5 weeks preggo again. I have a lot of back ache and the doc said it's normal due to the uterus stretching. Just wondering if anyone has had this much discomfort early on.
Avatar n tn A friend told me that she heard it is possible to miscarry a twin but still be pregnant with one baby. I don't see how that is possible. Has anyone here heard of that? I still feee pregnant. If not, how long will it take for these symptoms to go away?
Avatar f tn I've had two miscarriages in one year and a successful pregnancy in this same year my last miscarriage was in may nd I conceived again in da end of June nd I am now 33 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl:) don't worry anything is possible
Avatar n tn I had a sac that had split and was still partially joined in one corner. So this was an identical twin pregnancy. There were no embrios in the sacs, so this pregnancy was not at all viable. My first miscarriage of twins started with brown bleeding at 5 weeks and went for a scan at 5 weeks 4 days and I only have one baby in one of the sacs with a heartbeat of 109bpm. I went back for a scan 10 days later to find the 2nd of my twins had also passed on.
Avatar f tn Will the other be okay with the one who didn't make it still in there? It has really taken the excitement out of seeing our little one for the first time I feel bad for admitting.
Avatar n tn I have a Bicornuate Uterus with a Twin pregnancy on the same horn (larger slice of the uterus). The Hi Risk apecialist has asked me to consider a selective reduction as I may deliver preterm (abt 20-28 weeks). I'm not able to decide. Need to hear if anyone of u have had a successful or near to successful term with healthy babies.
202380 tn?1267910566 I have no spotting with this one, but did with the miscarriage. I'm going for an US this afternoon b/c of my history of ectopic. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't want anyone messing with anything down there. I've lost 5 lbs already because of the morning sickness, now I only weigh 100 lbs (I'm 5'2"). I think I have to go throw up.
Avatar m tn 32000, (one day in between) 36000 and then (4 days in between) 27000. The doctor called and again, said the drop wasn't good and all signs are pointing to miscarriage. I haven't had any bleeding or cramps the whole time, still having mild pregnancy symptoms. Growing, sensitive breasts, frequent urination, gas, extreme hunger, and a very sensitive sense of smell. I just went in for a second vaginal ultrasound on Friday and the doctor said that one of the sacs has disappeared.