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443862 tn?1238003039 Hi I am taking metorprolol to slow down my heart rate due to hyper thyroidism. Can anyone tell me, do yuo ever get really hard, loud heart beats? They are not neccessairyl fast, in the mid-80s but very hard and I was wondering if it's the drug tha tis causing it?
Avatar n tn ) My doctor says my heart looks healthy other than having a fast heart rate (resting 112-stress test up to 188) and some extra beats here and there. He prescribed metoprolol to take only on an as needed basis since i don't need it every day. My question is, is it ok to take on an as needed basis? Per the instructions that came with the prescription it says to take exactly as directed (which is daily) because of serious side effects (heart attack, stroke).
1347434 tn?1282595378 Now your mileage may vary, but I wouldn't hesitate recommending this medication. It will slow your resting heart rate, lower your bp, will protect you in the event of a heart attack, and promote a normal heart rhythm. That said, it has done little to quiet the clusters of PVCs that I experience. It also did nothing to stop the SVT events I was experiencing although it helped greating in converting them. Since my ablation, I'm on a 50mg dose, and expect to be on it indefinitely.
Avatar f tn Last night I woke up sweaty and little bit fast heart rate. Should this medicine be taken in the morning or at night? I have been taking it during the day and it just makes me groggy and slow. Please share your experiences. Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn Acebutolol is a beta-blocker with instrinsic sympathomimetic activity, so it tends to not slow the heart rate as much. Hyoscamine is a vagolytic, and is often used to treat nasuea. The drug has some side effects, however, like dry mouth and constipation. A small minoroty of persons have what some refer to as "vagally-induced afib". Some well-respected EPs don't think that it is a real condition (I am not in this camp).
443862 tn?1238003039 And of course knowing they gave me this to lower my heart rate makes me nervous. And with my anxiety disorder I am taking my blood pressure every hour. I know that doesn't help. But dealing with the metoprolol, it has dropped me to 88/55 at times, today 112/73, then 93/55 then 142/70. I get hot flashes, shakes, tingling arms, a general feeling of panic when I see my reading is low or I feel the shakes.... Could it be the drug? Does anyone else take this and have these symptoms?
Avatar m tn I was taken off of the ramipril and put on 12.5mg of metoprolol twice a day. I started Monday and my heart rate hardly ever goes above 60 bpm; even standing and when I walk at a normal pace it stays in the 70's. I can't go for long walks without being exhausted, though today I was happy that I managed to get my heart rate up to 102 (at that pace it normally would have been at 118-124). I'm feeling tired often. Are these side effects temporary?
Avatar m tn I was taken off of the ramipril and put on 12.5mg of metoprolol twice a day. I started Monday and my heart rate hardly ever goes above 60 bpm; even standing and when I walk at a normal pace it stays in the 70's. I can't go for long walks without being exhausted, though today I was happy that I managed to get my heart rate up to 102 (at that pace it normally would have been at 118-124). I'm feeling tired often. Are these side effects temporary?
612551 tn?1450025775 Stop all of the drugs and their debilitating and potentially life-threatening side effects, and get swimming goggles and start lap-swimming at a pool for 45 minutes a day stopping every 5 minutes to let your heart relax. You will see a steady drop in your resting heart-rate over weeks and months and, if you continue the program, you won't need Beta Blockers or Calcium Channel-Blockers because your heart-rate will be down to where your doctor will have no reason to prescribe them.
612551 tn?1450025775 I find on 25mg my heart rate sits around 60--75 for most of the day which is perfect for me since my heart rate is affected by my IST during the day time, and usually comes back down to a normal rate on its own at night time.
Avatar f tn The doctor put me on lisnop/hctz then sense then cause of my heart rate he put me on metoprolol to calm my heart rate down. both pills twice a day. Is this good for my body? I don't know whats going on can anybody give a imput on heart is racing and beating so hard.
Avatar m tn The reason I'm curious is that people that have demand pacemakers will have their heart rate maintained at a certain point if their heart rate drops too low. Taking too much of a Beta Blocker can drop your heart rate, with a demand pacemaker, it would be assured to be maintained at a certain rate. Also, your doctor may have choosen your dosage based on your conditions, not simply rate control, I would discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar f tn Im scared to take it cause ive been having really bad reactions to meds lately my blood pressure and sugar is staying high and my heart rate dr wants me to take half of 25mg twice a day for my heart rate i also have MS im diabetic and have coronary heart disease and ive had a heart attack and triple by pass so should i try this i may have to have a heart cath soon to see why heart rate is high i need advise please
Avatar n tn I've using a elliptical trainer. I can get my heart rate up to 122- 130 on this machine. I check my heart rate about every two or three minutes. Sometimes after getting my heart rate up to 120-130 I check and it drops into the 60's, then goes back up. I don't see my Dr. for six months. Why is this happening? Should I quit doing this exersice. I beleive the machine is consistent in reading the heart rate. It doesn't happen everytime I use it.
