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Avatar m tn They can tell the urine is either old or not yours if they test it with the right test. You may get past this okay - but it won't be with your urine. I doubt that med help would like it if I tried to tell you how to beat the test................
Avatar m tn How long you been doing H? Being honest with her will work out much better for you than trying to hide your secret as it will come out. I would hope she would direct you to some sort of recovery care instead of violating you. Our secrets keep us sick.
Avatar n tn Hello Lass,First off is this just routine,or is their some reason of diversion like due you work as a nurse ,and if so,are they checking only you or are you on a Methadone program and all they want to know is there any hydrocodone in yopur system to bebin with,as same not so bright addicts say that they are on this and that and when they run a urine screen,nothing shows up,even the drug that they say is their drug of choice.
Avatar n tn depends on how many and how long you've been taking it.......lots of water exercise, metabolism are all factors........stays in the system for a few days......a good week and you should be fine......I hope. When is your test and how many and how long? Nauty............
Avatar f tn I wanted to know what the ultrasound showed so I peeked, I've been in this field for 10 years so I know how to read a chart. Anyway I saw that a urine drug screening was ordered and sent out. I've never know that to be a common test ordered unless something is expected. I'm just feeling really uncomfortable with this ob now. I am angry because I was honest from day 1 that I was in pm and he never said anything, then I try to stop by myself and instead of support I get, well...
Avatar f tn If you suspect his sleepiness is related to his methadone use, a serum level test should help to determine whether or not this is true. Was he an IV (intravenous) user at any stage? He may have contracted Hepatitis C. I had it and it made me incredibly lethargic, depressed and apathetic. Methadone can also make people feel unmotivated and lack ambition. There are so many possible causes for his sleepiness he really needs to address this issue with his physician.
Avatar n tn I at first was on numerous other narcotics including morphine, nothing I have been on gives me relief that methadone does, at first I was being treated by a MD, DO, then I moved over 100 miles away from my Doc I found a new Orthopedic DR and she took right over with my treatment and had no problem keeping me on methadone, I have to see her ever 90 days and of course she drug test me which is the law.
1064938 tn?1255285919 So I went to the nurse at the dosing window and requested a 10mg dose reduction, she asked me to take a urine test (no problem I did) I gave her the paper work from my counsuler saying it was ok. Then she told me when my urine test comes back my decrease will go in on that day. She said it should be back by wed or thurs of next week. I asked her why the urine test to decreas. She said they would have to make sure I am not prego. She said if I was prego that I could not get a decrease.
597547 tn?1251040364 most come here to get off sub or methadone there is a methadone community with alot of support..if u google it u will find it..i am not sure u will find ur happiness in another narcotic..but educating urself is important in order to stay off the streets Happiness is a state of comes from inside..depending on outside sources for happiness/like pills, alcohol, money, people, etc...can be taken away so quickly...
Avatar n tn When they test for M'done in urine (at least on a clinic) they test for it's metabolite (called EDDP for short) & it's ratio to creatinine levels, There is a drug called Bentyl (Dicycloverine) prescribed for IBS that can potentially cause a false positive. There may be others too. It also depends on how good the lab is that is doing the testing. Sometimes there's sloppy work or cross-contamination, particularly in the 'collection' phase. I'd request a retest.
Avatar m tn after 3 years of daily doses of the drug, could his system be completely free of any trace of of it?
Avatar f tn I'm on methadone and at the end of the visit my dr told me I had to do a urine test. So he wrote me my scripts and then on my way out I had to go pee in the cup, then I paid and left. So what I'm asking is if something was wrong with my test would they call me back that same day or even the next day to come in and discuss it or would he discuss it with me at my next visit?
Avatar f tn She was urine tested on Friday and tested positive for methadone and for benzos (which she swears she never took). She went about 10 days after the urine test and did a blood test which was negative for both the methadone and the benzos.
Avatar n tn I'm afraid I have no medical info to help you with (doc dan, if you're out there, please help this guy!). But I can observe, if I were getting enough methadone to control pain, I can't imagine being depressed. I just can't quite see it. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to try going off the anti-depressants entirely for a week or so and seeing how you feel. Effexor is an SSRI, like Paxil. You can compare the two by going to: www.rxlist.
Avatar n tn Recently my DR, who prescribed the medications, had me take a urine drug test. If she is the one prescribing it, why would she order a drug screen?
Avatar n tn So I see my doctor today and he says that my drug test showed only Soma in my urine and NO Vicodin. I told him I take the Vicodin every single day. He told me I was a liar and said he knows the truth and the truth was on that paper he was holding. He said I was probably selling them or I gave him someone else's urine (ewww!). I DID NOT!!! He was just mean. He said that paper would hold up in a court of law and it did not matter what I said. But I take my meds as he prescribes them!!
