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Avatar n tn We also may choose, in our sleep ofcourse, to visit past loved ones or even drop in on others! They can not see us though as we are there in spirit. The alarming paralyzing fear happens when we our physical body starts to awaken before our spirit is back in form inside. We are awake but cant move, we hear or feel buzzing, we feel as if we are being held down by an evil force who wants to eat our unborn children.....No. Does this not all pass?
443862 tn?1238003039 What is Metrapolol? When I Google search it, everything is in spanish or japanese. Do you mean metoprolol? That's a Beta Blocker to control heart rate. When do you see the doc again? Are you going to be given something for the hyperthyroidism?
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 27 year old male, with no prior history of health problems. A few months ago, I began feeling "under the weather", and wound up in the ER twice in 3 days. I went to a few specialists, had a brain MRI, which were negative. More recently I saw a cardiologist who ordered a stress test, holter, echo, and finally cardiac MRI. The stress test, holter, and EKG seemed fine. However, the echo showed a low ejection fraction, confirmed by the MRI.