Miscarriage early pregnancy symptoms

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897362 tn?1318121281 I am at 8 weeks and I really have NO symptoms...and have had a previous miscarriage...and a full term pregnancy. So, hang in there. Symptoms come and go..its normal......dont stress!
Avatar f tn I look to be about 5 weeks i went to doc today had a vaginal ultrasound but according to my last period i should be 12 weeks doc took blood an wants me to come back in a few days to check an see if im really early or if its a miscarriage im not having any bleeding but a lil bit of cramps but i wouldn't really call them cramps.....i have alot of pregnant symptoms should i worry? Any advice is welcome!
645220 tn?1233764146 With these 2 pregnancies I had prominent nausea and acid reflux very early on. With my other pregnancies/early losses no real symptoms.
787566 tn?1240283057 I had previously posted a question about how early in a pregnancy can you experience a miscarriage. Now I am wondering how early after conception can one start to feel symptoms of pregnancy? As early as within the first week?
1454858 tn?1306784378 Symptoms don't mean anything. While it CAN be a concerning sign if they just disappear, it doesn't always mean anything bad. It's normal for them to come and go, and there's still plenty of time for them to appear. Symptoms aren't indicative of pregnancy, nor mean the pregnancy is viable just like lack of symptoms aren't indicative of miscarriage. Enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry.
Avatar f tn I ovulated on June 22, and TTC on this day a few days before and after this date. It is now July 7 and I am having pregnancy symptoms I think. I have felt like I am getting a cold with a sore throat, but do not have fever. Also on 8dpo my gums started bleeding when I brushed my teeth, this has never happened to me..
Avatar f tn Has anyone using Clomid experienced any early pregnancy symptoms?? I have had one round of Clomid, and I can test on Jan 4. The wait is KILLING me, and I have been experiencing some symptoms that I think may be early pregnancy symptoms. I am afraid that it is just my mind playing tricks on me because I WANT them to be pregnancy symptoms. This is what has happened during my entire ttc journey. Have any of you fellow Clomid users experienced symptoms that turned out to be true pregnancy symptoms??
4792059 tn?1361206694 I am appx 5w 2d and I do not have very many symptoms of pregnancy. I had an ultrasound done last week and they saw a sac but said it was too early to see anything else. I feel a bit of fatigue and mild cramping on and (no blood). I had a m/c about 8 months ago so I'm just worried. I feel like I should be experiencing nausea or something. Is it just too early still?
Avatar f tn When did your pregnancy symptoms begin? How far aling eere you when they first showed up?
Avatar f tn Hello, I might appear to be a bit premature in asking this but what I have found on the net seems to be conflicting.
Avatar n tn My first I had all the symptoms... I then had 2 miscarriages and this pregnancy I had no symptoms. My breast weren't sore at all. Not everyone get symptoms and I think the statistics is 57% of women have tender breast so the comment above is completely incorrect. The statistic of miscarriage is also for every 5 pregnancies only 2 result in a baby. A lot of women don't realise they are pregnant and miscarriage unless they are testing regularly. So again, the comments above are incorrect.
10741432 tn?1420041538 I had all those symptoms with this pregnancy. I am now 33 weeks pregnant with my son after having four miscarriages in 8 months. Don't stress yourself out, i was told by my doctor that because my stress levels were so high that's why I had multiple miscarriages before this pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Okay good to know lol! I just didn't want to call my doctor and they think I'm over reacting. I had an early miscarriage at 5 weeks before this pregnancy so I get paranoid fast. how many weeks are you?
Avatar f tn If you had a miscarriage, it will take a bit for the hormones to go away which is what gives you pregnancy symptoms.
5801165 tn?1374546325 I am only concerned because with my previous pregnancy I had all the lovely early signs. I have miscarried before so now I am being extra paranoid. Does this sound normal?
Avatar f tn A lot of women bleed in early pregnancy. Some even bleed the whole pregnancy. Don't get upset about it. Call your doctor and maybe they will get you in to see them. But there isn't anything they can really do being your so early.
547512 tn?1273245025 and if so and your positive it is very well possible to have no pregnancy symptoms...and if thats a case your a very lucky mommy..and enjoy it now..cuz there will be pregnancy symptoms along the wayy..
Avatar n tn Some women still have pregnancy symptoms through a miscarriage, you'll be fine mama (: take advantage of not having any symptoms! I loved those days!