Effects of methadone use during pregnancy

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Avatar n tn Sorry didn't mention my daughter didn't die of any kind of addiction as I didn't use anything during pregnancy,, she died of an infection.....
1094413 tn?1257263760 If the baby comes out sluggish or showing signs of withdrawal from the methadone then they will ask you, and possibly test, but if you're still taking it when the baby's born you have to tell so that they can monitor for withdrawals from the baby or it can be dangerous...but I don't think they test for pot as a general rule, not sure. Not a pot-smoker myself but I have several friends who were, and one who smoked pot during her pregnancy, and she was never tested at birth.
Avatar f tn It says tramadol is category C though. If you don't know what that means just type in goggle pregnancy category C.
317422 tn?1193785327 Right now I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have been taking xanax pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy. I want to know exactly what are the harmful effects of xanax on a developing fetus and everywhere I look online just says that you should just avoid it during pregnancy. I want to know if anyone has been in my situation and can tell me exactly what the risks are. My baby seems to be just fine and I haven't had any problems...i'm just worried.
Avatar n tn Would it be wrong to risk having the baby? I have no idea what to do. I know nothing about drug abuse during pregnancy. Since I am only a few weeks in is it still early enough to save the baby? Please help.
Avatar n tn Progesterone helps to balance out the effects of estrogen and also supports pregnancy. I just started using the cream last week. I apply 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoonful 2 to 3 times a day on my lower abdomen, and it really works to minimize the pain in that area. Unfortunately I also get really bad lower back pain as well. For that I use prescription strength diclofenac 10% topical gel rub and heat packs. You can order the Pro-Gest cream from Amazon.com. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Not condoning the use of any substance during pregnancy but if my Dr. says it is ok I trust her. I have three healthy children. Sometimes the use of medications is safer then the stress that severe pain could put on the expecting mother. Bet you are a first timer. Blessings to all.
Avatar n tn I relapsed on crack at the endof my first trimester, I only smoked for a day or two , but then At four and a half month of my pregnancy, I wanted a divorce and an abortion, So I went and smoked a gain for a week straght ( about 6,000 $ worth) and seeked help after that. I stayed drug free since then and now am a great mother and wife and mother. I was just wondering if his delays are b/c of me and what other steps I could so to help my angel.
Avatar n tn I am in the midst of methadone withdrawal after being on it for 4 years. I tapered down to 5 mg. without much trouble but at that point had my first dreaded 'night of terror' where I wasn't able to sleep. So I decided this would be a good time for the breakaway. It has been a week now and the symptoms have lessened. I went through cold sweats, back/body pain, flu symptoms, cold symptoms (including fits of sneezing),skin 'crawling', diahrrea, and the anxiety/ sleeplessness I mentioned.
662972 tn?1270169901 methadone is potentially lethal for non-tolerant individuals, death can occur but more slowly than heroin overdose however, overdose reaction can be reversed and person's life saved if narcotic antagonist such as narcan is prescribed for 24 - 36 hours Narcotic effects of other opiates ( if tried ) Feels narcotic effects of opiates At 80 mgs/day or more narcotic effects of opiates are blocked Withdrawal syndrome Can be severe, but can be controlled with methadone Less severe than heroin but
Avatar f tn 5 years because I got off heroin and on the clinic but now I feel like a string out junkie trying to get clean again cause of how the methadone withdrawal has me feeling. And now I'm also feeling like methadone was a HUGE mistake. I didn't have many options when I got on it...I got pregnant in suboxone in 2007 and the made me switch. However when I relapsed in 2012 I wish I had quit the clinic and my job and gone to treatment for 30 days instead. This *****.
Avatar n tn If I do indeed switch to methadone from the oxycontin dose noted above, how much methadone will I need? And what kind of side effects will I experience? I'm most sensitive to depression, and would rather stay on the oxy than get into a depressive state. Something else stays on my mind and that is: my pain management guy is most cooperative. I've never had a problem of any kind with this guy.
1117252 tn?1259723379 I had no idea they used that, but they said it didn't go near the baby). I was on codeine during second pregnancy and tapered right down. I know it's not as tough as sub, believe me, I am in w/d right now and not having a good time! I did it before, but it's never been like this, anyway, back to you. My baby was totally fine, no harm at all, he's 2 and way beyond all milestones.
Avatar n tn first off take a deep breath you are going to be fine and so is your baby its not safe to detox during pregnancy so going from sub off the street to a legitimate prescription for methadone will be a good thing...#1 your supply wont run out witch could be devastating 2 methadone is considered safe wile pregnant ...the only draw back is having to go to a clinic everyday to get it...its more of a bother then anything else...
Avatar n tn i don't think its been approved for use during pregnancy yet?? I could be wrong though..I agree its the better choice.. She can't go through Wd cause its bad for the baby, shouldn't take drugs cause its bad for the baby?? I would be freaked out too.. Its a **** shoot.. I would do the least detrimental thing at the time. I dont believe methodone is that thing..
