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443862 tn?1238003039 Your doctor should be on top of this and I would let him know about it, especially if it just started, or is getting worse. Thyroid disease is associated with heart disease and heart failure if not controlled medically. Best of luck to you :) Jack I looked up these symptoms of hyperthyroidism: ============================================ "What Are The Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism?
443862 tn?1238003039 I've been on thyroid meds all of my life, thyroid removed in 2008, gained weight, visited many endocrinologists to no avail. Now I have been told that I'm near heart failure because of all of the thyroid meds made my heart muscles weak! Nice job docs!
1933354 tn?1323366434 Beta blockers in general, even the cardio selective beta blockers can exacerbate asthma symptoms. I had asthma as a child and have taken bystolic for several years. But if I take a higher dose, which I tried once, it causes me to cough. They lose some of their cardio selective properties as the dosage gets higher. However, at 25 mg of lopressor that shouldn't be a problem. I would bet on allergies.
Avatar m tn Beta blockers are actually used a lot in people with heart failure and help the heart pump better and more blood. So the fact that you feeling a hard thumping isn't surprising as you are pumping out more blood and increasing you EF. Here's some info on them, might make more sense. Beta-blockers help treat diastolic heart failure, because they slow the heart rate and allow more time for your heart to fill with blood.
612551 tn?1450025775 Other beta blockers cause my heart rate go mad (bisoprolol) or do not effect at all. Intravenous Seloken, in the emergency unit in 2010, had no effect on my heart rate, and Spesicor in this year did not affect either.
407053 tn?1202002233 Metoprolol is in the FDA pregnancy category C. This means that it is not known whether metoprolol will be harmful to an unborn baby. Do not take this medication without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant or could become pregnant during treatment ok so my question is this.... has anyone ever been on this from the beginning of a pregnancy and had a healthy baby? has anyone had miscarriages and was on this drug? im desperate and cant lose another pregnancy.....
Avatar n tn I started having anxiety in my chest, weird beats in my heart..even a little chest pain..but after 3 or 4 days it all went away..I have had sinus tach for 40+ years and was told I need to start slowing my heart rate echo showed mild left side I decided to start medication..I'm 50 years old..the medication has worked more side effects..I'm actually taking 37.5 mg a day a pill an a half in the morning and again at night..
Avatar m tn So, my cardio took me off of the ramipril and put me on 12.5 mg of metoprolol twice a day and in addition to my 12.5 of HCTZ. However, after a week of feeling exhausted, having a resting heart rate consistently in the low 50s, and not much higher otherwise, I complained during my follow up. My cardio gave me some samples of 10 mg coreg to take once a day and a prescription to fill if the side effects from the metoprolol do not get any better.
Avatar m tn Also, the med helps stable the heart rate, but if the sinus node pacemaker output is abnormal, the heart rate could be slow enough to cause formation of blood clots and a heart attack or too fast causing the heart to be unable to pump enough blood into circulation with each heartbeat and cause heart failure.
Avatar f tn I fear that my heart is weakening or I have heart failure. They gave me ativan which made me weaker and my heart go faster. This makes no sense. I have been feeling so ill.....I've been bed ridden for 18 yrs and I'm afraid my heart is weakening by the day. AFter I eat my heart goes really fast for hrs and hrs before it settles back down. The only tests I have had done are an ECHO 4 wks ago...before the beta blocker and the cardiologist refuses to see me again...blaming it all on anxiety.
Avatar f tn I'd suggest certainly mixing in a healthy diet, exercise as well as high blood pressure medication. It worked for me. I've gone from a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure to almost a normal heart function diagnosis, but it included a process of losing weight, a very careful diet but also a mix of beta and calcium blockers. Keep us informed.
Avatar f tn I'm a bit new to this whole heart failure thing, but am trying to sort it all out. I'm turning 40 soon and my heart tried going out 12 hours after I delivered my 3rd baby via c-section 5 months ago. Lungs filled with fluid, spent a week in ICU, the whole shebang. HF was about 30-35%(?) I believe. After a few months wearing a Zoll life vest I had a defibrillator implanted and so far have not had any major issues.
Avatar n tn The only thing stopping beta blockers ever did to me is that my pulse and B/P went way up. If your a heart failure patient and you stopped all your meds you could be in trouble. A pulse of 40 would be a concern if it stayed there but you seem to indicate that it does rise appropiatly in response to activety. You could ask your doc about switching to a different B/P med such as an ace inhibitor that wouldn't have those side effects.
Avatar f tn So, regardless of weight gain or tired or dizzy, I'm not in heart failure now... so I'll take it. I hope it all works out for you. Talk over your concerns with your md and what you are trying to acheive vs. trying to avoid with the meds. Though it isn't optimal, sometimes "better living through chemistry" is our only reasonable option.
Avatar f tn Many of us take a generic named Metoprolol to slow our heart my case my HR is always high and I do not have an ICD/Pacemaker.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your response and interest in raising questions with answers that may shed some much needed light on this dilemma. The Metoprolol and Norvase were introduced in "08" along with discovery of a congenital kidney disorder that was corrected by a surgical procedure ultimately in about 6 months. During the 6 months lead up to the surgery I began with 25mg 1 x per day of Metoprolol with no decline in BP.
