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1347434 tn?1282595378 My cardiologist once quipt that with our lifestyle and diet today, that everyone should be on this along with a statin, and in fact there is already a combination pill available. Metoprolol comes to in two varieties; metoprolol tartrate, and metoprolol succinate, the later has a time release property. While this requires only one dose per day, it's cost is much higher than metoprolol tartrate, and some insurance companies place it in a higher tier co-pay.
Avatar f tn I am 31 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with SVT and have been prescribed metoprolol 25 MG once a day until I give birth. I am very nervous about it.
Avatar f tn I recently had an exacerbation of svt requiring adenosine and an increase in my maintenance metoprolol dosage. I essentially lost a day of memory and have been forgetful and foggy headed. Just wondering if this is normal. I can't get any doctor I have seen to address this.
1790285 tn?1515210743 been on 25mg metoprolol tartrate twice daily since january 9, 2018 have had a huge improvement of 87% on my monthly svt episodes before metoprolol I was getting 30+ svt per month (long episodes) in 10 months now reduced to 3.5 per month (shorter episodes) if i get an svt that goes longer than 1 hour I take an extra 25mg metoprolol tartrate and it stops it...YIPPEE!
Avatar n tn I am new here, 34 and female, and was diagnosed with SVT in March of 2006. Had, had palpitations infrequently for a year before that. I was rushed to the emercency room with a heart rate of 180 BPM and I panicked. They couldn't get my heart rate to go down until they moved the heart moniter behind me so that I couldn't see it.
Avatar f tn You shouldn't be afraid of Metoprolol. It is widely prescribed and is well tolerated by most. After 5 years free of SVT, I'm beginning to show signs of it coming back, or perhaps early stages of A-fib. My cardiologist increased my dosage to 150mg. per day as I seem to be resistant to its effects.
1302576 tn?1273274466 Not sure if my story helps, but it may be that you could reduce the frequency and intensity of AFib and SVT by taking a low dose of beta blocker and/or calcium channel blocker. The CCB works the best for me.
Avatar f tn took meds in the ambulance and er to bring it down...spent the night in the hospital.....Dr mentioned SVT. Had echo, ekg, stress tests...all good....seeing ep on Monday. Scared out of my mind. If he says ablation, I am going to Hershey medical center for it...I am currently on 25mg metoprolol....I also take effexor & atarax...depression and allergies....I am so nervous/depressed/anxious about all of this...could this be menopause & stress and not svt? Can it be controlled with meds?
Avatar f tn I never feared my svt and only went and got it checked out by doctors after it started to happen weekly in my 40s. I had episodes all my life but they would stop on their own so I never really feared it. Fear is really the worst thing you can add to any of this. it will make it all ten times worse so just do your best to breath and walk through it. Like Bromley said, svt is basically a benign condition.
1101325 tn?1321256673 this is a horrible thing 2 have and i have a heart doc who seems 2 think i can go threw life being on a med that makes me feel like **** and still have'n svts and has had one ablation and 2 total eps last test the doc couldnt get my heart 2 go into svt n he said he was very agressive! svt should b looked at as more serious, they say u cant die from an svt but did u know any heart arythemias puts u at 5times greater risk of a storke! YIKES!
1632539 tn?1456280218 I then waited and remembered that A nurse had me squat and push down, So I did about 3 times and it worked. I am now however, worn out and of cousre the fear of another one is always on my mind. I hope to get ablation in the next 6 months. I just started a new job and waiting for that amount to not lose my job, plus the insurance to kick in and pay. Well I just thouht that I would share this with my friends. gnite to all.....
Avatar n tn My cardiologist got the readings from an event recorder, and told me it was SVT (about 150bpm). Just last week, he prescribed Toprol XL 25mg bid for the SVT which I haven't started to take yet due to fears of it leading to other problems (impotence, diabetes mellitus, etc). Here are my questions: 1. Am I at an increase risk of sudden cardiac death and/or V-fib from the SVT runs, especially due to the bad mitral valve? 2.
Avatar f tn congrats on the no paps and SVT under control its amazing what caffine can do to your body. i would call my dr and tell them how you feel and your concerns. hang in there looks like things are looking up for you. but do remember once you have had paps chances are you will get a few here and there but they are ok.
Avatar n tn I found it totally ineffective with any of these problems. It did however lower my BP, slow my cardiac rate, and made SVT episodes easier to convert. Also, the dose you are taking is small, so there is room to adjust. I "zombied out" at 200mg./day It felt like a cinder block was on my chest if I tried to do anything. I was fine at 100mg/day, and continue today at 75mg/day following my ablation.
Avatar n tn I have had episodes of SVT for my entire life and was diagnosed with WPW 30 years ago. My episodes also always go away on their own -- usually with in the first few minutes if I can lay prone and do some valsalva maneuvers, although I occasionally have gone to the ER for monitoring only because if the SVT lasts too long my BP gets a little low.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was hospitalized for a couple of days due to SVT, they started me on Metoprolol, 25mg twice a day. For the first week, I had no side effects. On day 8, I started getting these very "spacey" feelings, unsteady, and a little dizzy. I also started having very vivid dreams. (not scarey, just VIVID!) I guess I just wanted to know why I had no side effects in the beginning, but have started to now?
