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Avatar m tn Because I have had two test that showed methadone in my U.A. test and I cant explain it but, it has caused me to be discharged from my pain managment doctor.
Avatar f tn If you suspect his sleepiness is related to his methadone use, a serum level test should help to determine whether or not this is true. Was he an IV (intravenous) user at any stage? He may have contracted Hepatitis C. I had it and it made me incredibly lethargic, depressed and apathetic. Methadone can also make people feel unmotivated and lack ambition. There are so many possible causes for his sleepiness he really needs to address this issue with his physician.
1064938 tn?1255285919 So I went to the nurse at the dosing window and requested a 10mg dose reduction, she asked me to take a urine test (no problem I did) I gave her the paper work from my counsuler saying it was ok. Then she told me when my urine test comes back my decrease will go in on that day. She said it should be back by wed or thurs of next week. I asked her why the urine test to decreas. She said they would have to make sure I am not prego. She said if I was prego that I could not get a decrease.
Avatar n tn I at first was on numerous other narcotics including morphine, nothing I have been on gives me relief that methadone does, at first I was being treated by a MD, DO, then I moved over 100 miles away from my Doc I found a new Orthopedic DR and she took right over with my treatment and had no problem keeping me on methadone, I have to see her ever 90 days and of course she drug test me which is the law.
597547 tn?1251040364 most come here to get off sub or methadone there is a methadone community with alot of support..if u google it u will find it..i am not sure u will find ur happiness in another narcotic..but educating urself is important in order to stay off the streets Happiness is a state of comes from inside..depending on outside sources for happiness/like pills, alcohol, money, people, etc...can be taken away so quickly...
Avatar m tn Don't worry about the silly test. If it's a urine test the medications will show up in your urine, especially the methadone. It has a very long half life. Please reconsider the way you are taking your medication and be honest with your self and the doctors. You will be much better off in the short and long run. good luck.
Avatar n tn When they test for M'done in urine (at least on a clinic) they test for it's metabolite (called EDDP for short) & it's ratio to creatinine levels, There is a drug called Bentyl (Dicycloverine) prescribed for IBS that can potentially cause a false positive. There may be others too. It also depends on how good the lab is that is doing the testing. Sometimes there's sloppy work or cross-contamination, particularly in the 'collection' phase. I'd request a retest.
Avatar m tn after 3 years of daily doses of the drug, could his system be completely free of any trace of of it?
267206 tn?1189759435 because of its much longer half-life, how long does it take methadone to clear from urine(wasn't my DOC, thank God)? I watched over a friend of mine c/ting from methadone; it was horrific. I ended up calling 911 after he had diarrhea and vomited incessantly for several days on zero sleep. He was severely dehydrated despite his attempts to replenish electrolytes and H2O. The ER doc said he was about 6 hours away from kidney shutdown when admitted for observation.
Avatar f tn She was urine tested on Friday and tested positive for methadone and for benzos (which she swears she never took). She went about 10 days after the urine test and did a blood test which was negative for both the methadone and the benzos.
Avatar m tn They can tell the urine is either old or not yours if they test it with the right test. You may get past this okay - but it won't be with your urine. I doubt that med help would like it if I tried to tell you how to beat the test................
Avatar n tn Recently my DR, who prescribed the medications, had me take a urine drug test. If she is the one prescribing it, why would she order a drug screen?
Avatar n tn I took a urine test at my doctors as i do once a month to re4ceive my precription of oxycodone, an naproxen for my bad hip problem do to installing carpet and flooring for 31 years. problem is they said i tested positive for methadone. wich ive never taken although i did take a sip of cough syrup that said on the label prometh /vc codeine syrup could this be mistaken for methadone. i had the normal oxycodone in my system.
Avatar f tn She was urine tested on Friday and tested positive for methadone and for benzos (which she swears she never took). She went about 10 days after the urine test and did a blood test which was negative for both the methadone and the benzos.
Avatar f tn Could this be the cause? I am clean and have done nothing to warranty a diluted urine test and I am scared I may have a serious problem. All my urine tests since becoming pregnant have been this way. I told them I am pregnant and they seem not to care. The doctor just kept saying, "Whatever you are doing to dilute your urine stop!" She wouldn't let me talk or anything. I feel very discriminated against.
