Menstrual cramps but light bleeding

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Avatar f tn Later that day, I had to urinate again and I wipe myself and noticed that on the tp (sorry TMI) there was light blood. The cramps still continued. While at home, I had the same thing too; light blood on tp. So I dont know whats going on. Any ideas!? I kept using tampons through out the day and there was blood/and blood clots on it like last month. I'm getting worried. Please let me know if its anything serious!!! PS: I had sex with my bf the day before this "so call prd".
477732 tn?1222115329 Yes, the blood is definately not red - just brown. Were your cramps bad when you were bleeding? I am having them off and on, but just mild. So I did end up at the ER, as my doc didn't have room for me. He said the look of the blood looks like it could be the placenta or the uterus preparing itself. The blood test is still good. I'm only to worry if it becomes really painful, or starts bleeding alot more. Boy I sure hope this stops soon!!
Avatar n tn ( Not sure, thinking my period will make its way, but I have never had cramps this long without it showing. My cramps are in my back and very painful.
Avatar f tn I am 5 weeks and am experiencing light cramping in the lower abdomen. I am some what concerned and want to know if its normal or should I go to the doc?!
Avatar f tn Could This Be Pregnancy Bleeding Because My Period Is Very Regular And I can Time It To The Exact Week So tThis Bleeding Was Quite Strange.
Avatar f tn Then it stopped for a half a day, and began bleeding heavier - like my regular period. Then it died down to a light brown again, and now it's bleeding heavier again. This has been going on for two weeks. I'm not having any cramps whatsoever - I usually don't get bad cramps anyway, but I haven't felt any pain at all. Is there anything to worry about? Is this normal?
Avatar n tn the 1st 4 days was light, then i had very bad cramps and it started heavy for about 3 days, on the 8th day it's been light again and still light flow now.I'm very concern because this is the first time this occurs. I have been under alot of stress since April, I had a miscarriage and two weeks later My father died,so it has been VERY stressful. Could the stress have caused the irregularity? I have no babies yet and I'm scared to have Endo.I will be calling my OBGYN for an appt. ASAP.
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago a couple of hours after intercourse I had spotting but that was all. However this week along with the cramps, I have been hormonal and exhausted. When I have gone to bed of a night I havnt been able to sleep and feel restless. My breasts have been slighlty more tender than normal I just keep thinking it is due to me being over weight. My lower back and legs have been aching aswell. I done a test two weeks ago after the light bleed but it was negative..
Avatar f tn Some light cramping is normal i had that at 6weeks and i also had light spotting a lil bright red spotting for about a week i tryed my best to rest and not carry anything heavy or stress just relaxed im now 39weeks but if ur cramps are bad and u start bleeding heavy go to the e.r it could be a sign of a m.
Avatar f tn -( That early light bleeding stuff they just don't call implantation bleeding, because implantation bleeding is what happens when the baby finally sticks to you, and it doesn't happen all that often. I think the early, light "period" thing is more of a deal where your body's cleaning itself out to get ready for baby.
Avatar f tn What was the color of the blood, bright red, brown, light pink? Are the cramps mild or severe compared to period cramps? I bled from 4 to 10 weeks with mild cramps. Even had loads of bright red blood come out twice. Baby is just fine.
Avatar n tn Meanwhille can't eat, losing weight, nausea, cramps in right abdomen and inner legs, menstrual cramps, been in and out of er. Told maybe Pancreantitus, enzymes not elevated. Went to Er this week, they did CT Scan and said nothing wrong with Pancreas, but fould a cyst on right ovary. Sent report to OB/GYN, meanwhilee still cramping, missing work. THen OB calls and says there is nothing wrong with you gynecology go see family doctor.What is going on?
Avatar n tn Thanks 4 your response, my periods were due 4 days ago, but instead of actual periods i am experiencing spotting from 3 days which was v light the 1st day but much frequent on 2nd and 3rd day. We r planning for a baby from past couple of months and my periods are v much regular with 28 days cycle.
