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Avatar f tn n i m concerned about my health will it effect to my health???? n we will be getting married when i will complete my Graduation ......... I want your Advice shall i go ahead with our decision or what should i do plz tell me ..........
101028 tn?1419606604 Genital HPV is not necessarily a sign that you or your partner is having sex outside of your relationship. A new resource on your anus comes from Lifelube, a gay men's health website and blog. The resource is a new series called "Andrew's Anus", which is written from the perspective of Andrew's butt. The column covers anal health, HPV and other issues Andrew's anus encounters. I cannot help but think a ‘first booty' perspective is one worth exploring!
Avatar m tn Not STD related. Suggest try posting in Men's Health.
Avatar m tn I received oral sex without a condom from 2 different women several months apart and my penis swelled up both times a couple days after. The first time in October I received oral sex as well as having sex with a condom and about 4 days later I experienced burning while urinating. This was a week after going through a course of Z-pak antibiotics for a throat infection. After 3 days of burning my penis started to swell up in the middle.
Avatar n tn HELP! I had unprotected sex with a woman I met on a dating site in October, 2009. The very next day there was a strange scratchy, burning sensation on my penis. By the third day there were tiny blisters at the tip and rim of my penis.That was 6 months ago. I have been to two urologists, and my primary doctor several times. I was tested for every STD and all came back negative. The test were done months after the contact, so if there were an anti-body to an STD it should have showed up.
Avatar m tn All I can say is I highly doubt that this is a STD. Maybe try posting in Men's Health or uriology.
Avatar n tn Can you look at a picture I posted on the men's health forum and tell me what you think? I would really appreciated it. I'm going nuts here, and feel quite isolated.
Avatar m tn Hello~ Specialmom has given you a very good answer, I have also requested that this post be moved to men's health, they may have some more insight into this issue as well. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn And it also is true that some cases of NGU that are so acquired probably carry little or no health risk for affected men's other (regular) sex partners. However, there are no definitive data on this; we're dealing with a situation that has never been formally studied, and you'll not I said "probable" and "probably". I cannot guarantee that your wife is not at risk for a significant health outcome.
Avatar f tn Yes i am completing my 78 in september 26.I pass my time on computer only.subjects self-improvemnent subjects, men's problem,finance, yoga,etc.I have to use magnifying glass to read and type with my glasses.I don't know what i would have done if computer was not avalable.
Avatar m tn In the first instance I would go to a doctor that specialises in "men's health". Make a list of ALL your symptoms; mention when they first appeared and how long they appeared for. He or she will run all the required tests to confirm or deny if you have a STD. If you do not have a STD then you should go to an urologist to check the bladder, kidneys, gallbladder etc. Is there a history of prostate problems in your family?
Avatar m tn Doctor, I have written to you before and you have helped alleviate most of my stress, and I was no longer concerned with my health, until an incident that happened over this weekend.. I was making out with a guy i have been seeing recently (I'm 21, He's 18- If the age makes any difference) and we have both decided to not take it any further than mutual masturbation and some oral. So, we got heavily into it, and I began frotting his anus with my penis.
Avatar n tn You might try posting in men's health or urology. Is your doctor a urologist? If not, I would suggest you see one.
Avatar n tn also as you can be sure that it is not an std have you thought about posting on the men's health forum and see if anyone else has had any problems with symptoms like this?....just a thought.
Avatar f tn My concern is that in October I had a TV ultrasound and ovaries were normal. I'm super scared and could really use some advice and opinions on what to do and could this be cancer? Could there be torsion that they're not seeing? Everyday I have pain in my right side that radiates to my back and leg. Nausea, heartburn, fatigue. Thanks for reading and sorry for the lengthy post.
546318 tn?1328197235 Well felt really crampy lower left side yesterday afternoon... and this morning AF arrived. I feel numb. Seems my system is still getting back to normal after lost baby. I am devastated. I researched reasons for m/c.. I know it was not genetic or chromosonal so another possible is too low progesterone to sustain.
