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Avatar m tn I liked heroin in particular, and was a daily user of heroin for several years. I have shared syringes with friends in the past, maybe like 7 different times with 4 different people ever. No one ever wants to share a syringe with someone else.
Avatar n tn I was taking clindamycin 300mg cap every 8 hrs for 7 days for recurring staph boils I had. I finished my course and had diarrhea all week on the med. I thought the diarrhea was normal because it was an antibiotic, but now I still have diarrhea after a week. I feel like it won't go away. The diarrhea is not bloody or mucous like, and I feel no abdominal pain. I'm taking acidophilus and eating plain yogurt. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn OK that's for yeast infection. so now you have been given treatment for everything.. antibiotic, antiparasitic, anti-fungal. Staph infection is very common, it also depends on the type of Staph. because that type of bacteria is commonly present in our body. Also test the vaginal PH, if the value is altered, it can be the reason why your body isn't fighting the infection properly. mind the clothes you use, the water, everything.
Avatar n tn I went to a dermotologist who took a culture of it, I guess for staph possibility, but I haven't heard anything in a week so it must not have been staph. She perscribed me an anti-fungal cream, Ketoconazole, which I used for a few days and it did not seem to clear anything up, it only dried it out and made it look worse. It is very annoying, noticeable, and I can feel it constantly - it feels like a disturbed dryness although I keep it moist with ointment (Centany, mupirocin ointment).
Avatar f tn figures) They put me on metronetazol 500mg 2x day and Levequin 500mg 1x. on meds for 3 days now, shouldnt the blood in my unrine and stool be going away. how long does it take or should I go to the ER?
1914587 tn?1322606059 I continued to have the pain for several days before it became apparent to me that it wasn't just gas. I went to the Manistique E.R. and was told my gall bladder had to be removed. I was sent to the Marquette hospital where surgeon Dr.Lewis made 3 small incisions and removed my gall bladder. During the surgery a drainage tube was placed in my right side. The morning after surgery a nurse removed the drainage tube and the hole where it came from bled profusely.
Avatar n tn Hello, Tetracyclines are the standard treatment for perioral dermatitis and you have been prescribed the correct treatment. Perioral dermatitis like acne is a chronic papulopustular and eczematous facial dermatitis. It mostly effects women and appear around the nose, mouth and eyes. Treatment consists of oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. A mild soap or soap substitute, such as Dove or Cetaphil should be used for washing. Scrubbing should be avoided.
Avatar f tn The Doxy made a difference and the inflammation/redness got better within days. This was for treating Staph but from reading your comments...perhaps Doxy could help with GM? Right now am still on both Cipro and Doxy but am dealing with pus forming with 2 burst sites. Surgeon wants to see me again on Monday to determine if I need to go to Operation Room for incision to really clean out all pus and packing/dressing afterwards. I am feeling petrified since I do not want to be cut open...
Avatar m tn I can only assume that this is strictly orally transmitted. I've been tested for and all negative all STDs Staph/strep Yeast Bacteria in urine Scrotal ultrasound prostate exam Kidney CT treated for fungal/yeast. Creams have made it worse.
Avatar m tn For the past year I have urine leakage/ some type of clear discharge also have this weird sensation as if something is being forced out of my penis- almost like a spasm- the tip of my penis is red and inflamed- gets worse after ejaculation- I get this intense itching feeling at the tip and also a pinching sensation- the redness comes and goes- one day its there and the next it's not- another symptom is a tingling/ cold burning sensation-I am not having this pain in my bladder- the feeling is
Avatar n tn So if anyone is being treated for MRSA please email me here or at ***@**** Also, I read that if you are on antibiotics for long periods of time to treat sinusitis, then you can have candida sinus infection . Mayo clinic also published something about how 96% of people with chronic sinusitis , have candida in the mucous of their sinuses which also causes severe illness. So, I wonder if my problem is also candida , on top of the MRSA.
Avatar f tn The culture came back positive for genital hsv-1 and a staph infection (I'm a clean person so I dont know how exactly I got staph or really even how to get it) my blood test came back positive for hsv-1 and 2 with very high numbers for both. My dr told me because the numbers were so high I likely just contracted it. I've done my research and everything I read tells me if your numbers are high you've had it for awhile.
Avatar n tn Doxycycline 100 mg two per day for 4 days 6. Glitisol 500 mg two per day for 10 days 7.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the great service. I have been in a sexual relationship with a woman for 4 months who has genital HSV2. 1. We have been following the "avoid outbreak", condom, Valtrex recommendations. A couple months ago, we had sex (with a condom). The next morning my girlfriend found a herpes sore on her labia majora. It's possible the sore was there the night before but we did not notice it. What kind of risk would a situation like this bring?
Avatar n tn is it customary or okay for a doctor here in the states to give 2 courses of treatment to a person for them and their partner? that would sure make life easier.... help!
Avatar f tn difficile (October 2009), took 2 rounds of flagyl (metronidazole) to cure c. difficile. Ever since that, weird medical stuff that has the docs stumped has been happening: I was ok while on flagyl but as soon as I finished the first course I got a really dry mouth. I still needed a second course for c.
