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Avatar f tn Hello I was wondering if anyone who has had a mini stroke experinisesed this Wed at 1 am I got up to use the rest roomand all of sudden I had a change feeling in the front of my head and then I has a really warm feeling go from glad bladder area to my stomach to rush through my body and then my right eye had a hard time focusing in the dark so I turned the light in and looked in the mirror and my right eye sight was blurring and my right pupil was dilating weird.
Avatar f tn I also have a small amount of pressure behind my right eye and right side of the back of my head. When I lay down there is slight discomfort in my right ear but I lay on my left side. It hurts to use my right hand/arm because of the soreness. Is it possible that without me realizing it that I may have had a mini stroke and not know it or am I over reacting? Since then my blood pressure has been 150/90.
6359965 tn?1393492236 I had a mini stroke behind my right eye now I have a headache all the time is this normal?I had a carotid endarterectomy on the right side of my neck dec 20th 2013 ,Feb 18 2014 started having problems with my right eye.I went to the eye dr and he sent me to my dr that did the carotid endarterectomy and he said it was a mini stroke.I have like a gray fog over my eye all the time and like northern lights in the corner.My head hurts bad sometimes and I get nauseated.
Avatar n tn I am a 50 yo. male and have had at least one stroke confirmed. My question is the left side of my body from head to to toe is numb feeling, right hand shakes alot and I have very clumsy as of late This has been going on for approximately 2 months. I also have pain, not really a headache but pressure behind my right eye. I have recently lost my health insurance so I am unable to see my Neurologist. Any help would be apprecated.
765802 tn?1263304451 Hi, The location of the cyst is in the right lateral ventricle of the temporal lobe of brain. Temporal horn is inferior horn of lateral ventricle. It is the part of the lateral ventricle that extends downward and forward into the medial part of the temporal lobe. Temporal lobe of the brain is located in the temple region of the skull(side region that corresponds to the ear). Basal ganglia are also located in the same region at the base of the forebrain in the temporal region.
378112 tn?1199897215 My words become stuttered and/or slurred as if I'm in the middle of a stroke! No dr believed me this was going on until he seen it with his eyes (my neurologist, mind you) So again, he has no clue what's going on and has just given me more pain pills to ease my troubles!!!!! So here I am with more headaches, more eye pain (which are now getting to the point of me waking up with pink rings around my iris and bloodshot eyes???
Avatar n tn migraine causing stroke) but rather, a very weak correlation between the two. To date, the mechanism remains unclear, although there have been various theories in this regard. One proposed theory is that migraine, particularly migraine with aura, has a vascular component. That is, some of the symptoms experienced during migraine are related to changes in the caliber of blood vessels.
383943 tn?1217726321 My husband had all of those deficits after his stroke in July. How many has the doctor say you've had? How long ago?
Avatar m tn I'd get yourself looked at ASAP. Your vision is a very important and a big deal IMHO, don't waste any time getting diagnosed.
Avatar f tn I have always had eye twitches usually on the right side but for at least a month or so now I started with twitching but now it is actually to the point of I can feel it when it is going to happen and it makes my eye droop for the time that is is happening and kind of pulls my face.And I can feel a pressure behind my left eye.Today I actually was sitting in church and felt sharp little pains in my chest for about 5 minutes.
1215977 tn?1266450117 Severe chest pain which is worsened when breathing, shortness of breath, weakness, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, headaches (Mostly on the left side), pain along the left shoulder/neck, pain behind left eye, lethargy, anxiety, and within the past week I have developed a minor cough. All of my tests came back clear. My heart and lungs looked fine. I'm at a loss.
Avatar n tn During my fifth month of pregnancy I did have something like a mini stroke while I was driving. I spent a week in the hospital and was immediately put on bed rest. He was born 2 weeks early by a planned c-section and was born not breathing. He was under weight and still has health problems like asthma, allergies, and an immunity defense abnormality. My body suffered as well. They were unsure if I could even carry this baby full term, let alone deliver.
Avatar n tn I also wanted to add that last may I had a mini stroke/ TIA but the doctors never found the cause for it. After the TIA my right eye has been droopy on and off and I also get muscle weakness where it becomes difficult for me to use my right arm and right leg. The doctors have not been able to find a reason for this. I am really thinking that maybe my eye symptoms have something to do with my on-going neurological problems.
Avatar n tn Unlike everybody else here, I am the husband and my wife had a TIA (mini stroke) in June 2009. The reasons behind the stroke to this day have never been answered. The doctors initially tried every test (apart from the TEE - transesophogeal echocardiogram). No answers were found. The background of events behind the stroke are what we truly believe hold the answer to the event itself.
Avatar n tn The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down. She is currently in a rehab hospital (March 18) with paralysis on the right side (arm and leg) and has aphasyia - she understands us but has a hard time getting her words out (she does put small phases together at times).