Avatar n tn I've read on the American Heart Association website that women can have the small vessels in the heart blocked with calcium and men usually have the large arteries blocked. Based on what I've said can you give me any idea as to what may be going on. Any questions I should ask my doctor to get answers. If it is small vessels in my heart can that be corrected? Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn Hello, After 10 years of trying to get an answer, I finally got a diagnosis of cardiac preload failure, low VO2max, and decreased AT. I have shortness of breath, palpitations/heart racing, chest pains, fatigue, lightheaded. Many many echos--three with bubbles. A PFO showed up on one. Normal cardiac cath--they couldn't see the PFO during the cath. Normal EKGs. Halters normal except for mild sinus tachycardia. Many pulmonary tests--all normal. I have MVP with trace regurgitation.
Avatar m tn I had an EF below 29% (considered heart failure range) and the heart did not adequately enough to pump the amount of blood recieved from the lungs. This caused the blood to back up in the lungs causing fluids to leak into the lung tissues (congested heart failure), However, there are individuals that have a lower than 29% that do quite well and no symptoms. Your EF is an estimate and the margin of error is about 10%.
Avatar m tn I cannot tell you what your risk of heart failure or death would be if you stopped your heart medications because I do not know all of the details of your heart history but we do know that statins in patients with heart disease decrease your risk of having a cardiac event (such as heart attack or death) over your lifetime of 40-50%.
Avatar n tn Do as your doctor instructs by taking half and after a week you could cut the dose in half until you are off. If you do not have heart problems or heart failure and just have tachycardia it should be okay. A pulse of 152 is not all that bad. Mine gets up there sometimes too and I do not take anything. If it goes up to 152 and stays there then that's a different story. You could have an adrenal problems which is harmless (at least that is what doctors tell me as that is what I have).
Avatar n tn My family have an outstanding record of resistance to it and apart from my Mother who was 76 when she died of heart failure, on my Fathers side they all live to 90+ with my Dad at 78 and smoked all his life, and mostly they die of cancer but usually at a ripe age. I think the problem is an electrical one, but no one seems interested in that. It all seems focussed on heart disease, and blockages of arteries.
Avatar n tn I have been told that both Metoprolol and Carvelidol are beta blockers used mostly in the tratment of CHF. What are the advantages of using Coreg instead of Toprol for the treatment of CHF. Does Coreg have a bigger or better effect in increasing EF and protecting heart function from progressive deterioration? Is Coreg contraindicated for people with mild kidney impairment? Thanks for your reply to this posting.
Avatar f tn Everyone gets these skipped beats, PVCs, PAC and the like but the div is right, some of us feel every heart beat some don't. They are the lucky ones. Skipped beats in a healthy heart are harmless but maybe if you get a work up it will give you peace of mind and therefore lessen your symptoms. Take it from someone who has been dealing with it fit more than three decades, you have to learn to live with them.
733362 tn?1489798536 Sometimes if he forgot his meds or ran out and didn't tell me his heart rate and bp would do that. We'd usually end up in the ER and admitted for congestive heart failure. He had an internal defibrillator and it could also trigger it. If you are still having problems please go get checked out. And like mentioned above it is very important you take your heart meds. If you don't like how they make you feel there are others they can switch you to but you have to take them regularly.
Avatar n tn I am trying Ayurvedic supplements like the Terminalia Arjuna herb which is said to be good for the heart. It seems to have worked on a person I know who had heart failure. All the best.
Avatar m tn I am a 54 year old Asian Pacific Male from India highly addicted to chewing tobacco habit I am suffering from High Blood Pressure (130-140/90-95), Excessive Heart beats (95-100) and borderline Diabetes (100-135).
Avatar f tn But it is a huge permanent step to allow little devices to take charge of your heart but I get the whole worry about cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure, if you are having daily episodes of svt it has got to be a bit tiring for the heart to deal with. I asked my doctor if my svt caused my pacs and pvcs and he seems to think no but I no I have had svt my whole life but I am just now feeling the pacs and pvcs the last 5 or so years so I am not convinced.
Avatar f tn can deconditiong and being bed ridden for 18 yrs make your heart go into heart failure, cardio myopotjy ...or...does it just mean that you are decondtioned. My pulse will go up 10-20 points in bed after the slighest movement. Im on metoprolol 25mg 1 x day. After an upper endoscopy I go tachy that wil not go away. My question is ....does anyone know if being bed ridden for 18 yrs can make you have a weak heart or just very deconditioned ? I had an echo a month ago that was normal.
Avatar f tn Given the two new conditions, other than Metoprolol and Wafarin, what other medications/treatment options she has to treat AF, Enlarged Heart and Heart Valve leakage? 6. Metoprolol 25 mg becomes less effective to control her blood pressure and heart rate. Should she increase the dosage? Is the side effect the same using 25mg or 50mg for a long period of time? 7. She was on Amiodarone for about 2 months, but stopped it due to concerns about side effects.