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Avatar f tn Hello, My doctor as put me on 25 mg metoprolol extened release daily for palpitations. I am reading on the web about weight gain and hair loss. Does hanyone has any experience with this medicine--good or bad? I am 38 years old otherwise healthy, active person and I eat right but am little nervous about starting the medicine as i have heard once you go on it, you have to take it forever. Someone please advise---share your experience with the medicine. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Metoprolol, Benazepril, Isorb Mono Tab, Spironolactone, Simvastatin, Levothyroxine. What are the added benefits that would justify the new medication regime over the old? (In other words, can she go back to the older medication regime? What benefits would she be giving up?
Avatar n tn When I decided to try to get pregnant, by heart dr. switched me to Metoprolol. Now, my OB says I should have stayed on Atenolol, because no studies have been done on Metoprolol. I'm very concerned. Any feedback?
Avatar f tn My husband was advised to get a defibrillator because his dilated cardiomyopathy has not improved much since March until now. He takes Metoprolol, Perindopril and Spironolactone. His ejection fraction measured by MRI was 22% in March and now it is 25%. He has no symptoms. While we all know that the defibrillator saves lives, I read that every electrical shock, whether warranted or not, will further weaken the heart, leading to a higher and faster mortality.
612551 tn?1450025775 Following are my observations on day two of substituting Atenolol 25 mg twice a day for Metoprolol 25 mg twice a day.. both are regular, for Metoprolol it is called Tartrate, I think the Atenolol comes in only one normally longer lasting form. Today in the early afternoon, following my third 25 mg dose of Atenolol at about 9 AM, I noticed some dizziness when I rose from a time sitting.
1097328 tn?1365559145 My EP put me on 50mg metoprolol tartrate twice a day and I am concerned my bp will get too low. He says that is over emphasized. (Another doctor or two did not want me taking too much because of already a little low bp.) It seems to be helping my irregular heartbeat to an extent but I worry about the bp. Today my head hurt and right now as I type my arms feel kind of weak. I have not really had dizziness much. I get that anyway for some reason.
Avatar f tn I am about to begin withdrawal of 50mg Metoprolol after 5 years addictions to it for blood pressure only. No heart issues. It has been used with 5mg Norvase - Calcium Channel Blocker. PCP's instructions are: 1. Stop the Norvase for 20 days to see if BP spikes. If not then proceed to: 2. Reduce from 50mg of Metoprolol twice a day to 25mg twice a day for one week. 3. Then, 1/2 a 25mg tab twice a day for one week. There was the expectation that there could or would be BP spikes. WHY?!
Avatar n tn Metoprolol, Benazepril, Isorb Mono Tab, Spironolactone, Simvastatin, Levothyroxine. What are the added benefits that would justify the new medication regime over the old? (In other words, can she go back to the older medication regime? What benefits would she be giving up?
5707348 tn?1372788697 My husband was being treated for HBP with Atenolol and another drug. His blood sugar shot up to the sky. I was being treated with Metoprolol for CHF; it ruined my lungs and I am now suffering with COPD as well as diabetes. The doctors cover themselves with some self-serving statement that the "benefits outweigh the negatives". What happened to the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm?
Avatar n tn any one out there uses metoprolol for blood pressure and heart rate it seems to work but dont like the floating feeling i get
Avatar m tn I have successfully gotten off the Escatolopram and am down to .5 of the Klonopin a day. I have gotten down to 25mg of the Metoprolol a day. Is this a safe amount to stop after a week of it?
1741471 tn?1407162630 // However the benefits if you are not a runner are phenomenal! This exercise will improve your coordination, balance, strength, muscle power and great cardiovascular activity First before starting this exercise try this exercise slow first to get the feeling of coordination between different parts of your body then try to speed it up.
Avatar n tn Hi, can you tell us the difference(s) between Altace (ramipril) and metoprolol? What different effects do they each have that are different from each other? Are there any long-term bad side effects to ramipril? And your opinion to a combination of aspirin and Plavix to decrease the bloodclotting potential of just aspirin alone? Thank you. Ross I.
Avatar n tn For afib and a clogged artery, I am on low doses of metoprolol and statins. I am also on 81 mg baby aspirin. I have read on this forum where full dose or 325 mg. aspirin is often mentioned. Should I be on the full dose daily aspirin? Is it really 4x more effective? If there is concern of the full dose irritating the stomach linings, would you recommend alternating between the two on different days? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Metoprolol helped greatly in making it easier to convert. Also, there are 2 types of Metoprolol, Metoprolol Tartrate, and Metoprolol Succinate. The latter is a time release version called Toprol XL. This is nice because you only need to take 1 tablet a day. The downside is it's a high tier drug for insurance companies its price is really up there. I get a Metoprolol Tartrate for about 25% of the price. I found the drug easy to tolerate, and experience limited side effects.
Avatar n tn Generally the discussions of safety and need for particular mediciations should be a team effort between your OB-Gyn and your Cardiologist. This way the risk and benefits of each can be discussed with regards to the specifics of your case. Metoprolol is a pregnancy class C drug, meaning there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women but animal studies have shown potential detriment.
