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907968 tn?1292625804 I attempted to ask this question on a Pharmacists forum, but, at $15.00/question.... Then tried to find the appropriate community forum where it would be free. The closest is this forum. After the bypass till after seeing my cardiologists the first or second time I was taking (written on bottle...
Avatar n tn My Mom(age 71) has very high blood pressure its like 200/160 and her doctor has put her on Metoprolol tar 50mgn.She has been on it for a month and it doesnt seem to be working.We were wondering if she should take Coenzyme Q10 along with this medicine?Or will this medicine interfere with this a beta blocker ?She feels tired and sluggish all the time and in her line of business she needs all the energy she can get.She owns her own house cleaning service and cleans at least 2 houses per day.
567228 tn?1318359066 I'll keep trying with this endo since he's actually being patient with me. He just prescribed me metoprolol for my high blood pressure and fast heartrate. Course, I didn't start getting the fast heartrate until 4 days ago. I'd wake up breathing so heavily and shallow like I ran a marathon. I checked my pulse this morning and it was 113 bps. He's also told me that if I get hives or a rash with the PTU he wants me to call him so we can talk about the other options. I'm hoping PTU will work.