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801413 tn?1333539276 Hi I to have PCOS and have been on Metformin for a couple of months now and still never had a period and then my RE gave me provera to jump start my period (or in her words clean me out) and I just started before then I hadn't had a period since July of last year but only started to take the metformin in September and then stopped because of the side effects, and then started back in December, after switching from a regular gyn to a PCOS Specialist/RE and then I was basically told that this
Avatar f tn I am on 3 tablets a day of each of Glipizide (5mg) and Metformin (500mg). I take the Glipizide equally spaced out during the day but the Metformin one at lunchtime and two with my evening meal as instructed.
2208415 tn?1339081413 I have hot flushes, problems with palpitations (I have been diagnosed with tachycardio too and take Bisoprorol Fumarate 2.5mg daily) and problems with sweating and generally I do feel unwell and weak. I know that these are not the sympthoms of underactive thyroid, but something is wrong with my body. I think that my thyroid problems and all hormonal problems are not treated properly or I do not have a proper response to them....
Avatar f tn Yes pcos can cause high bp, i am 25 and i weigh 122 lbs but i have high bp also. I don't know if the increased heart rate is related, but i am also on a beta blocker bc my hr spiked up to the 160's. very scary. metformin can cause your kidneys to work harder causing water retention, i am on 1500mg i don't retain water but no matter how much water i drink ( i gave up soda and coffee) i still get dehydrated and have horrible muscle cramps.
Avatar n tn I went to my computer and looked up bloating, Metformin, afib. All signs pointed to GERD can cause afib. And Metformin can cause gas, bloating, digestive upset. The pieces of the puzzle were put together. I just happened to have gas-x in my bathroom and immediately took 2. Within one hour the gas and bloating were gone and so was the afib. I literally got on my knees and prayed that I was on the right path to health.
Avatar f tn I am a 66 y/o newly diagnosed diabetic. Went to hospital with chest pains and found out I was diabetic. Miraculously no damage done to eyes, feet, kidneys but discovered a heart anomaly. I started out at 254 lbs and I dieted all last year and was unsuccessful with losing weight. On Dec 5 my doctor prescribed Metformin 1500 mg at night, but I have been taking in the morning.
Avatar f tn Endocrine gland related conditions like hyperthyroidism, acromegaly and glucose control disorders (diabetes and hypoglycemia both) all result in increased sweating and heat in the body. Diabetes your husband has. Pheochromocytoma, cancers, carcinoid syndromes, tuberculosis and other infections too can cause increased sweating and heat. It can also be due to low blood pressure. Get his thyroid and adrenal gland function tested also. Avoid too much of tea, coffee, smoking and spicy food.
Avatar f tn I think I might understand what you mean. My doctor told me that my excessive sweating is due to PCOS and is called Hirutism, I probably spelled that wrong. I literally could be sitting in a freezer doing minimal work and my body temp will still go up.
1421938 tn?1318603558 I have psco my dr put me on metformin I have been taking it for a long time.. Its helps with my psco it also helps me get preg.. When I get preg my dr takes me off the metformin..I have had 2 mc in a row one at 9wks and the second one 18wks.. I just wondering if anyone has stayed on metformin when they were preg.. I was on web sites about metformin & psco and they r saying that people with psco have a higher risk of mc...
Avatar m tn I have been on Synthyroid since may but now I was recently prescribe Metformin. I forgot to ask if it safe to take Metformin with Synthyroid at the same time. Does anyone if it would be ok?
Avatar f tn ok, so here it is... (i apologize in advance for the long post) my husband and I have been TTC for over a year now, and month after month we get the unfortunate monthly gift. 2 years ago i gave birth to a healthy baby boy, prior to becoming pregnant with him we tried for 6 years only to find out that i was not getting pregnant due to having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. the dr. advised me to change my diet, gave me Metformin to take and i became pregnant immediately.
Avatar f tn I too have PCOS and my doc just put me on Metformin to help me Ov I was on clomid for 6 months and only Ov once the whole time now he took me off the clomid and just put me on Metformin and told me that it will help with my Ov I am not insulin resistance but he says it will help me to Ov. I am not over weight and I am over all healthy thank god. I hope it helps you and I both to Ov.
342133 tn?1227108677 I have PCOS too and I am on metformin. It didn't work for me though. I ovulated only with injectibles. But my friend(very lucky) she got pregnant on metformin and her dd is 13 months old.
Avatar n tn Yes Metformin can cause weight loss, I lost about 25 needed lbs real quick with a low carb, nothing white diet. I have tried not very successfully before metformin and did not lose the weight. My weight loss has slowed down since I got over the intial scare of being diagnosed with type 11 diabetes. and learn more of what I can eat and what I should not. My best to you mom...