972306 tn?1247850208 [2][5] In those patients deemed to be at high risk the benefits and infrequent complications of defibrillator therapy are discussed; devices have been implanted in as many as 15% of patients at HCM centers. Treatment of symptoms of obstructive HCM is directed towards decreasing the left ventricular outflow tract gradient and symptoms of dyspnea, chest pain and syncope. Medical therapy is successful in the majority of patients.
1679876 tn?1304747215 I have been given Advair to take for my copd, but one side effect is fast and irregular heart beat, chest pain and increased BP----I take Metoprolol succ er for my PSVT--- -Will the Advair Diskus work against my metoprolol meds? I am alllergic to Penasylin, tetrocycoline, decadron, dyphahidromine, and benedril. My other meds I take are: zolof, welbrutrin, seroquel xr, gabapentine,tizanidine hcl and pravastatin sodium----will there be any adverse reactions to any of these meds?
Avatar m tn --The condition will get worse over time and eventually lead to sustained A-Fib even though there is no immediate risk for up to 10 years -- All medication will fail eventually -- Once in A-Fib the condition is more difficult to cure with an ablation--- there is better success with paroxsmal afib --If successful the ablation is a permanent cure.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Metoprolol Tartrate (50mg/2XD) last Monday due to HBP. When I went back to my doctor for a follow up on Friday, he also decided to put me on Xanax (PRN) and Celexa (10mg/1XD). I always research any medication I take, and have been reading that the Metoprolol Tartrate and the Citaprolam are a bad combination and can lead to extremely low blood pressure or even heart stoppage.
Avatar m tn Added to my daily regimen of Ketorolac 10mg,naproxn 500mg, Keetoconazole2% for skin condition,trammadolhcl 50 mg, Avapro300mg,metoprolol tart 25mg,losartan 100mg, amlodipine 10 mg,gabapentin 600 mg, Allopurinol 300mg, a lot right?? I am experiencing constant "needle pricking" pain in my shoulders neck and back. My fingers and palms of hands hurt and ache, I cannot make a fist, now the Dr. says that I have bone degeneration in my shoulders and need to visit an Orthopedic Dr.
Avatar m tn Again, with some expected shortness of breath but nothing else, no edema, arrhythmias, chest pain, etc. Amiodarone, metoprolol, lisino, spirono, aspirin, lipitor. I feel as good as before but wonder about the future beyond the doctors wait and see prognosis. On discharge the cardiologist mentioned he expected to see me back in 2 years for a pump or transplant. What gives? Not that I'm complaining. Am I a fluke or simply on borrowed time?
Avatar n tn Has anyone successfully used a hypertension medicine or calcium channel blocker along with Taurine supplements? I've read a lot of benefits of Taurine and heart failure and would like to try it but it lowers blood pressure which my prescription Verapamil also does (I take Verapamil to relax my heart so it can fill as it is stiff and thick due to HCM) so I don't want to drop my bp too low and pass out. I will be seeing a Cardiologist D.O.
Avatar n tn I have taken metoprolol 50mg twice a day ever since. I've had a tired feeling ever since the heart attack. My Dr.said it was the metoprolol but I needed to take it. Recently I passed out. I wore a holtzer moniter. It showed a short run of V Tach, so I had a nuclear stress test. Everything was good on Stress Test, Ejection fraction was 43%. Large severe fixed anteroapical and distal wall defect conistent with prior MI, no evidence of ischemia, was all the report said. My Dr.
Avatar f tn Metoprolol Tartrate ...I looked it up...I guess the "other" name for it is Lopresssor... My brother, who has PAT, has been on this for many years...said no real side effects except he warned me to take it with food. All the info that comes with it ..kinda scary. Like...dont ever stop taking it without checking with your doctor...doing so, could cause chest pain, or even a heart attack! Yikes! So..anybody else on this? I just hate hate hate starting new meds. I love my Atenolol....
1124887 tn?1313758491 My doctor gave me Metoprolol and told me it was anxiety. Now, I'm on SSRI for my anxiety and still taking 25 mg Metoprolol a day. Since then I've never had SVT. Usually I have no ectopics during exercise (I've done two stress test without a single one) except maybe one or two on occation during a 45 minute jog, but sometimes I get flare-ups where my heart rate seems irregular for 10-15 seconds. Not A-fib irregular, but extra beats and pauses.
Avatar n tn i now im left with taking metoprolol and flecainide for either my whole life or until the ablation is done and successfully out of the question. what should i do? its pretty stressful knowing that "sudden death' plays a role in this conditon. and going from a super energetic routine to having to stop is also fustrating. get the ablation? is it successful? any post procedure concerns? help!
Avatar n tn My husband is currently taking several vitamins along wih his medications. These suppliments were recommended by his doctor( vitamins E& C,and Folic acid )he had given him the ok to take additional suppliments if he wished to such as glucosamine chondroitin for joint health. He also experiences occasional gout attacts and is prescribed medications when this does happen, which is very infrequent. He unfortunately is having one at this time due to consuming to much oatmeal.
Avatar m tn With both high blood (BP) pressure and a high heart rate (HR) I think you should immediately be put on a beta blocker, e.g., Metoprolol is a lower cost generic that I take. I think you high HR needs to be brought down as soon as possible, and I suppose the same for your BP. This accomplished you may find your anxiety will also go down. Ask your doctor, but I think it also a good idea to take a full strength (325 mg) aspirin once a day with a full meal.