Avatar f tn They found a raised amount of WBC in the blood, found out I had a UTI, and saw a lot of Staph bacteria in the stool. No parasites, eggs, or ameobias. They gave me amoxicillin and sent me on my way. It did clear up.... for a little while, until I started getting chronic diarrhea again... this time without pain or fever. Around Christmas time I sarted getting an extremely sharp, radiating pain right under my ribcage and radiating to the back.
641243 tn?1235755684 Nothing happened, and he continued to pace without sleep for the next 7 hours before I took him to my primary physician Tuesday morning. Primary vet said maybe he had a virus and prescribed Metronidazole. We also found a staph infection on a scrape on his knee, seemingly unrelated. Brought him home, had to leave town the next day so I boarded him at the vet. After picking him up 4 days later, they said he did fine, but when I brought him home, he would not eat or drink.
Avatar f tn I'm having a hard time finding much information about how a MRSA throat infection is treated, however. I did read on that pneumonia caused by staph should be treated for 7-10 days with Azithromycin, with the first two days by IV.. and I am worried that it's spread to his lung (which he says is hurting).. so still concerned that 4 days isn't enough. I need to read a bit more and get info from him about the dosage he's on. Thanks again for your answer!
Avatar m tn You should pursue a type specific herpes igg blood test to see what your status is to confirm hsv2 for starters. You also need tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally. your clitoris being swollen is likely something non-herpes going on. Our clits are just a bundle of nerve endings and anytime they are irritated, it can cause issues like this. Keep the nerves irritated long term and it can cause long term issues that are hard to get rid of :( definitely pursue further follow up.
Avatar f tn There are no blisters but only felling raw and sore, especially yesterday and today. Would Staph be something to consider if there is no blisters? I was looking at several treatments for BV, how is Rifaximin for the spectrum and also Tinidazole? Are they better then Metronidazole? Also to mention here is the fact that my situation gets worse when I am wearing something not so breathable like Jeans or Sweat Pants. So when I go running it becomes little worse as if from sweating and lack of air.
Avatar n tn C then 2 days later developed a blood staph infection and they pumped god knows what through me for two weeks while I was in the hospital then developed severe gastritis and chronic BV and with the BV they put me on 21 days of metronidazole, which felt like posion and actually made the infection worse.
Avatar m tn The urologist perscribed to me ciprofloxacin ( the antibiogram showed that the staph. are sensitive to it.) I drank it for 7 days without any effect. I tested for HIV at 7th week and was negative. I went to other doctor, because my throat still hurt, also was feeling this slight pain when urinating, but rarely just from time to time. The doctor perscribed to me Cefixime and metronidazole which I took for 10 days and I seemed a lot better, tho my throat wasn't 100 % cured.
Avatar f tn They found a raised amount of WBC in the blood, found out I had a UTI, and saw a lot of Staph bacteria in the stool. No anemia or iron loss. They gave me amoxicillin and sent me on my way. It did clear up for a little while, until I started getting chronic diarrhea again... this time without pain or fever. Around Christmas time I started getting an extremely sharp, radiating pain right under my ribcage and radiating to the back.
Avatar f tn Like everyone else I’ve tried acne meds, antibiotics, anti fungals, steroids, diet changes, spices, colloidal silver, etc... also tested for staph, biopsies, A1C (blood sugar) - and nothing special happened or was found. One thing I have never tried are the stronger medications like Accutane. My recurring folliculitis was mainly small puss filled spots; however, I had a few boils(?
Avatar m tn Many thanks for your answer. I just got back my stool analysis and they didn't find any parasites or cysts. looks like the 4 days medication course worked. but if I do not have the E.hystolitica anymore why I have an appetite loss? is it possible that it wasn't detected this time? I lost mainly fat from my upper and lower legs, I still have muscles on them but they became smaller as well as on my arms. The fever of 98.
Avatar n tn and that most Cellulitis infections are caused by Staph. Another question I have is if staph infections can also cause or lead to IBS? I also read stress was involved with IBS, and I know I've been under alot of stress dealing with necrotic Cellulitis and gangrene, but I've had stress before with having 4 kidney surgeries and 1 kidney operation all within a 5 month period last year, and all the stress involved from that (I almost died during 1 surgery) didn't cause me to develop IBS.
Avatar m tn Azithromycin has proven effective for mycoplasma and clindamycine or erythromycin has been effective for ureaplasma. Moxifloxacin is supposed to be 100% against M. Gen, but I would caution you from using that due to severe side effects. I know from personal experience that it really shouldn't be used unless you have a life threatening infection, just like it says on the warning labels. It's pretty harsh.
Avatar n tn This dull pain in my testicles would discontinue when I would lay down, but anytime I stood for a bit or sat for a while it would persist. During this time I began to notice my throat felt strange. My esophagus and soft palate began to feel weird and I could feel small bumps. I can't explain it. Upon inspection with a flashlight in the mirror I noticed my uvula had a red spot on it and my circumvallate papillae were swollen and my tongue was tender (this is all in the back of my throat).