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Avatar m tn After having a blood clot in the leg and chest in March, my cardiologist put me on metoprolol in June. I went back to work July 1st and even though I'm doing the same amount of walking everyday at work, I'm still worn out from walking with leg pain until I get seated and rested and then when I start walking again it happens all over.
Avatar f tn or at you last meal if it requires a meal and you take only once a day. I have taken as much as 200 mg of Metoprolol, 100 morning and 100 night. That really knocked me down. As I as after was a slower heart rate, which it did help. I am surprised if it causes a fast HR for you, may be something else. I now take 50 mg once a day, and I take it after my evening meal.
Avatar f tn 49 yr old female..had PVCs..PACs..for 17 years...and, now, as of a 48 hr holter worn last week--ive had 4300 Supraventricular Ectopic beats. Never heard of SVE before, but my cardiologist told me it is NOT life threatening even though I have the beginnings of Coronary artery disease...have some "areas of narrowings" that I am working on thru diet, exercise and cholesterol meds. I can go days without a palpitation, and then bam. they are there with a vengeance.
1280592 tn?1271526260 I had angioplasty in March 2004. Ever since I've been on a beta blocker ( Metoprolol- 25 mg ), Altace ( 5 mg ), baby aspirin, Lipitir 20mg. Recently I had an exercise stress test, reached just over 100% of my target rate ( 220 less age 66 ). My Mets were 11. Is that a good score? I am required to exercise an hour a day; I take an hour's brisk walk daily. But it appears that my walking speed of 4 miles an hour( 6 kilometres ) is not pushing my heart rate up to the 147 a minute required.
Avatar m tn I have suffered with taking diltiazem(180 mg ER) AND metoprolol (50 mg ER) for atril fibrillation for the past two and a half years. The side effects have been debilitating.. Both drugs have the same side effects and together and one or the other or both create what I can only describe as chaotic turbulence in my chest and pain in my left arm when the second drug kicks in.. My cardiolgist now wants me to add a blood thinner (xarelto) to my meds menu.
Avatar f tn I started on the metoprolol and in 4 months I have almost regained what I lost. And I have basically continued to watch what I eat. Has this happened with anyone else? Do other beta blockers have this effect as well? My husband is on a beta blocker, and he does not have this problem.
Avatar m tn trace mitral and tricuspid inefficiency, EF 53%, borderline global hypokinesis (my left ventricular motion is borderline reduced, but structurally normal). Overall, the doctor said I was fine but hypertensive, so he put me on 10mg of Ramipril for my BP. Recently, I've had continued issues with anxiety during exercise and palpitations. So I was told to come in for another stress test. I took it and they saw ST depressions.
Avatar m tn trace mitral and tricuspid inefficiency, EF 53%, borderline global hypokinesis (my left ventricular motion is borderline reduced, but structurally normal). Overall, the doctor said I was fine but hypertensive, so he put me on 10mg of Ramipril for my BP. Recently, I've had continued issues with anxiety during exercise and palpitations. So I was told to come in for another stress test. I took it and they saw ST depressions.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 50 mg daily (25mg morning and evening) of metoprolol since early '04. I'm 49, male and aerobically active (cycling). I noted an immediate decrease in resting and exercise heartrate, and a reduction in aerobic capacity. I have kept exercising and now hardly notice the difference, except when I exercise at altitude. I also initially experienced cold hands/feet, and very vivid dreams, both disappeared in time. No stomach upset or other problems.
264156 tn?1206990594 5 mg of metoprolol and it dramatically calms things down. Is it okay to take metoprolol as needed? I would say I take it once every 8-9 days, but sometimes have to take it 2-4 days in a row. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
Avatar f tn You can look on drug info sites and see that anxiety is an infrequent side effect of metoprolol and other BBs. Same with weight gain, and even a reference to increasing any pre-existing depression. When you have rare side effects, it can be difficult to convince anybody that the effect is real and does come from the drug. I'd identify what web sites he would consider to be as authoritative sources, then print web pages from those sources that list your symptoms as rare side effects.
Avatar m tn I did try the Atenolol, Nadolol, they are not lipophilic and apparently do not produce CNS side-effects but they lower too much my blood pressure and didn't see a lot of difference between the side-effects from the water solube and lipophilic ones... They all make me tired, some of them are worse and the Bisoprolol and Metoprolol are the worse for me in term of side-effects. The half-life of the Metoprolol is between 3 to 7 hours...
Avatar m tn If I try to exercise my heart rate will increase to 140-160 even on 75 mg day of metoprolol and just after 20 seconds. Is it's normal to have a normal heart rate but with a very strong and forceful heart beat, I mean when I'm sit, my heart rate will be normal but it's very strong and pounding so I can feel each heartbeat and even my body is moving from the very strong heartbeat. At night it's impossible to sleep cause my bed move because of the very strong heartbeat...