Avatar n tn I was on a daily dose of the beta blocker (Metoprolol) for near lifetime SVT.  My GP doc said to carry a small supply, and chew an extra 50mg when my SVT occurred (generally 4 to 5 times per month) as it MIGHT help.  When I saw my cardiologist I mentioned this to him.  His comment was (with a slight roll of the eyes) "It doesn't work that way".
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone out there was using Metoprolol for their SVT on an as needed basis??? I have SVT and was started out on this drug and took it for a few months. With ok from my doctor I quit taking it. I hadn't had any episodes for about 6 months then I had one last night while I was sleeping. And it was a bad one, the kind where you think your gonna die. :( My doctor had told me that some people can take Metoprolol on an as needed basis. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Lately I am getting worse tachycardia even with the 50mg metoprolol twice a day. It seems to come and go in bouts. Overall the metoprolol has helped my tachycardia a lot in the several months I've been on it, but I wonder if it's run its course since the tachycardia seems to be coming back somewhat. I'm only 33, in decent shape, about 178 pounds, 5'11, a bit out of shape but not terribly. I tend to not tolerate exercise too well in that it triggers my tachycardia at times.
589617 tn?1218723382 I had some nausea, sleepiness, etc and passed out on the second day - thats why my dosage was reduced. Prior to taking metoprolol I had SVT episodes about every 2-3 months and I've had one since I started on the metoprolol. So I can't say that its working in my case. I'm scheduled for a second opinion for an EP in a few weeks. Don't know if this helps. Good luck!
569980 tn?1228333085 I was able to capture an event with a halter monitor in which my normal heart rate of around 70 bpm resting jumped to 250 bpm following a 30 minute run. My cardiologist put me on 50 mg/day metoprolol and referred me to an electrophysiologist. The second evening on metoprolol I was nauseaus, passed out and hit my head on the tub. 8 stitches later I am not a happy camper. I was told to drop the metoprolol to 25 mg/day and contact them if I have any more issues.
Avatar n tn For about a year now I have been taking metoprolol (12.5 mg twice daily) because I had 2 in one day and it concenred me that I was getting worse. I have avoided the ablation because I have them so infrequently. To my questions: Has anyone taking Metoprolol noticed a big change in quality of life...fatigue, etc.
Avatar f tn I started Metoprolol at a that time, and was doing pretty good, until today when I had many PVC's and a bout of SVT. What do I do, I really can't live like this anymore... what do you all do?? What works, what doesn't? What triggers? Sorry for all the questions, just feeling scared and frustrated.
Avatar f tn I was told I had svt and I take 100mg of metoprolol xl. That seemed to control it pretty well with just a few skips and flip flops here and there. Then 5 days ago I started feeling like my heart would stop and start and I feel like I can't catch my breath. It has happened many times a day. So is that pac or pvc? Would the high dose of metoprolol not help with that? I have major anxiety over this and I don't know how to control it. It just seems to get worse.
287037 tn?1232926802 After wearing Event Monitor Cardio said I have SVT.(heart rate of 152 while in bed) Gave me 25 mg of metoprolol. I decided to go see an EP for his opinion. He looked at event recordings and said he doesn't think SVT, but sinus tachy. Would that then be IST? He told me to stop metoprolol because I have asthma. I stopped that Monday my heart is racing all the time and I had another bad episode last night of the tachy.
Avatar n tn I'd like to taper off (under my OB's supervision). If I go off the Atenolol and have another episode (and take Metoprolol to stop it), is that worse for the fetus than taking Atenolol daily? What is the risk to the fetus of another SVT episode? 2) My blood pressure is normally on the low side (around 101/63 average). Is this at all relevant, either to the importance/harm of taking the beta blocker or to the likelihood of having another SVT episode?
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with SVT and have had 2 episodes since then. you never mentioned anything about taking medication for your SVT, if I am reading correctly you only take it for high BP. I take Digoxin daily and metoprolol (50mg) per day and if I start to have the signs of SVT I take an "quick release" of the metoprolol 100mg and that usually takes about 1 hour to work.
1464004 tn?1384139333 Now I am back on full Meds regiment however about 3 hours after taking Metoprolol, I get Dizzy and almost in a "Fog" like condition. Especially in an office enviroment, a conference room etc. This doesnt really happen if I were sitting peacfully at home. My thought is that it is the Beta Blocker which causes slight dizziness, then of course a bit of fear and anxiety Exasberbates the situation tremendously!. Does anyone else get this at all?
9870921 tn?1481262567 so speak up people, tell me about your meds before and after ablation, and how yours was done, and will this dizziness ever go away!!!!!!
Avatar m tn I got conflicting information regarding how you can take Metoprolol, and I trust what my electrophysiologist told me. Metoprolol is not meant to be taken as needed. The drug doesn't work that way. My GP initially told me to chew on an extra pill in addition to my regular dose whenever I had an episode of SVT, and that it would help slow it. My EP said that you need to build an amount in your blood for it to be helpful and that chewing an extra pill did nothing for the moment.