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Avatar f tn I do not want to hurt my baby anyway, please help! I have a friend who stayed throughout her pregnancy on methadone, her clinic told her if she were to withdraw she would lose her baby. Is this true, i took my dose down already to 20 mil a day.
Avatar f tn I am on methadone and have been all through my pregnancy, its prescribed by a Dr. I keep hearing all will be fine with my baby but just wondering if that's true or should I be scared?
Avatar n tn Generally, you should change nothing in the first trimester but I would work very closely with your physician. Many women stay on methadone their whole pregnancy and the babys are fine - they give them a taper and they do very well. Just be sure all your caregivers are aware of your methadone dose. Have a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby!!
Avatar f tn I don't feel comfortable sharing that information with everyone on here, and explaining my story. Thank you :) Good luck on your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn The w drawls are horrendous. I live Wisconsin and was curious does your own physician prescribe methadone or do you havevto go to a clinic?
Avatar n tn I'm currently 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant and on methadone. How does the methadone affect my growing baby and what can I expect before and especially after delivery?
Avatar f tn It really can be dangerous to your baby if you try and come of the Methadone at this point. Its a really strong opiate and it has to be weaned down slowly to avoid the w/d's (or at least severe w/d's) and at 32 weeks, I just dont think you have enough time to do it properly honey without causing potential problems for your baby. And if you DONT tell your Dr., the hospitals in most states automatically drug test the babies so then you can face a whole lot of other issues there.
Avatar f tn Most physicians have little to no experience with (or much knowledge of) methadone and how it works and especially methadone and pregnancy. A doctor must hold special licensing to prescribe methadone for opiate addiction, and have the appropriate opiate-substitution training to do so. Therefore, you may not always get the current or correct advice from a general physician or OB-GYN. Your methadone clinic can't steer you to an OB-GYN with the correct addiction training.
Avatar n tn For example, a lot of people (even doctors) do not know that detoxing off of Methadone while pregnant can be VERY dangerous to the baby and can even cause miscarriage and premature labor. Methadone is very safe for a pregnant woman to be on and is advised for pregnant women addicted to opiates. I just HATE to see scared pregnant women scurrying to gather information and getting the wrong kind that may put their babies in danger.
Avatar n tn You should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of methadone treatment with your health professional in order to make an informed decision about management during your pregnancy. Inpatient Methadone Stabilisation Program (.pdf) is available for you to download and print to find out more about the program offered at The Royal Women's Hospital.
1094413 tn?1257263760 Not a pot-smoker myself but I have several friends who were, and one who smoked pot during her pregnancy, and she was never tested at birth.
Avatar f tn He saw his pain dr this am and she had pulled up BOTH of our records and knows EVERYTHING she started him on methadone and wants to help me too. She said we both NEED to get off this stuff and that we have a BIG problem. Which we do it keeps spiralling out of control.
Avatar f tn Yea you definitely need to let your OB know. They need to know ANY kind of medicine your on. I'm guessing your probably on the methadone program and after you talk to your OB you can tell them that you are pregnant and you doc suggested so and so and they can start lowering your doses slowly so you won't get withdrawl symptoms.
Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks pregnant and on 10mg. I've had 2 babies while on Methadone the 1st I was on 80mg and she had no withdrawals the 2nd I was on 40mg and she did have withdrawals and spent 12 days in the NICU and was on morphine. I was told it doesn't really depend on your dose if your baby does or doesn't withdrawal, it just depends on the baby. I'm definately trying to get off the Methadone before I have this one.
Avatar n tn I feel terrible and like a huge POS for even having to ween my unborn child off of a drug he/she had no say so in taking but I'm trying my best to make it as easy for it and me both to get and stay clean forever. Please I need some help and advice on what to do. I really don't want to loose my baby but I don't want it being born addicted and prolly taken away from me.
Avatar f tn He wants us to take a chance on losing the baby so I can get off methadone. My question is there a chance that I can get off methadone and not lose the baby? And if I don't lose it will it do anything to the baby if I do get off of it?
Avatar f tn i am currently on between 5ml and 7ml of methadone mainly 5 i am worried about my pregnacy especially withdrawel for the baby its an unexpected pregnancy and have only ever taken methadone i have never been addicted to heroin i started takin it to feel better when used to be takin speed for come down but since then stayed on 10ml - 5ml and have been on 5-7 for a year or 2 now if i stay on this will my baby withdraw i se a lot of msgs saying that the baby doesnt withdraw and here on between 30-8
Avatar f tn Some are to all the above questions and some aren't. Will just have to wait and see. When the baby gets here and the dr's and nursery assess the baby they will know pretty quickly on what they are going to do. Sometimes baby go to NICU/ICU for a little while to help them out and give them the extra needed support. I wish you luck with all!
1825630 tn?1317575757 Is it better to decrease your methadone intake as much as poss during pregnancy - and also how much more dangeous is it to inject ampoules than taking methadone pills, on the foetus?
Avatar f tn I am on dilidid and I can't stop I am 15 weeks pregnant and I was wondering if you know anyone who has taking this during the entire pregnancy and if so was it as bad for the baby as methadone withdraw or morphine withdraw is and i ask cause my dr wants me to go off the dilidid and onto methadone but I only take between 4-8 mg of dilidid a day and my bf is on methadone and I See what it does to him and I feel taking (methadone) that would a put more synthetic opiates into my body as I feel 4
11980580 tn?1422579718 My chest feels heavy and I sweat and can't sleep. Who else has successfully quit methadone from a very low dose? How were the withdrawals? Please tell your full stories. I rarely came across any successful stories during pregnancy. I read alot of pregnant women were afraid to quit and were advised to raise their dose instead of quit. I personally feel better that I lowered.
279300 tn?1326750278 this is an extremely helpful website explaining all aspects of methadone in pregnancy and breastfeeding. i am providing this for women who find themselves in a methadone program. this does not mean i am encouraging anyone to pursue this program unless all other means of have been exhausted with regards to opiate addiction.
Avatar n tn hi i need help, my sister is 8 months pregnant, is on methadone and was just perscribed promethazine,cyclobenzaprine and zolpidem are these safe drugs to mix with methadone and pregnancy? she did just recently switch doctors for unexplained reasons..
Avatar f tn I'm on methadone as well, this is my first pregnancy. Depending on the state you live in and the hospitals policy where you deliver, CPS might get called because you're on methadone... But as long as you're clean and doing everything right they probably won't even follow up with a report... Just a heads up.