Avatar n tn In 2003 in a clinic for possible rehab regarding a neurological condition that I have, a consultation with a different urologist was part of the study in regards to sexual health. After having been interviewed by this urologist, it was determined that my problems were physical rather than psychological. Some of my problems could have been the result of medications for hyper tension, as well as neurological nature. This urologist suggested injecting my penis with Caverject while in his office.
Avatar n tn He's doing something at lunch he can't just do in the Men's room. My guess is crack. But opiates like heroin give you a flush, too. He'll finally rack up so many sick days and late arrivals and no shows after lunch that you'll have grounds for 86-ing him just on attendance. Some companies give their employees at least one chance at rehab and a probationary period, but that's up to, I guess, the big boss at your company.
Avatar n tn go to a gynocologist and don't worry this is pretty common with about 25% of sexually mature women having phimosis. October 31, 2000 Anatomy and Sexual Dysfunction By Carol Ezzell Why do so many women have difficulty reaching orgasm? A new study suggests that, for some, an anatomical disorder may be to blame.
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Avatar n tn The Vitamin D council recommends sunlight exposure of at least ½ hour on Caucasian skin daily to produce enough (10,000 IU) of Vitamin D to maintain good health. IF you find you are getting sick more frequently you may want to increase your vitamin D levels. The recommended supplemental dosage recommended by the vitamin D council is 5,000 IU daily. When I feel a cold or flu coming on I start taking a bit more vitamin D, olive leafed extract and recently, elderberry extract.
Avatar m tn Some companies provide their own insurance, and some insurers are grasping they can save money with procedures done overseas. "HSM, a manufacturer in North Carolina, is one of the many companies that encourage employees to undergo costly medical services across U.S. borders. The company reported that this medical alternative has saved it nearly $10 million in the last five years.
1199040 tn?1265239024 Please lets fight for equal treatment. Maybe the big wigs sitting in Washington will forego their health care until we all have health care. HA May all beings be free from suffering.
Avatar n tn But so many times we have seperated over this, only to get back together and try something different. He has got involved with a Men's Ministry and a rehab class at our church. At first it was going well, but here we are again -- ANOTHER relapse. He took my car a few days ago, and I haven't heard from him since. I am so sick of this disease. But what do you do? You are SUPPOSED to stick by your other half through good times and BAD, not just give up.
Avatar n tn Here are my stats in case there is some common link that could be causing it. 53, excellent health, have enlarge prostate (take Flomax). Also take Centrum Silver, Zocor, Nexium and a baby aspirin. But, have taken all these for a long, long time and doubt any of them are the cause. I started a new job where I sit in an office chair 8 hours+ each day. The vibration started a few days after I started this job, though I've had office type jobs my entire life.
Avatar n tn I am sorry for your Dx. I am a female but also now hypo.Since the beginning of my illness everything I read regarding the disease, when I stumbled across the stats of men getting it, I read through it. Dx is rare. specially on sub clinical Hypo or Hyper thyroidism in men. I believe this b/c men are less likely to see a doctor when they have symptoms. and if they do go and get Dx'd - most do not have the patience and stay on top of it.
Avatar f tn ( It's so disheartening that so many are suffering with this. I am not young but I am not old (48) and I feel young and besides this I am in good health or at least I was. I just hope there is relief from this...and I hope you are finding relief from your symptoms.
Avatar n tn It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times. I doubt this is related, but I have some sort of muscle strain in my hip/groin area that is possible due to an intense backpacking trip in October. Any feedback appreciated. Guess I could consult dr. after Xmas if still going on . . .
Avatar f tn } I think a point Susans thread brought out is who's going to do more good for health care, make changes, etc. Helping health care, making changes is my main concern, whatever the disease may be. X is correct tho, in that it is up to many of us to change, make awareness in hep c. Quick note on the 'war' our soldiers, etc. While HATING seeing our people go fight, get killed, leave home and so on..….