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Avatar f tn Here is the list of meds I am on, Cyclobenzaprine ( 10mg nightly) Repinirole HCL (1MG nightly) Alprazolam ( 1 mg nightly) Citalopram HBR ( 20 MG 1 in the morning) Metoprolol Succ ER ( 50MG 1 in the morning) Levothyroxine ( 100 MCG 1 in the morning) Sprintec (1 in the morning) I recently had a pap come back with these results "No Neoplastic Cells Identified Heavy Inflammation Present" and my DR put me on Metronidazole 500MG twice a day for 5 days, after that I got a Yeast Infe
Avatar m tn I've posted elsewhere about how my local doctor suggested metoprolol, 1/2 dose once a day (taken in the morning so it won't interfere with the clonazepam I take at bedtime). I took a beta blocker once before and it dropped my pulse and blood pressure so low that I just sat in a chair (feld dizzy and had no energy) and hoped I'd feel normal the next day. Beta blockers can also make heartburn worse (I take Nexium for that).
Avatar f tn I have convinced myself that I have everything from a brain tumor, to an anuerysm, to blood clots in my legs that will lead to a pulmonary embolism. Back in 2008 after my daughter was born, my legs were sore. So I went on WebMD and googled sore legs. (Worse thing you can ever do) well after reading all the sites I convinced myself I had blood clots in my legs due to pregnancy.