Avatar m tn E who decided to keep me in for observation and pain relief. I woke up the next morning with 4th eye palsy of the left eye. My pain levels still come on like some form of attack and are on the side of the nose, above and below the eye but not on the side. They're like burning swelling sensations which are different to the touch. There is sometimes pain which can be straight in behind the eye and shooting at times into my head. I'm now on oral morphene.
Avatar n tn It may be weeks before you really know how much damage was done. Typically, the first 90 days after a stroke will show the best rate of recovery. The next 90 days will be a bit slower and so on until one year out. Typically after one year, the rate of recovery slows to a crawl. I'm told that the brain recovers at a 20 to 1 ratio. That is to say as an example, if you bruised your arm and it took 1 month to heal, the same insult to the brain may take 20 months.
Avatar m tn the vision doesnt look quite 'right' accompanied by pain in the eye and/or the eye region area? The best description is a visual distortion where the vision feels off, or overloaded somehow. Kind of like a weird dizziness. Any feedback?
Avatar f tn However after an attack, my limbs are weak for a day after. In addition i still get the pain in the head or pain just behind my left eye socket, during an attack and also when im not suffering an attack that day.I take painkillers but unfortunately the doctors are unable to give me anything else for the pain, due to my medication, which could cause internal bleeding. I do get dizzy spells when i have attack and also when im not having an attack.
Avatar f tn He sent me to the emergency room to rule out a mini stroke and the MRI on my head showed no evidence of a stroke but the hospital referred me to a neurologist but my appt isn't for another 4 weeks. Someone in the hospital told me that steroid drops can cause an eyelid to droop and the internet seems to concur. Since having the cataract surgery in February, I've been on at least 4 rounds of steroid drops.
Avatar n tn “A transient ischemic attack (TIA, often colloquially referred to as “mini stroke”) is caused by the changes in the blood supply to a particular area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that persists, by definition, for less than 24 hours; if symptoms persist then it is categorized as a stroke.” “The most common cause of a TIA is an embolus that occludes an artery in the brain.
458406 tn?1219588458 Dear Dr Hagan, Thank you so much for your professional advise, I am most great full to you, the only trouble I have is in convincing my father there’s something wrong with him, he’s of old school, nearly 70 and thinks his body can just mend its self, he wouldn’t except that he had had a transient attack the last time, even our local hospital failed to notice what had happened to him, it was only one of my friends who I was talking to at the time just after my fathers attack, who explained to m
Avatar f tn My vet said she might have suffered a mini-stroke and mentioned the possibility of a blockage behind the eye or a brain tumor. She said that different sized pupils were a "very bad indication." She said there was no way to know without an x-ray or catscan. She suggested I get a 2nd opinion from a specialist. In the meantime, she has given me arthritic medication for Maggie. The earliest I could get in with the specialist is in 2 weeks.
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97676 tn?1340408973 I stumbled across a few posts referencing the Lucinda Bassett program (Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety). Browsing the net, I was skeptical as to the validity of the reviews for the program. I was wondering if any of you have tried the program. For those of you who have, how would you rate the program and were the results significant and sustained?
Avatar m tn I have the same problem that everyone on here has. I went to my eye doctor and he said that it could be the gel behind me eye sticking to my retina and everytime I blink it could be pulling it. He said he couldn't see this happening but it could be in a place where he couldn't see it. Has anybody else been told this?
Avatar f tn As I was squeeezing( very hard) the pruning shears, (I gues the blades were dull) I felt a wierd pain run from my arm to my neck to the back of my head and up to behind my right eye. I stopped what I was doing and rested. The next day when I got out of bed, I was barely able to move me neck, had a stabbing headache in the back of my skull radiating the same way it did when I was pruning the shrub. No medication helped the pain, I couldn't turn from side to side or put my head back or forward.
Avatar f tn Sounds alot like cluster or migraine headache, does her eye water and feel stabbing behind the eye 2-5 min is usually a short time for a migraine but sounds just like cluster. You should look it up to see if it is severe enough to require treatment from hospital. Good luck hope your wife feels better experience with cluster headaches is it is very painful and on one side of face eye feels like your eye has a cold just starts watering with know reason.
Avatar n tn Then I knew I was heading for some kind of serious internal eye problem and I made an urgent arrangement to see a private Eye specialist. By the time I saw the specialist I was almost blind. I saw an eye specialist on 28/10/2010; who told me I had couple serious problem at back of my eye and in his report he wrote- my vision was down to PL in r/eye and since I was a Diabetic, I had Diabetic Retinopathy- he said “in the Triamocinalone crystals in vitreous with further Vitreous Opacification.
Avatar n tn ( Also before i had the mini stroke in my car there were also two previous episodes before that where i was walking and felt like i was falling to one side and it was difficult to speak, i am wondering if those two episodes were also mini strokes? :( No i am not over weight and do not take birth control and do not do any drugs. I really need some answers, everyday for the last two years i worry about having a stroke!!!