Miscarriage bleeding too much

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Avatar n tn I continued to bleed for 3 weeks after my miscarriage. As long as its regular and not too much blood you should be fine. I'm sorry that you had to go threw this.
Avatar n tn Turned out it was a blood clot outside of uterus called hematoma. Safe if I bed rest but I'm not supposed to be moving around too much. Your spotting maybe the same or similar case. My best friend had spotting but she gave birth to a healthy girl at a full term. If you're being active, it's probably good to rest. Ask people around you to help do all the house work. I hope you don't have to work. I'd suggest you to see your doctor if u out continue to bleed.
Avatar n tn it only took 11 weeks and 4 days to arrive. my question is how much bleeding is too much, and how long should it last. my history of periods are they last about 3-4 days, and i never fill a tampon before it is time to change it.sorry for the decription. the problem is i have never had a period so heavy as this one. i am filling a tampon or pad every hour to 2 hours. is this normal for the first period post miscarriage???
Avatar f tn If you had blood yes go to the e.r or call your OB & let them know you started bleeding. If it's brown blood it's probably old but still best be safe then sorry. Pink or red go immediately. Your baby is probably fine (: . I had bleeding & ignored it due to thinking I was over reacting & it was just anxiety. Well I had a missed miscarriage, still had symptoms but tons of bleeding. Your little one is probably fine but don't risk it & wait. Listen to your body.
Avatar f tn but i was wondering if anyone out there has bled this much and still made it with their pregnancy... the bleeding is off and on for the four hours, light then heavy, light then heavy... help! please! any opinions, reassurance, Thanks so much ladies!
Avatar n tn I went to the ER for heavy brown bleeding, the did an ultrasound and found the yolk sac, I'm five and a half weeks, but a hemmorage next to it causing my bleeding... They couldn't see a heartbeat yet... Should I be worried? My pregnancy symptoms have stopped, but don't know if it's because I'm so worried...
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry, I know your pain all to well.
Avatar f tn If everything is normal right now there is a good chance that you could just be having implantation bleeding. I had two miscarriage scares due to the same thing. I was bleeding AND my hcg levels were dropping but my baby is 100% fine and healthy. Don't ever give up hope.
Avatar f tn As well i am having mild cramps now. I'm extremely worried i might have had a miscarriage but i have had no bleeding or spotting. Please help!
Avatar f tn I had a natural MC and it ended in 2.5 days...I would call your doc and tell her youre still bleeding that much. My doc called me and said if I soak more than one pad per hour I have to call.
Avatar f tn im currently 7 weeks, and have been bleeding intermittently since begin of week 5. I do an early ultrasound next weds, but in the mean time I have been getting blood work (weekly) and hcg levels are still increasing. I have had so much bleeding (& also some clots, about 3 days of 2 or 3 weeks) and spotting some days and bleeding comparable to (a couple days before day 1 of period) most other days. Also scared to death but doctor says blood work is good so trying not to worry.
615281 tn?1344364609 alot of cramping but little bleeding. Friday nothing. Saturday afternoon started some bleeding again. Sunday night !!!! OMG thought I was going to loose my ever loving mind with pain,cramping every 2-5 min's shaking & sweating. By 11pm sunday night everything calmed down. Monday morning(today) o.b. appt. sent me for u/s. still have matter of conception left over and dx with incomplete m/c. Now will have d&c scheduled for Wednesday. I so wanted to avoid this!!!!!!
Avatar n tn No it generally doesn't cause miscarriage from 1 fight but u do need to stop walk away be alone for a bit relax or see friends have some girl time hang n talk without him n prob best not to talk about him either :)
Avatar f tn C, but now I just need to know how much bleeding should I expect and how much is too much? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
273337 tn?1258048932 Ok, so this may sound silly, but I have been thinking, and reading way too much about mc. Last Monday I started to bleed and had alot of clotting. Yes I was about 5 wks pg. Anyway, I only bled and had clots till Tuesday late afternoon. I assume mc because I have had 2 this year already. Most of the reading, and people I talk to bleed for atleast a week, not 2 days.
Avatar f tn I went thru a miscarriage in February and am now 10 wks.. Physically i had no pain.. Just bleeding and a little pressure.. Mentally all i could do was cry for weeks, it was hard, but it'll get better, time heals..
Avatar n tn Hi everyone last Wednesday I found out I was about 5 weeks pregnant and decided that I would wait til after I got home from Christmas with my family before scheduling a obgyn appt then Christmas Day I began bleeding and cramping went 2 ER and they said possible miscarriage then 2day I called my dr went in and had blood work done and an IV because I had became dehydrated and they said I was probably miscarring but still had level of 29 so I could just be fewer weeks pregnant then they thought or
Avatar f tn Thanks for your kind words, I find out on Monday what is going on with the outcome of this 'miscarriage'. I havent been having any miscarriage symptoms, nor any bleeding or spotting but I have lost most symptoms of my pregnancy.. So it might be just all my imgaination of that.. it's just a frustrating process isint it? but i do see the doctor.. so im anxious to get even MORE final answer.. and hopefully some information, which can make things.. more real.
Avatar f tn A little spotting isnt a much cause for concern as heavy bleeding/passing of clots is although each case is different.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks an had bleeding this week I went to the hospital in a panic thinking I was having a misscarrge an it was a small hemridge under the sac my baby is fine. I have been bleeding lightly on an off since but they tols me its normal. When I was there they kept asking me if I'm passing clots an I wasn't so that's something to look out for an how many times u changed ur pad? It may not be a misscarage go check it out for sure.
Avatar f tn Dont worry too much... Once you can see the little heart (after week 6), miscarriage is less than 5%.... Once you are at 12 week, it is even lesser than that. Also, it depends on your age.... But it looks like you will be just fine.
Avatar f tn Is it too late to test to see if this is a miscarriage? Should I go to the doctor? Even though I'm bleeding? Why am I so distruaght, even though this possible pregancy wasn't planned?
Avatar n tn And if u were having a miscarriage it would be PAINFUL and lots of bleeding I had one ;( worst part of my life .. but I think ur just fine!
Avatar f tn I started bleeding yesterday morning around 9:30am. I called my doctor and had bloodwork done hCG was 12. Later I was still bleeding. I would say I filled about 1 pad yesterday. (All day) I went to the ER and my hCG was a 11..... I was diagnosed with a threatened mc? I dont know how far along I am or anything I just found out I was pregnant on the 8th.. I've slowed down on the bleeding since this morning. There is still spotting, does this mean Ive completed the mc?
Avatar n tn umm if she's pregnant she needs to go to the er now, that's an excessive amt of blood, i didn't even bleed that much after my twins lost at 21 wks or my first miscarriage at 8 wks, she doensn't need to wait bc it's possible for her to lose too much blood, my bf had to have a blood transfusion bc she waited til middle of night b4 she went to er while bleeding excessive amt that day.
879592 tn?1240375268 but, i started bleeding that day and it wasn't just spotting it was like my normal period kind of bleeding...so i told my doctor and she said it could be possible that its a miscarriage or that im going to be miscarrying. I had the worse sharp pain for an hour that day but that was the only sharp pain i had throughtout my bleeding. the bleeding lasted for five days then stopped.
Avatar f tn ) some cramping and even spotting is normal so try not to stress yourself too much cause its not good but if you get any more symptoms or stronger symptoms call your doctor..