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Avatar m tn Scheduled for a cardiac angiogram and not advised to stop taking metoprolol, crestor and one low dose aspirin ahead of procedure. Any different experience?
Avatar m tn I take 5 mg of Warfarin each day and a low dose aspirin once a day. I take the aspirin in the morning and the warfarin at bed time.
Avatar n tn 53 old male with afib taking metoprolol and aspirin. The bouts with afib seem to be increasing in duration and frequency. What would be the next treatment possibilities? Also, had my first dental work - nothing major, since afib and the teeth area kept on having minor bleeding for hours afterwards because probably due to the aspirin. The next time I want to stop the aspirin before going in but how soon should I stop? And what's the chances of a clotting problem during that interim?
Avatar f tn ) too often, maybe every couple months (coincidently) and wanted to know is it possible them times I thought maybe I missed a dose or 2 and got the pain, could it have been I took a bunch of aspirin like this time and got the pain. I dont miss more then 1 dose barely ever but the reason I thought it could have been that was because I couldnt think of any other reason. I get a couple really bad periods a year and that would fit with the timeline more then missing doses.
443862 tn?1238003039 I removed the atacand myself last Sunday and this past week have felt great. I do smoke, metoprolol has the side effect of cold hand and feet, very, very true and it said even more so in smokers. Anways, better than a racing heart! My pulse is now nicely in the 80s, having come down from 103-108. The only time that I was dizzy was when i was 80/50 with both meds. Now ont he met on it's own, not dizzy at all.
Avatar m tn However, when I visited the Cardiologist for the first time last Wednesday he informed me that neither he nor any of the other Cardiologists wanted me to continue taking Warfarin, and that they wanted me to switch over to one 81 mg baby aspirin a day. Does this make any sense, and if so, what is their reasoning? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Heart-Rhythm/How-long-to-stay-on-Tykosin-/show/514573">How long to stay on Tykosin </a>.
Avatar n tn I would like information on the drug apo-metoprolol . Especially the side effects from them. Also how they interact with coated aspirin. My mom is taking them because of her panic attacks, rapid heart beats. It seems that when she turns her head, or bends her head down she is cutting her air off. She had test after test done and they tell her there isn't anything wrong with her. Actually they say it's her nerves doing it. Can this be true?
Avatar n tn For afib and a clogged artery, I am on low doses of metoprolol and statins. I am also on 81 mg baby aspirin. I have read on this forum where full dose or 325 mg. aspirin is often mentioned. Should I be on the full dose daily aspirin? Is it really 4x more effective? If there is concern of the full dose irritating the stomach linings, would you recommend alternating between the two on different days? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn When they were trying to control rate with JUST beta blockers... I took 200 of propranolol and 300 of metoprolol and occasional 100 of labetalol here and there. It helped but it worked a LOT better when other classes of drugs were added. Since the point is to slow you down, it generally SLOWS you down. When I was on THAT much, I felt like I was nailed to the couch. Now, instead I take coreg as a beta blocker and diltiazem, and flecainide and lisinopril.
Avatar m tn I also take flecainide and metoprolol and simvastatin 20mg. I have started to get concerned about the aspirin dosage, after reading many articles about the dangers of taking aspirin on a regular basis, since I have had bleeding problems in the past. My cardiologist claims that my past history has not relevance to what is happening now. When I questioned my cardiologist about this he simply said " would you rather be taking coumadin? " and dismissed my concerns.
612551 tn?1450025775 jumpstarted my heart back into rhythm. Prescribed 100 mg. of Metoprolol, 50mg of Lipitor and 300 mg. Aspirin each once a day. I have been attending a hospital in Bangkok and the Doc there kept me on the current meds now after 2 visits (3 months apart) and blood tests each visit. I live in a small Village 3 hours North of Bangkok. I ran out of Metoprolol and the Village pharmacist had Atenolol 50mg in stock. I bought it hoping it will do until I see the bangkok Doc at the end of this month.
Avatar m tn I also take metoprolol 25 mg and have now for 2 1/2 yrs. I had fast heart beat so they put me on it to help. Now I'm fine but like you and others say, I have noticed that I'm loosing hair, got lazy LOL and gained weight left and right like 25lbs. I just picked up my last 30 days no more auto fills from Target because the doctor has put a message on my prescription to make a appointment to see him because I have not in 16 months. I hope he is taking me off them I also take one aspirin a day......
Avatar f tn One of them was low dose aspirin the other four had to do with my heart. The only two I am still taking are the low dose aspirin and the metoprolol - up until last Wednesday. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'll tell her I'd like to be taken off the metoprolol as well - but properly - what 'they' recommend - rather than cold turkey. I feel like I am finding I need to take deep breaths the last few days and I have had a few 'pangs' in my chest - but it might just be anxiety of the unknown.
Avatar n tn My husband just had two arteries opened with balloon surgery and three stents placed in the small arteries. He is taking metoprolol, hyzaar and aspirin and plavix. Something is making him feel very low and depressed even though the Dr. says he is good to go. Could someone please help? This is new! We are worried. Seems he just cannot get his up and go back.