Avatar f tn what kind of symptoms does one endure doing this year of being clean from methadone? Just want to know what to expect. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I couldn't imagine people taking in excess of 80-120 mgs of methadone a day. Before I was placed on methadone, I was taking a lot of Lortab 10's. The side effect euphoria of the Lortab is more enticing than that of methadone. I have no ambition to start taking more and more of the methadone. It just isn't that kind of drug to me.
Avatar n tn MY girlfriend is going in to week twenty two of pregnancy and taking methadone . She has abused oxycontin since she was sixteen she is now twenty two years old and she claims to be in treatment. She is taking way more than she needs,not just from the clinic but what she can buy as well. I mean taking enough to combat withdrawl is one thing but because she goes to the clinic she thinks this will do no harm to our child. I really cant believe what she is doing. Shocked would be a better word.
Avatar n tn My question is may i have some of the side effects of Methadone? My heroin habit was 3 grams a day for 9 years and now im Rx.d 130mgs, should I still be on methadone and is this too high of a dose of a 25year old woman that weighs 125? Im Rx.d the xanax cr 2mg with 130mgs of liquid methadone? IS THIS A NORMAL THING. I went to the hospital 2 days ago due to not having methadone so im not doing it cold turkey. MAY I HAVE INFO ON SUBOXONE? Is it a better choice?
Avatar m tn 's that deal with this on a daily basis, and everyone of them recommends against stopping drug use cold turkey during a pregnancy. It's tough to say what impact this will have. The biggest risk is fetal distress and miscarriage. That does not mean that is what will happen, just that it is a possibility. It is good they are getting her off of the drug, but a slow taper is generally a better option. Have they explained why they are doing it this way? Good luck to you all.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to point out that the reason Methadone Clinics,`like` (almost insist) to put their Clients on Huge doses(70 to 100mg) is so that they get a Huge tolerance and also achieve steady state blood plasma levels of methadone,this has a dual function of Preventing a High from the Methadone and also Blocking the effects of any other Opioids(Heroin,etc)from having an effect.
Avatar n tn use suboxone instead of methadone to get through while the done gets out of your body organs! works great!! it gave me my life back.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar f tn She has been able to detox from alcohol completely with little to no side effects and she completely stopped methadone at 45mg last wednesday with minimal side effects. We are stopping short of calling it a 'miracle cure' because we all know there is no cure, but it has for her and our family been a 'miracle'. I would have never dreamed than an antibiotic could do this, but it has and as seeing is believing, we are believers.
Avatar f tn Patients discontinuing breast-feeding should develop a plan to wean with the baby's healthcare team. 3) Use of other substances of abuse during breast-feeding will expose the baby to additional risks. Patients who use other substances of abuse should not breast-feed. When starting methadone for the first time or increasing the dose, breast-feeding patients should watch their babies closely for changes in behavior or breathing patterns. Methadone is excreted into and accumulates in human milk.
1059368 tn?1255024436 so is methadone////the sub marketing will finally be reduced to a new methadone/not better/just a partial agonist packing tons of power making methadone look like a darvocet Sub is addicting a horrid wds if u take it too long/but i think u know this/and a dr can help u taper slowly from the sub/thing is that those who cant taper from their doc/r not likely to be able to taper from sub either/unless they do the work/some need sub/methadone/or a maintenence drug for life...
782880 tn?1236138825 the doctor isn't going to let u get off because u can miss carry and u will be fine on it my friend had both of there kids on methadone and they are both perfectly fine so i wouldn't worry about but u defiantly would tell Ur doc so they can run test to make sure and because when u have the baby it has to be detoxed from the meth and u cant bring it home but u and the baby will be fine i promise
Avatar f tn hey welcome to the forum...I was on 150mg of methadone for 6 1/2yrs put 52lb on but as I weened off it so did the weight I went from 246 to 194 in the 8 1/2 mo it took to get off the methadone...I dont think you can prevent the weight gain but it should be at leat a little comforting to know it comes back off as you taper off and get clean wish I had more for ya but that was my experience..good luck and god bless...
Avatar n tn Anyhow, here I am 11 years later addicted to methadone,ADDICTED. I've hid it from my husband! even during my 2nd pregnancy! He is not the father of my child I was prego with when i started methadone. My goal was to get off before I got prego, yah right! JOKE. I can't fathom living my life without, before methadone I was on opiates since I was 18, then to methadone,I'm now 36!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I started taking them along with my lorcets and oxy's after a few months I noticed that I was only taking methadone. I ran out of the methadone and it was going to take me 2 weeks to get more so I decided to go to the clinic, just to tide me over. They explained to me what had happened. I had actually accidently detoxed myself. THE LORD HAD A HAND IN THAT. I decided then to really straighten myself out. My clinic made you go to AA and NA plus they gave us one on one counseling.