Avatar f tn I went last month for a drug test and when I went to the Drs. this month He flat out refused to give me my meds saying that my drug test came back negative for any of the meds that I was perscribed. I take my meds all the time Unless I know that I have to drive then I dont cause they make me loopy, and I told him that. But he still didnt want to hear it. I have RSD and been on these meds for 3 years I have NO IDEA why they are not in my system.
Avatar f tn She was urine tested on Friday and tested positive for methadone and for benzos (which she swears she never took). She went about 10 days after the urine test and did a blood test which was negative for both the methadone and the benzos.
Avatar n tn Susie ,when you give a urine-test as required for all methadone patients the Dr. will definitely inquire as to the reason your using methadone and benzodiazepines as the people before said,people can overdose and die of respiratory failure as the two act in a sinergistic manner. Be careful!!!
Avatar f tn I still dont know what caused the false/negative urine drug test that my EX pain management dr did last month. I say Ex dr cause he never followed up with Y it came back negative or nothing. Just told me to get out of his office and NEVER to return. Now I have been going threw some GOD awful withdrawls, and Im ready to pull my hair out. I never realized how much the meds really worked until now that I dont have them.
Avatar f tn I am on Methadone (treatment center) and have never failed a drug screen in 9 years. In the past 2-3 months all my urine drug screens have come back low creatitine (14) it dropped from in the 100's suddenly. They are saying I am tampering with my urine to pass but I have been clean for 8 1/2 years now. Do not even drink. I am not tampering with my urine or drinking a lot of liquids to pass. They did an observed drug test & a random and they both came back low creatitine (diluted). Help?
Avatar f tn In January i did a random urine drug screen I was hoorified at the results there were drugs in there I have never taken even an illict drug. My name wasnt on the cup it was placed by me in a room where there were several other cups no one checked the temperature. no chain of command. In february they filled my ms contin and in march now they cut me off and said i could get narcotics from another docter but still use them for epidurals and such.
Avatar f tn Anyhow I go bi-monthly in December they gave me a urine test. The only things I took was my Methadone which they prescribe me and 3-4 days back took a 30mg roxy and a 1mg xanex which is not prescribed to me. So took the oxy on Thursday & the Xanex on Friday or Saturday and my urine test at the pain management was the following Monday. After all the years i've always seen my Dr.
Avatar n tn She slipped up on Thursday Aug 7 and took 4 5mg Vicodins. My question is - Will she test positive on a urine test on Monday Aug 18nth? Thanks one and all for your response - the anxiety and fear is driving her insane and I would love to put her mind at ease or confirm her fears. Either way, not knowing his driving her stress levels through the roof. Thanks, again.
Avatar n tn my fiance just had a positive drug screen for cocaine? how likely is it for percocet or vicodin to be mistaken for cocaine in a urine screen? if he was in an enclosed environment with someone who was smoking crack, would that give him a positive also? what effects would crack have on a person with hiv+ disease whose cd4 count is only 93? are there any false positives to cocaine with the use of herbals like siberian genseng, echinacea, goldenseal, aloe vera gel tabs, ginko biloba?
Avatar n tn I have to get off the methadone in order to pass 4 random drug tests this year to keep my professional licese!!! I am down to the wire and have three days to pass a clen urine. I have tried several times to be successful at withdrawing independently and cannot seem to get through the third day. My stomach feels like it is gnawing a whole into my backbone and my arms, shoulders and legs burn like hell!!!My legs are restless while in bed nad I feel like I must get up and run for releif.
1948474 tn?1329157864 more likely because of his symptoms. Most clinics will test their urine to make sure he isn't using something else along with the methadone. Is he getting counseling, going to support groups. Methadone is "supposed" To be used so opiates addicts can function in society. Not continue to chase their drug of choice. Work on their recovery. Why did he go on methadone? Had he been trying to get clean? That is a big "supposed" to.
356518 tn?1322267242 False negatives...Pitfalls of Urine Drug Monitoring in Pain Care ... I am always looking for information on the effectiveness and accuracy of the drug test we have to endure. I have just come across this one from Early this year. It has alot of information on how the UA works and why they are inconclusive most of the time. I am including the link as I have not posted everything in the article. The VA study I have posted in my journal and refer members to was done in 2004 I believe.
Avatar f tn If a person were to ingest liquid methadone and take an albuterol breathing treatment, is there any way that a drug test (blood or any other kind) could show up positive for a small amount of alcohol? Someone mentioned that methadone can metabolize into alcohol. Is this true?