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Avatar f tn I know these things sound good but I was wondering what the miscarriage rate is after seeing a heartbeat. I know of two people who miscarried after seeing this so I'm still really concerned. They are telling me to relax and just enjoy the process now but I'm still needing reassurnace. What do you think?
9381846 tn?1403742278 My baby heartbeat 2 weeks ago was at a healthy 160 and then a week after was at a 146 and 4 days later was at a 143, i'm freaking out as i dont want to miscarriage im at 13 weeks today and i had some bleeding and they told me that i had some hemorrhage around the baby and im freaking out as i dont want to loose this baby like the other one. Please i need advice.
Avatar f tn After you see the heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage drops to approximately 5%, so long as no other complications are present and there is no vaginal bleeding. You can Google miscarriage rates by week also and it will give you some good info. Good luck!
655897 tn?1328018445 So right now its like I am having a miscarriage of one, but still pregnant with the other. I just want this one to be ok!
389578 tn?1295354327 ) i heard that miscarriage rates drop dramatically after a heartbeat is detected, however i just read that woman with a history of recurrent miscarriages ,the odds dont drop they stay the same im on 400mg cyclogest progesterone once daily and 75mg baby asprin 1 daily and im taking my prenatals any help would be so great right now thanks chloe
Avatar f tn At 6 weeks I had an ultrasound done and we did not see the heartbeat, it was just too early. At 9 weeks there was a nice strong heartbeat! I've had a missed miscarriage and it is very possible to have no heartbeat and no bleeding or in fact no sign of a miscarriage, that's why it's called a missed miscarriage. With how early you are I'd say relax and wait for the next scan and see what is really going on.
Avatar f tn There is some data suggesting that implantation rates are lower with IVF; and miscarriage rates are higher for women with MTHFR. So, it is one of the things that REs like to treat prophyllactically. Biochemically speaking, the Folic acid theory is sound, and extra folic acid is unlikely to cause problems. Aspirin at that dosage is unlikely to "hurt" either.
Avatar f tn What is the reason behind giving heartbeat rates? I went for my 12 week scan yesterday and turns out I am 13 weeks today but I was only told there was a nice heartbeat...not even an audio or a rate. Feel a bit short changed lol!
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy, 1st was a miscarriage at 10 weeks. The dr says im 10 weeks now, based off my lmp (which has always been irregular). I still have the "morning sickness" ALL day, still "feel" pregnant. I never had any complications with this pregnancy. No bleeding, or any signs of "miscarriage". I went in today for my appt, and the first dr couldnt find the heart beat with the doppler.
5915949 tn?1396188227 My sons started out high and now stays in the 140's
9215866 tn?1403133867 that baby only measured to 8w3d at the 9 week scan with no heartbeat. Does my chances of a miscarriage drop after seeing the heartbeat? I have my 12 week scan in 1-2 weeks & I am scared of not seeing a heartbeat again :( Just don't want to get my hopes up.
Avatar f tn It is really hard to know when exactly when implantation occurred and some babies do grow at different rates. If you saw the baby and the heartbeat then I would definitely go with that. Keep in touch with your doctor just in case you have any unexpected problems =) Congrats on the pregnancy!
1257199 tn?1277770517 I was wondering if anyone ( I know there are cases, just wondering how common) has had a miscarriage after seeing their baby's healthy heartbeat? I had a miscarriage in October, and they never found a heartbeat. I am now eleven weeks along, and have seen my baby's heartbeat twice now (and what a beautiful sight). My husband thinks we are pretty much out of the woods now, and I am just still so worried that something may go wrong, which I am sure is a normal emotion.
Avatar f tn The miscarriage rates do drop dramatically after 6 weeks. Since once the embryo is successfully implanted and grows things go pretty smoothly. Asset this point all that can go wrong is a truly random occurance, like wrong number of chromosomes - extremely rare, especially if you are younger.
Avatar f tn First ultrasound the heartbeat was 98 at around 7 weeks. We had a series of ultrasounds after that where the heartbeat was in the 80s and then 60s on so on until finally at 8w5d it just stopped. I chose to have a d&c because I knew I wouldnt be able to handle a naural m/c. After that we tried again and I had another m/c at 6 weeks. We tried for a third time and I got pg with my first son and after some spotting and bleeding episodes we were able to get him here.
Avatar n tn That's just a myth . Heart rates vary at different stages of gestation. Some women find it true others don't.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the chances of miscarriage after you see the heartbeat? I get to see it Tuesday hopefully, I'll be seven weeks two days! I had a miscarriage two months ago and i was only four weeks,probably why I'm going crazy!
Avatar f tn What are your chances of miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat? I am 8 weeks and have already seen and heard the heartbeat.
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks 4 days I got a ultrasound 2 days ago and saw my lil bean and heard the heartbeat(167) they said since I've heard the heartbeat my chances of miscarriage have decreased. Has anyone else heard or was told this?
Avatar f tn I am running through my 7th week of pregnancy. I went to my doctor yesterday. After performing outer and vaginal USG he said the fetus has no heartbeats. Ideally it should develop heartbeats at this time. He has advised us to wait for a week and then again go for a check up. Me and my husband are very stressed and sad regarding the issue as I had one miscarriage before this too. All we need is advise and much more blessings.
2001997 tn?1333888744 Since you heard the heartbeat at 9 weeks, the chances of a miscarriage now are very low. You aren't out of the woods completely - not until you reach 13 weeks. But you can relax a bit knowing there is less than 5% chance at this point. Congrats!
Avatar f tn I had a silent miscarriage(second miscarriage) 4 weeks ago,went for 8wk scan lost heartbeat at 7wks. started medical treatment 3wks ago but after that the embryo still hadnt passed,had scan 2weeks ago and only a little tissue left so im going back for scan next week to see if everything has passed. My husband and i have still had intercourse in the meantime. did a random pregnancy test today and its come up a strong positive.
Avatar f tn How likely am I to miscarry after seeing babys heartbeat at 6 weeks becs im experienceing som cramping answers plz xx
Avatar f tn Yeah baby's heart rate tend to be much higher. Nothing to worry about unless your doctor tells you.