Avatar n tn Metoprolol, a beta blocker, us used primarily to help reduce high blood pressure. It also slows your pulse rate. The heart has to work less hard and that is probably why we feel the pacs pvcs less. I do not think it is designed to stop them. I would not stop taking them without first talking to your doc.
Avatar n tn I am taking metoprolol tartrate 25mg twice and day because my heart rate was a little high when I saw my doctor 122 bpm. I was on 50mg twice a day, but my doc cut it due to side effects. I'm still suffering side effects, stiff arms, legs, and depression. I am also having some difficulty with my blood sugar, stays low. I feel like all I do is eat, when I asked my cardiologist he said to talk to my general practitioner.
Avatar m tn Hello. Just a quick question. I was put in metoprolol just to slow my heart rate a little ...about a month ago but it been making me feel really weird immediately after taking it for hours and hours. I contacted my doctor and his nurse told me to stop taking it over the weekend and monitor my heart rate over the weekend. However I've read it's extremely dangerous to just stop this medication and now I'm a little scared. My dose is only 12.5 mg a day.
Avatar f tn Funny that you mention the Ativan thing in the ER. I went the ER where I worked and my heart rate went up to 170 out of the blue after they gave me some medicine for a headache. They did an EKG and of course, it was sinus tach, so they gave me Ativan.....long story short, I was admitted for the high heart rate, the Ativan bottomed my blood pressure everytime I stood and I too, slept for over 24hrs. I was put on Metoprolol succinate 12.
941118 tn?1312285526 yes I have stopped using metoprolol and didn't experience any side effects -- blood pressure and heart rate not being side effects, they are direct and intended effects.
Avatar n tn I have had episodes of SVT for my entire life and was diagnosed with WPW 30 years ago. My episodes also always go away on their own -- usually with in the first few minutes if I can lay prone and do some valsalva maneuvers, although I occasionally have gone to the ER for monitoring only because if the SVT lasts too long my BP gets a little low.
Avatar n tn and from what I understand metoprolol can be diagnosed for high blood pressure. Could this be causing my heart to work harder?
Avatar f tn My heart pounds like crazy for hrs after I eat...and now the beta blocker is not keeping my heart rate down and I'm short of breath. EVerytime I go to the er they say its anxiety. There is only one cardiology group I can go to with my insurance. Is this a symtom of my heart giving out ? Can someone plz help ! My heart beats very fast after I eat....or if I try and get up and do anything at all. I have no swolen ankles or feet. They say my ekg and echol came back normal.
Avatar m tn Cardio swithced me to metoprolol xl 25mg 1x daily. my heart rate has gone from the high 50's to the high 80's from yesterday to today. Is this normal? I believed that the xl on the metoprolol was extended release, and that the dosage should do the same thing as far as hr and bp. by has gone from 116/68 to 138/89.
Avatar m tn Why did your doctor prescribe the metoprolol? When you increase the dose of the metoprolol, your max heart rate will go down, meaning that you can not hike at the pace you used to anymore. If you do not want these high heart rates, it is probably better to slow your hiking pace in stead of forcing that with an increased dose of betablocker. Anyway, I suggest that you do not up or down the metoprolol dose without consulting your doctor.
Avatar f tn I took my 1/2 pill of metoprolol 2 days ago and felt weird, which could have been just nervous bc I was scared of what it would do to my heart rate. My heart rate really hasn't been too high here lately so that's why I was concerned. That being said, the next day I didn't take any bc I was scared my sysmptoms were medicine related. I am struggling with a cold and called my pcp and she told me to take allergy medicine along with mucinex as needed.
Avatar n tn I'll speak to my cardiologist and see what my options are. the metoprolol won't bring down my heart rate alone but in combination with the cardizem my heart rate remains normal and my bp is normal.I haven't tried toprol xl for my heart rate but I was taking it when I was first diagnosed with afib and it worked to a degree. maybe I can try it again for my heart rate. I've just got to find an alternative to the cardizem cd.
Avatar m tn Since, I have had Afib-once or twice a day and I never know when. Last about 40 sec. I am taking 12.5mg Metoprolol each day and my resting heart rate gets to 45-48. Would Atenolol help this problem?--or is there another suggestion?
1198633 tn?1341185988 I was taking metoprolol er 25mg in the morning, 50mg over night for hbp and palpitations. After an ER visit for high heart rate and blood pressure I've been put on 50mg metoprolol tatrate during day and 50mg at night. Since the switch I've been having really bad diarrhea and gas problems and at night my hands ache and feel kind of stuff but not swollen. Is this common?