Avatar f tn Anyhow I go bi-monthly in December they gave me a urine test. The only things I took was my Methadone which they prescribe me and 3-4 days back took a 30mg roxy and a 1mg xanex which is not prescribed to me. So took the oxy on Thursday & the Xanex on Friday or Saturday and my urine test at the pain management was the following Monday. After all the years i've always seen my Dr.
Avatar n tn I didn't see anywhere that you said you were stopping. You are talking about a urine test. It is often uncomfortable for the members here to talk about dosing and the like. Members here are very fragile. I hope you understand what I mean. Please ask MedHelp to move this post to the Pain Management community and you will find your answers there. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn She slipped up on Thursday Aug 7 and took 4 5mg Vicodins. My question is - Will she test positive on a urine test on Monday Aug 18nth? Thanks one and all for your response - the anxiety and fear is driving her insane and I would love to put her mind at ease or confirm her fears. Either way, not knowing his driving her stress levels through the roof. Thanks, again.
Avatar m tn It took me back in the office and told me a threw up a red flag and that they have patients who are selling their drugs and taking a methadone when asked to take a test and then drink water till it is in your system before giving a sample. I did not urinate until 805 pm. A lot of the time I don't urinate much and I think constipation has something to do with it. As soon as I can get the stool to move a little bit three or four times I can usually urinate but have to sit down......
Avatar n tn I have to take a drug test to work in a lab at ST Josephs (no drugs in the lab) is it true if I disclose before the drug test and get a note from my MD or have the lab call, when I test positive for methadone they dont tell the lab because of some HIPPA law? Do they even check for methadone? Tell me what you knoe sbout the subject. ZThanks in advance!
Avatar f tn the only thing using while you are there will do is risk failing your urine test and gettin your dose cut in half or even kicked out.. all clinics are different. like gnarly said if it comes to dosing up or using i would dose up.. but you are going to have to come off it eventually so lookin back on my stupid decisions i wish i was in your situation instead of mine. call your local detox centers and ask if they take methedone patients..
4597556 tn?1383308643 has anyone gotten chest pains from wd off of methadone? i have had them for a while now,right side left side i went to the er 2 and 3 months ago for it they did a ekg and bloodwork everything was fine, i would go every other day to the er nothing, anyways i know i need a angieogram but i put it off no insurance, a nd scared. but i do smoke a lot of cigarettes, whicth is next to go after the methadone wd , i dont want to go 2 wd at the same time.
1948474 tn?1329157864 more likely because of his symptoms. Most clinics will test their urine to make sure he isn't using something else along with the methadone. Is he getting counseling, going to support groups. Methadone is "supposed" To be used so opiates addicts can function in society. Not continue to chase their drug of choice. Work on their recovery. Why did he go on methadone? Had he been trying to get clean? That is a big "supposed" to.
Avatar m tn I always yeast positive for the drugs they prescribe when I have to do a urine test. And my cousin who has Hep C and was a heroin/coke addict for 15 years takes 280 mg of methadone and when I told her I also like it b/c it doesn't make you feel "floaty" or "high" as she put it, she said it would if I took more...what??? AND she takes way more Klonopin than I do.
Avatar n tn he is a recovering addict from about 100 or so pills a day(before we met), and has been on methadone for a little over 3 years now. it's been really tough, becuase i really was kinda prude about addictions, having only done some stupid **** back in highschool. needless to say i have learned a whole lot in our time together. unfortunatly he has an EXTREMELY addictive personality (and i don't say that lightly), and has relapsed on me 3, possible 4 times.
Avatar m tn I've just, yesterday, taken my last dose of methadone linctus. Been on heroin and methadone for 20 years, but have been totally stable on meth for 3 now. It's taken the 3 years to get down from 80ml, more through fear than anything else, but I've also been gently pushed by my counsellor. I got right right down to 1ml, which i took for a week. I know 1ml is a ridiculously small amount, but it made a dfference, psychologically.
Avatar f tn ) He works over an hour away from the courthouse and often he has to leave work early to go do a urine test. I can see how broken up you are about this. I still remember how painful it was. I wouldn't be able to sleep and spent all my time running around trying to help him with his case. Try not to do this. It's the lawyer's job. All you will do is hurt yourself. You need to sleep, eat healthy and try not to obsess over things. I know it sounds impossible to do, but try.