Avatar f tn I spotted on 4/10 and 4/13 (not heavy for a pad or liner). I had light cramps. But last month i had a bad period. It was heavy 2 days and bad cramps and 2 days of real spotting. I would consult your doctor to see why your periods are like this. Like I said its not normal to be in that much pain. And before I was treated for pcos, I never had a light period. Mine were always heavy and really bad cramps.
Avatar f tn Two nights ago, after a week of light cramping, breast tenderness, bloating and extreme fatigue, I woke up with the most painful menstrual cramps I've ever experienced in my life. I actually almost considered going to the emergency room. After 2 hours, I was able to get them under control with Aleve and ibuprofen (but not until after I'd already thrown up the pain meds once). In the morning I discovered that I hadn't even started bleeding.
Avatar m tn having very light cramping and very light bleeding is normal in early pregnancy,but you need to inform your doctor about this .
Avatar n tn my question is this, in the hospital and at this time my bleeding is quite heavy (at least for me), usually I am very light and only have a period for 4 days (occasionally 5) with very minimal (if any) cramping.
1310773 tn?1317099045 I am 5dpo (I'm pretty sure) but yesterday at 4dpo after sex in the am I had light red bit of blood, which turned to pink later and then brown, it was very light, and no pain in the am but later on had some cramps in my uterus. It's nearly stopped but is just a very small amount of mid brown colour. I just had a hystersonography done and do not have polyps and he didn't see any cysts or polyps on my cervix :-S anyone have any idea what this is?
Avatar n tn The 26th I was lightly bleeding but it was only the one time I wipped but then the next day I was bleeding again but very light. The bleeding has stopped and my period hasn't started yet. What could this be from? The night before this happend my husband & I had sex but he was "going in deep". Could that be the cause?
Avatar f tn It is slowing down but still I'm having red blood and minor light cramps. I don't know if this has anything to do with my weight loss being my weight has been steady for 16 months so highly unlikely. When I was in my late teens I started getting excess facial hair and went to the doctor. I had elevated testosterone, dhea and prolactin. My insurance ran out and I didn't go back for it. In my 30s I started going to the doctor again for routine exams etc.
Avatar f tn Regarding her period, I think if her hymenal opening were too small for the menstrual fluid to come out easily, it would not manifest as heavy bleeding but as unusually light bleeding and a feeling of fullness in the uterus, and bleeding for many days. She should try ibuprophen for the cramps.
Avatar n tn The first period after childbirth is usually very heavy, and many women report that the first period after a tubal can also be heavy. But if you are having severe cramps and heavy bleeding as you describe, call your doctor this morning to let them know.
Avatar n tn ( i was just wondering if anyone has an idea what that could be from? i also get light cramps after i have an orgasm. i'm trying to steer away from having an orgasm now because i'm sick of the spotting and bleeding. i have sex and if i get an orgasm it's not only embarrasing and annoying for me but it's probably a huge turn off for my boyfriend if i start lighty bleeding. i've resorted to thin liners. i never fill them. i'm hoping i never get that much bleeding.
Avatar n tn ive been on it for 10 days now but it is really light. it started out really heavy for about 3 days but its been light since. no blood clot but really really bad cramps. why is my body all of a sudden changing my cycle and why would i have a period for 10 weeks straight? im in alot of pain right now and i dont know what to do. ive tried tylenol, aleve, midol, and pamprin and the cramps wont go away. can you help me?
Avatar f tn I dont know if its my menstrual bleeding or implantation bleeding. Had clots on it and im experiencing cramps. But the night of my spotting (May 30, 2014) I didnt sleep at all because I got scared of the spottig. The next day im bleeding. Does stress affect the flow? Had unprotected sex during my period (April 30, 2014) that was my 5th day and its like im about to finish my period when we did it because after that my period stopped.
Avatar f tn This month's cycle starts on January 17th, but the blood color is dark brown/black and the flow is very light. I also don't get cramps. Is this normal? Last time I had sex was 2 weeks ago and I always use protection.
Avatar m tn It's been a bit of time with unusual bleeding/spotting but no period that you are used to. (although, sometimes we can have an off period but it IS still a period). so, check in with a doctor and have a pelvic.