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1347434 tn?1282595378 I just passed my second anniversary free of SVT for the first time since before I was six. Had it done on a Thursday, and was back to work the following Tuesday. Think about it. Ask questions. A lot of us here have had it done.
Avatar f tn I am 31 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with SVT and have been prescribed metoprolol 25 MG once a day until I give birth. I am very nervous about it.
Avatar f tn Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) is a broad classification. I had about 10 episodes of 140 BPN over ten years with no more complications than emergency room trips for conversion or conversion at home with propafenone. My particular type was atrial flutter which appears to have been cured by ablation a little over a year ago. If your heart is otherwise healthy it is a condition that can be managed (but certainly no enjoyed!) https://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn I am new here, 34 and female, and was diagnosed with SVT in March of 2006. Had, had palpitations infrequently for a year before that. I was rushed to the emercency room with a heart rate of 180 BPM and I panicked. They couldn't get my heart rate to go down until they moved the heart moniter behind me so that I couldn't see it.
1302576 tn?1273274466 If so, I hope that is being considered, and treated to assure you clot risk is under control. As for SVT, I don't think there is anything one can do to prevent them. Some find some relief taking medications such as Beta Blockers.
Avatar f tn relax a little Mary and don't let this thing run away with you...remember you have SVT it doesn't have you and the meds may just do it for you....we're here for you if you need to unload.......
Avatar f tn I no longer have SVT, but still take 75mg of Metoprolol for controlling mild hypertension. My BP is typically 65/118 with the med.
1101325 tn?1321256673 Hi Jen, sorry to hear you're still having svt issues. I'm im the same boat....pprobably have to go for another ablation soon. Can't always tell when or what kind of arrhythmia/tachycardia I'm in at a particular time because I think the ablation I had somehow desesitized my pathways. Don't know if that's really true....just my theory. I do know for 3-4 months last fall I was feeling arrhythmia. Then after Christmas I went into a depression and started on prozac in Feb or March.
1632539 tn?1456280218 We were out in the middle of no where. No cell service or anything, I went into an SVT epidsode, my HR was around 180+ I got ver nervous and that didn't help, So I just sat down and started to fish. I then waited and remembered that A nurse had me squat and push down, So I did about 3 times and it worked. I am now however, worn out and of cousre the fear of another one is always on my mind. I hope to get ablation in the next 6 months.
Avatar f tn I've been taking 25mg of metoprolol for a little over a month for SVT. I thought I was going to have an ablation but at my last doctor appt my ekg was normal and doc and there was no need for an ablation. My SVT is caffeine induced and since I quit drinking caffeine I've had no palpatations. He reduced my medicine from 25mg to 12.5 and said if that worked I could eventually quit taking it. He also told me to drink plenty of fluids and walk 40 min. every day.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist got the readings from an event recorder, and told me it was SVT (about 150bpm). Just last week, he prescribed Toprol XL 25mg bid for the SVT which I haven't started to take yet due to fears of it leading to other problems (impotence, diabetes mellitus, etc). Here are my questions: 1. Am I at an increase risk of sudden cardiac death and/or V-fib from the SVT runs, especially due to the bad mitral valve? 2.
Avatar n tn Metoprolol is often the first line of medication offered for PAC's, PVC's, SVT, etc. I found it totally ineffective with any of these problems. It did however lower my BP, slow my cardiac rate, and made SVT episodes easier to convert. Also, the dose you are taking is small, so there is room to adjust. I "zombied out" at 200mg./day It felt like a cinder block was on my chest if I tried to do anything. I was fine at 100mg/day, and continue today at 75mg/day following my ablation.
Avatar n tn I have had episodes of SVT for my entire life and was diagnosed with WPW 30 years ago. My episodes also always go away on their own -- usually with in the first few minutes if I can lay prone and do some valsalva maneuvers, although I occasionally have gone to the ER for monitoring only because if the SVT lasts too long my BP gets a little low.
Avatar n tn , and I don't feel a blood rush any more. I have been on generic Metoprolol XL 50mg for 1 month, and now 25mg for 1 month. As I said, there were significant side effects, especially on 50mg. The side effects on 25mg seem to be slowly lessening, and they sure beat the nagging, incessant PVC's and tachy.
Avatar n tn You are on one of the strong drugs, flecainide, and young enough to worry about long term (more than 10 - 20 years, my numbers) so ablation seems to be reasonable for the SVT. I'm not sure it is for the AFib. Medical studies show people (any age) who are able to reduce/eliminate symptoms with a simple beta blocker (if heart rate control is needed) and an anticoagulant (I assume you are on at least an aspirin) to protect against blood clots can (should?) live with AFib.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone out there was using Metoprolol for their SVT on an as needed basis??? I have SVT and was started out on this drug and took it for a few months. With ok from my doctor I quit taking it. I hadn't had any episodes for about 6 months then I had one last night while I was sleeping. And it was a bad one, the kind where you think your gonna die. :( My doctor had told me that some people can take Metoprolol on an as needed basis. Thanks!