Avatar f tn Lately I am getting worse tachycardia even with the 50mg metoprolol twice a day. It seems to come and go in bouts. Overall the metoprolol has helped my tachycardia a lot in the several months I've been on it, but I wonder if it's run its course since the tachycardia seems to be coming back somewhat. I'm only 33, in decent shape, about 178 pounds, 5'11, a bit out of shape but not terribly. I tend to not tolerate exercise too well in that it triggers my tachycardia at times.
Avatar m tn I am also on Metoprolol and I exercise for at least an hour everyday and have no issues. It may also be that my blood pressure was so low ( 96/60 ) before and it just doesn't effect me that bad, but my grandfather has the shortness of breath type issue on his so I would just say to see your doctor and see what they have to say. Good Luck.
1464004 tn?1384139333 Has anyone ever heard of heavy feeling tired legs as a side effect of Metoprolol ? I'm on a relatively low dose of 25 mg BID if the tartrate.
Avatar m tn So, my cardio took me off of the ramipril and put me on 12.5 mg of metoprolol twice a day and in addition to my 12.5 of HCTZ. However, after a week of feeling exhausted, having a resting heart rate consistently in the low 50s, and not much higher otherwise, I complained during my follow up. My cardio gave me some samples of 10 mg coreg to take once a day and a prescription to fill if the side effects from the metoprolol do not get any better.
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
Avatar n tn I was told I have a preliminary A- fib condition and the EP starting me with drugs that are supposedly mild with minimum side effects . This includes Rythmol SR 225 MG twice per day and Metoprolol Succer 25 MG (a beta blocker) once per day. The combination of these drugs seems to have reduced the frequency of the SVE's but I feel I have lost the top end of my power running or on the bike. In the past I could sustain an average heart rate of 155 for 40 minutes or more with a max around 185.
Avatar f tn I was on Toprol XL 45 mg for 3 years and then on the generic Metoprolol Succinate for another 2. The cardiologist told me to stop it, I had shortness of breath and terrible night sweats. I cut them in half and did that for 10 days, then I took those half pills every other day for 10 more days and then I stopped. No ill effects.
Avatar f tn The doc said it's not any more potent than metoprolol, but I hear all the negative comments about it and 120mg a day seems a bit high. And if it won't keep my heart rate down then it won't be of use anyway. The fear of rapid heart beat is there, even though I know it probably isn't dangerous, it's a bit unnerving. And even if I'm totally relaxed, the last few times I tried to have sex, I could not keep an erection. And so then my anxiety goes up again, and my confidence goes down.
Avatar n tn My BP was a little high before but is now normal even while unmedicated. I eat healthy, exercise, and in early 20s. 2) Could anxiety be the cause? I take Metoprolol (for about a week now) & my heart is 55-62 BPM. My BP is between 118-125 S and 78-82 D. 3) What is a BPM I should be concerned w/ (if my heart rate drops below *blank* BPM, seek help)? I take 50mg Meto. at 10 AM & 25mg at 10 PM. I experience an inability to get an erection. 4) Can Viagra safely be taken while on Meto.
Avatar f tn I was started on Toprol @ 3 months ago and initially things were much better with episodes happening maybe every other week - only during exercise and always subsides once I slow down and heart rate slow down. Recently episodes have increased weekly and this past week 4 times and can happen when heart rate as low as 110's-120's. Even though they don't last long it is scary because of the chest/throat pain. Does this happen to anyone else with SVT.
Avatar f tn When a person is on Atenolol ( 100 mg a day) and wants to exercise. What should the max heartrate be? Its pretty hard to get heartrate up being on the atenolol..and I sure dont want to tax my heart by trying to make it work extra hard to exercise AND overcome the effects of Atenolol. I see my Dr on I will be asking her then, but I figured I would ask here as well.
Avatar n tn anyone I didn't experiment with different meds, but the one I was on, and am syill on following my ablation was Metoprolol (100mg/day). That didn't do squat in preventing episodes. It did make them easier to convert once they fired up. He may fond that'll he'll have to try different ones (there are may) until he finds one that works. My SVT was a way of life for me, and I just dealt with it and moved forward.
Avatar m tn The question of beta-blockers and exercise is very interesting and I'm still not sure what's really going on. I take Sotalol for Afib and am in NSR; I work out regularly. My experience is that my heart rate is definitely suppressed at a given exercise level from what it used to be without the drug. I know this for sure as I had a regular treadmill routine with a known heart rate and when I started taking Sotalol my heart rate dropped dramatically.
Avatar m tn Can’t say from my own experiences for me doesn’t matter when I take my metoprolol. But our bodies behave differently and telling us the only truth what is a truth for us as an individual.
Avatar f tn A stress test will monitor your vitals and determine the degree exertion measured in METs and your physical fitness to determine degree of exertion in an exercise program that would be appropriate for you. How and when to take any medication should be made in consulation with your health provider.
Avatar f tn Hello, For the past few months, I have been noticing that when I work out intensely, I begin feeling light headed and nauseous. I went to a cardiologist and wore a Holter monitor for 24 hours and the results showed my heart rate going up to 200 while exercising (no arrhythmias, just really fast "normal" beats). The doctor suggested I either try regulating my heart rate myself, or go on 25 mg of beta-blockers (metoprolol).