400358 tn?1320234443 I gave myself a 6 month break from the pill, and only stayed on metformin...and had 5 normal periods, but went back on the pill in Jan 2010 because my period was 10 days late. Did I ovulate during those times? I'm not really sure...I don't track it, but I can remember feeling some twinges around that time and a change in who knows. I've never missed a period for as long as I could remember (well except last month).
Avatar m tn I take metformin 1500mg a day. I also had to take Provera to get my period and used Clomid to kick in the ovulation. I got pregnant on my first cycle of Clomid which surprised the doctor. He thinks I might have been able to get pregnant with just the provera. Who knows?
Avatar m tn No, the rate decrease if your taking metformin. I also have PCOS and I had a miscarriage in October..every since then I haven't had a period or ovulate on my own so my doctor put me on provera, metformin, and letrozole(femara) to get pregnant but the metformin alone will help you NOT to have a miscarriage...good luck to you sweetie. I think you should ask your doctor about taking metformin, it corrects PCOS also...
Avatar m tn 5 Kg (without taking METFORMIN) Then when I went back to my old infertility specialist gynecologist , she told me she already knew all this and she also gave me a prescription of METFORMIN SR 500mg but Slow release metformin and she said good time to take this is afternoon instead of night. and only to take them for only 3 months and not more than that... She also said it is better I remove my fibriods thru laparoscopy. She told me to test for AMH by EIA and I did so , It was 2.
Avatar f tn Also on fertility medicine Femara and thyroid medicine, typing to get pregnant. I need some fruit to take Metformin. Just Metformin is making me more nauseous and discouraging. So I eat one date fruit with every Metformin i,e just after swallowing Metformin. Is this okay?. Also I eat grapes now whenever I feel like need more energy to move around. Is that good? I lost my apetite after started Metformin. So trying to be more on fruits.
Avatar f tn i am 26 and have pco my doctor put me on metformin and postoval,since i hv bn on this meds my temps hv bn vry high and im just wondering if this meds are the cause of my high temp,also will i still ovulate and be able to conceive while taking postoval?.thanks..
Avatar n tn i am on metformin and thank good it is working for me i used to weight 115 after pcos went to 170 now i am on 160 lost ten pound after i started metformin.but you dont loose it right away so keep on it.
Avatar f tn This question is not exactly about Diabetes, but because metformin HCL is used in Diabetes treatment, I would like to know of any of you has experience with this medicine. Can you tell me about its side effects? Recently I went for a checkup and my doctor gave me Metformin for weight loss (It suddently went up to 99 kg though I was at 85 before and was following a strict diet plan).
Avatar f tn i got a regular 28cycle period when i became active attending gym everyday and a healthy diet, for a year i was always getting my period every 28 days but when i stop attending gym and ate again my period became very irregular again. 2004 i was diagnosed with PCOS, was given provera and advised to have metformin. i got menstruated but still irregular, i did'nt continue having metformin as i felt dizzyness everytime im taking it. Now that im 36 i wanted and decided to get pregnant.
1660049 tn?1326089018 My husband is diabetic and used to take Metformin, while he was taking numerous supplements including 400 mg of folic acid a day. I think his doctor okay-ed them. But like Christine said, check with your local pharmacist or doctor to be on the safe side. Good luck!
194838 tn?1303428544 Hi, I am taking Glucophage (slow release Metformin) and have just been prescribed Januvia to take also. I have had stomach pains and upset stomach since being on them, the plus side is that I have lost weight so am very happy about that but wondered if anyone else has experienced the stomach pain and if so how long did it take for it to subside. If anyone has any advice etc I would be so grateful.
Avatar n tn My Doctor put me on Metformin for "borderline Type 2 Diabetes" (my blood sugar count is 6.5). About 3 months ago, he started me on one 500MG at bedtime. My blood sugar count remained the same, so a month ago he doubled the dosage to 1000MG (once during the day and at bedtime). However, I am not experiencing any weight loss, but I am experiencing hair loss. Every morning I brush out lots of hair and the texture of my hair has changed.
878888 tn?1319634044 but this last time my fasting level was 118 and my a1c came back 6.5. She said now I was diabetic and put me on Metformin 500 xr once a day and told me to lose weight. I forgot to mention she was concerned I gained 16 lbs within same time period (even with change of diet and exercise). I am also Hypothyroid and on Levothyroxine 115 mg. I have 2 questions, If I take Metformin with evening meal and thyroid in am is there still a chance for interaction?