1019152 tn?1336077892 Is anybody on atenolol for svt and how has it worked in controlling it and how much ? Im on 50mg daily and have been taking it for about 5 weeks. It started out working ok now it seems to not be working as well. I had a episode last night and this morning for about 15 min. I hate it! When i first started taking it I cut the pill in half to avoid any side effects now Im taking the whole the whole pill for the last couple of days. I called the cardio. today to see if my dose should be increased.
Avatar f tn A defribilator or pacemaker seem abit extreme for SVT? I'm also sorry that i don't have any real advice for you as i too am seeking advice! Just thought to let you know that you are not alone.
Avatar f tn Lately I am getting worse tachycardia even with the 50mg metoprolol twice a day. It seems to come and go in bouts. Overall the metoprolol has helped my tachycardia a lot in the several months I've been on it, but I wonder if it's run its course since the tachycardia seems to be coming back somewhat. I'm only 33, in decent shape, about 178 pounds, 5'11, a bit out of shape but not terribly. I tend to not tolerate exercise too well in that it triggers my tachycardia at times.
589617 tn?1218723382 I take metoprolol (aka lopressor) for PVC's and occasional SVT. It has been good for PVC's are not gone, but they are not as "forceful" and therefore are easier to ignore. The SVT is very infrequent for me in the first place, so I can't say that the metoprolol has had anything to do with the fact that I haven't had any for nearly 1.5 years, but I'm not going to stop the drugs to find out :-).
Avatar f tn Hi, I was hospitalized for a couple of days due to SVT, they started me on Metoprolol, 25mg twice a day. For the first week, I had no side effects. On day 8, I started getting these very "spacey" feelings, unsteady, and a little dizzy. I also started having very vivid dreams. (not scarey, just VIVID!) I guess I just wanted to know why I had no side effects in the beginning, but have started to now?
569980 tn?1228333085 Thanks for the responses. I'm afraid I'm convincing myself that I don't like the Metoprolol. I went out to exercise yesterday - first time after taking the metoprolol and slitting my head on the tub. I was really nervous getting out there for the first time after beginning the meds. Aside from the anxiety the run was OK, but I was losing feeling in my right hand - it was kind of cold and tingly (air temp outside is in the upper 70's).
287037 tn?1232926802 After wearing Event Monitor Cardio said I have SVT.(heart rate of 152 while in bed) Gave me 25 mg of metoprolol. I decided to go see an EP for his opinion. He looked at event recordings and said he doesn't think SVT, but sinus tachy. Would that then be IST? He told me to stop metoprolol because I have asthma. I stopped that Monday my heart is racing all the time and I had another bad episode last night of the tachy.
Avatar n tn I was on a daily dose of the beta blocker (Metoprolol) for near lifetime SVT.  My GP doc said to carry a small supply, and chew an extra 50mg when my SVT occurred (generally 4 to 5 times per month) as it MIGHT help.  When I saw my cardiologist I mentioned this to him.  His comment was (with a slight roll of the eyes) "It doesn't work that way".
1464004 tn?1384139333 If one goes in for an electrophysiology study, they will be told to discontinue Metoprolol (just) 3 days before the procedure as it's quickly removed from the body. So in your case, within 12 hours your original dose of 25mg has been greatly, but not completely metabolized when you take another 25mg. Slowly, you build up a therapeutic level.
Avatar m tn Is it okay to take metoprolol as needed ? I did a trial of not taking it for a weekend and my hr state under 85 so my doctors nurse said I don't need to take it anymore and I can take it as needed aka if my resting heartrate gets over 100. Is this safe ? I thought beta blockers were very touchy ? I'm 24, 130 lbs and only take 12.5 mg at a time. I just took one so I hope her advice is okay !
9870921 tn?1481262567 anyway I am going to have a ablation on wednesday for SVT. I was told to hold my meds the night before and morning of the procedure, I wasn't sure how safe that was, called the pharmacist and he said that was perfectly safe..the doctor also said after the ablation I may not need them at all, so yes I am confused. so speak up people, tell me about your meds before and after ablation, and how yours was done, and will this dizziness ever go away!!!!!!
4356842 tn?1353315809 I am worried about having a bad reaction to the new meds, is it common for that to happen or are the meds for svt relatively safe and give people no problems. also in your opinions what is the best meds to be on? I would just like to get some insight before my appointment.
Avatar n tn For instance, adrenaline is a trigger mechanism for SVT. I've had instances where I've been really amped up for a sporting competition (speed skating), or flush with anger for whatever reason, and BAM!, off goes my heart. So what I'm suggesting is perhaps Lupus trigger something that may set your heart into SVT, but not the Lupus itself. I found Holters for be totally ineffective in catching events.
Avatar f tn AN SVT event can feel very uncomfortable, and can often feel like you're having a heart attack. Metoprolol is often widely prescribed as it was for me, and its effectiveness varies for each individual. For me it didn't prevent them, but helped greatly in converting them back to normal rhythm. There is a technique that involves holdings ones breath, and bearing down that is often effective in converting the event.