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Avatar f tn Toprol XL and Metoprolol Succinate are the same. The former is just a trade name. If you're of smaller body mass, 200mg. can really slow you down. I know because I was on that dose at one time..... and I was 215lb. at the time. This dosage can really lay you out, and it may be the reason you feel terrible. I remember feeling like a heavy weight was on my chest any time I tried to exert myself. This is not a drug to help you sleep or to eliminate headaches.
18663 tn?1198175415 In the lists that follow, the generic name of the drug is given first, with the trade name, if available, following in parentheses and capitalized. Also, many times a particular generic drug is produced by different manufacturers with different trade names. The trade names mentioned in this article were selected by the author over other trade names purely by coincidence.
Avatar f tn I take Metoprolol ER and 100 mg once a day will keep me under 100 resting HR, and if I take more in the evening either 50 or 100 mg my HR will go down to the 80s. I don't know if Metoprolol would be any better, but it works for me, not perfect, I'd like to be closer to 70, but I'm in a safe range. I am much older than you, so my heart can't take as much high running, so again, be optimistic I think you are not in any immediate danger.
Avatar n tn Hello- There are some decent Beta Blockers. To name a few... Trade name (generic name) Acebutolol (Sectral) Atenolol (Tenormin) Metoprolol (Lopressor, Lopressor LA, Toprol XL) Nadolol (Corgard) Timolol (Blocadren) Beta blockers are also used to treat hypertension therefore reducing your BP. So, with use you will notice a drop in BP. I suffer from SVT (Afib) you can read my history under "trying to decide" I am an RN as well, sometimes I wish I weren't...
Avatar f tn Here is the patient information that would be dispensed with Celexa if you were to fill it with us. Citalopram Hydrobromide Oral tablet Trade Names Celexa The list of names may not include all products that are available on the market. What is this medicine? CITALOPRAM is a medicine for depression. This medicine may be used for other purposes; ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have questions. What should I tell my health care provider before I take this medicine?
Avatar n tn I am only on Inderal for the mild hyper symptoms I have. I guess size is key in getting a FNB? Blood tests are as follows: TSH, 3rd generation 0.01 Low T4 Free 1.7 Normal (although I see the range is 0.8-1.8; is this high normal?) T3 Free 462 High (scale says 230-420) Thyroid Peroxidase AB (this is TPO, correct?) <10 normal Thyroglobulin AB <20.0 Normal Should I be doing something else other than taking 10mg Inderal three times a day? Is it okay NOT to have a FNB?
Avatar f tn In your case, it may be that after fixing one part of your issue, the doctor had to face a trade off between the risks and benefits of additional work, and the risks won out over the benefits, possibly leaving you with some of your original problem. I cant say really; that is for your doctor to determine, but it is a thought. Perhaps the changes are a blessing masked by the new way your heart behaves, but you need to adapt to your new situation.
1298588 tn?1330322581 Ativan is the trade name for Lorazepam, one of the benzodiazepine anti-anxiety drugs. It is very fast-acting and clears out fast, too. In my considerable experience with it, it has no 'hangover' effect, and it is an excellent *short term* treatment for acute anxiety, as when you are having a sudden panic attack. It reduces fright and it will lower the heart rate significantly if the tachycardia is due to that. Go ahead and take it when you are scared out of your wits.
Avatar n tn I take medication at 6 am, Monopril, Metoprolol, and a diuretic. By seven my heartbeat is normal, 65 per min. and regular. It comes back, at times, late afternoon. Medication again at 6 pm. Metoprolol,Lescol, Aspirin. Symptons go away before Nine PM. I have been worried about this, and called my Docs office. They said "Don,t worry about it" I need a second opinion on it. I am a pretty active guy, walk, garden etc., have had high blood pressure, but it is under control.
Avatar n tn Quality of life is important, and beta blockers trade off quality of life for length of live. Your body makes adrenaline for darn good reasons. Switching it off (even partially) may not be such a good idea.
Avatar m tn GERD, Stress, Anxiety, sleep disturbances, smoking, illicit drug use, different herbs (green tea, ginseng, bitter orange to name a few), electrolyte disturbances (lab work can rule this out), dehydration, caffeine, alcohol, high altitudes, asthma, back and/or rib problems, lung problems, pulmonary hypertension, blood clots, infections, inflammation, gallstones, pancratitis, fibromyalgia, depression, using decongestants or antihistamines, the list goes on and on.
Avatar n tn If you know or even think this to be the case for you I would also like to correspond with you to trade stories and info on what you''ve learned and done. Be well.
Avatar f tn Also,the diltiezem which is a calcium channel blocker is similar to a drug i used to take for a few weeks called metoprolol. I had to stop it because it made me feel weird and a little depressed. I wonder if you can lower the dosage on that one or stop it. My mother in law takes lasix but was also told too stop taking her beta blocker and that she didn't need to be taking both. Do you have congestive heart failure? The 1 med you are on is used for that I see.
Avatar n tn Any way I also would be interested in what anyone might have to say about it and or what they may have learned from this if they know or even think this to be the case for them and would also like to correspond with others to trade stories and info on what they've learned and done. Be well. Sincerely, Rich - ***@**** This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/337994'>Stomach Gas and Arrythmia</a>.
Avatar n tn The Beta Blocker that I am currently taking is 60mg of propranolol ER(extended release). Inderal is the brand name which is more expensive. So far, the medicine is definitely working!