Avatar m tn I am taking 75mg of plavix along with low dose aspirin. I am also taking 50 mg of metoprolol bid and diovan for blood pressure. What drug can I safely use to control the typical headache or backache.
Avatar n tn Are there any long-term bad side effects to ramipril? And your opinion to a combination of aspirin and Plavix to decrease the bloodclotting potential of just aspirin alone? Thank you. Ross I.
Avatar m tn He started me blood thinner (Coumadin), I was already taking Plavix and aspirin. The plan is to thing my blood and then take me to the hospital and zap heart back. I am very frustrated, thank you for taking the time. Good luck.
Avatar n tn He has a h/o AFib and MI, is on digoxin, baby aspirin, lipitor, metoprolol, ramipril, mirapex (for RLS), flomax (for BPH), synthroid, omeprazole and until recently, coumadin. His cardiologist is considering restarting the coumadin, while d/c'ing aspirin now that he's been off for a month based on the GI doctors report that if his Hg remains stable and he does not have a rebleed within the month, that it would be reasonable to restart it.
Avatar n tn Metoprolol (25 mg BID), Norvasc (5 mg QD), Lipitor (40 mg QD HS), Aspirin (81 mg BID), and pharmaceutical-grade fish oil (DHA + EPA = 3,000 mg QD). What is best imaging technology to monitor progression of disease (CTA, MRA, echocardiogram)? What is recommended testing interval? Male, age 67. Diagnosed 2004. Annual CTA stable until this year. Asymptomatic. Bloop Pressure 110/65.
569980 tn?1228333085 I was also told to take an aspirin a day for awhile. Even now, they ask if I'm still taking my aspirin. I just look innocent and say, No, am I supposed to? :-) But if you're going on a cross-country trip it might be a good idea to do the aspirin regimen after the ablation. Do ask the doctor what is recommended.
Avatar n tn i recently started back to work and sit for 10 hrs a day my legs and feet have started swelling and i have pain in both legs from the knee down. My right ankle is swelling the most. what is causing this?
730053 tn?1234538251 Meds followed were Plavix 75, Simvastatin, Aspirin 81mg, Metoprolol 100mg) PVCs began late November with below symptoms that were mild at first and increasing over time. I was just released from the hospital yesterday (Monday-Saturday). I went to the ER on Monday with recurrent PVCs with symptoms including: (heart attack like) nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, headache, confusion, cold extremities, high and low BP, fatigue.
Avatar n tn Metroprolol 25MG to control tachycardia, Lipitor 20MG, Niaspan 1000MG, Nexium 40MG, 81MG aspirin every three days because once a day caused petechia, Krill oil, Depakote 125MG and Klonopin .5MG at bedtime. Had calcium score done a few months ago and score went from 20 (two years ago) to 19 (now). I seem to be doing a good job except for the HDL. I have been doing some research and have read that Metroprolol can lower HDL.
Avatar m tn Family History of CAD, NIDDM Type2, I was thrombolysed with STK and managed with Heparin, Anti Platelets, nitrates, antacids, and statins. I underwent CCT Angio and the Angio findings were: 1. Calcium Score 386 2. multiple discrete hard plaques in Proximal LAD (Segment 6) with 50 to 60% focal stenosis. Soft Plaque in distal LAD (Segment 8) with 20-30% Focal Stenosis 3. Ostiproximal Soft Plaque seen in medial side branch of OM2 with 20-30% focal stenosis 4.
Avatar m tn I have also went thru a cath of heart with only a 20% blockage in one area, I have been put on Warfrin for that, and Amiodarone, Lisinopril, Aspirin Chew tab, Metoprolol. My Blood presure also went up. They also have me on Methocarbamol for muscle spasm in my back/Arms. I do take 1000 to 3000 mg of TX for the pain Also at Times depending on my activies which is not much anymore/Unemployed. You can ask me any question and i will try to help.
Avatar m tn He did go next day and after certain tests early determination shows tachycardia and suggest further testing with internist and cardiologist. Gave him medicine called metoprolol tartrate 25mg. Had some in IV at hospital and given a prescription. Will update in few days.
Avatar m tn I don't know how warfarin is affecting your life style. I have been on warfarin for years and had no concerns about running and bike riding, and using power wood working tools. All of these activities puts one at an increased risk of a cut and bleeding, but I simply take the risk. On the other hand, I don't sky dive, or pick fights ....
Avatar n tn I have not gone on either. I have AFib. I take both aspirin and warfarin for clot prevention and metoprolol for rate control.
Avatar f tn stroke.........the metoprolol takes up to 30 days to completely saturate all of your tissues and to do its job altho you'll see immediate benefits in most cases within 24-36 hours after starting them, Hang in there Jennifer things will get better with time and things will improve for you if you follow the docs instructions.....i know its hard and its scary on top of it but it won't always be like this....