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784382 tn?1376934640 they just ordered uniforms, but because i had that day off, they didnt order my shyyyt!... my boss went to the old parts closet and pulled uot some mens large shirts and said "here these will do"...DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKIN MENS LARGE????.....ummmm no try ladies medium jerk!..... so now i look like a freaking scrub at work too.... i bust my a$$ for these people and they are just rude.... i dont even make double digits,a week, shyt not even an hour, I work from 7 am - 630 pm everyday...
Avatar m tn Guy 31, I agree, I think that's good advice. Ya know, women have no trouble asking their man to help them out with getting turned on & achieving orgasm, yet somehow we guys (& many women) think that erections should 'just happen'. Well, they usually do when younger, but as we get older we're more stressed with jobs, health concerns, bills, etc. & sometimes spontaneous erections just don't happen.
1151539 tn?1262155203 I just finished reading a discussion posted back on Oct. 9th 2009 regarding Hair & Nail salons. I have been a cosmetologist for 24 yrs. who is in treatment for Hep C. I do not mean to offend anyone, but would really like to hear from others on this subject. First each state has different regulations. I have worked in the state of OH & FL throughout my career, since my diagnosis last March, I quit.
Avatar m tn There is the Men's Health forum - not much of a social forum, but it is (almost) all men... What does being a man mean to me? I guess it means taking responsibility for looking after myself, and looking after those who depend on me. No-one else is going to do either of those things. It means being able to put up my own shelves, and fix my own car. It means teaching my kids to do those things too.
Avatar f tn I dont take the womens formula, I take the mens or the mature ones cause neither contain any iron. Im also trying to quit smoking, down to like 3 or 4 a day and no more then that. I drink loads of water. I take apricot seeds that are supposed to be the "cure" and prevent cancer. I dont know about all that but it cant hurt. If you look the apricot seeds up, their is alot on them. One time the U.S. banned them. People say it was becasue they worked.
250084 tn?1303311035 Hope all are well, especially merlino and Child24angel. I need some women's input here (and the mens views wouldn't hurt, thank you). I am 3rd shot in, 3rd week. So far, just can't whine much at all. Quite fatigued, but was from hep also, a few headaches from h*ll, few night sweats and, already, a bit brain foggy. Feel like I am ALWAYS stoned, but not the good stoned :) Just NEVER feel normal, good. (as you all know and as even before tx).
Avatar m tn If that doesn't work, look for a 'mens only' list. They typically have better answers and are less chatty. You might also wait for Vertex 950 to hit the market next year. It's pretty much a 'sure thing' at this point.
Avatar n tn It makes U feel like you are walking on egg shells. Losing the jobs, or in my case he quit good jobs. Then he makes it seem like everything is your fault. you try to do everything to please him. His friends you are never going to meet cause he is afaid that they will tell you what is really going on. When looks sad and says nothing is wrong, he is feening for the drug. He get mad when you ask if he uses crack cause he doesnt want you to think of him as less than a man.
Avatar f tn ok so i know this is the womens health forum, and i posted this on the mens health forum but didnt get much there... i do oral sex on my boyfriend, and he always cums...but the problem is the taste its really bad, i mean like bleach. i never had this problem in the past with any of my other boyfriends normally it was just salty TMI sorry!! is there anything that he can do that will make it taste somewhat better?? and i dont wanna just come out and say its horrible, cause that would be rude.
Avatar n tn Both my wife were annd are involved in recovery, we have two kids who are the best. I went through 25 jobs my first year clean, but God had a plan. I got introduce to a new carreer, started at the bottom, leared the whole business snd started in sales, Made the owner and I some very good money. I started my own company in 1994, had some great people working with me, made it a success and sold it in 1998. I have owned another company for two years.
620923 tn?1452919248 Well I am going to watch my fav shows on create and crochet, I have projects to get finished and new ones to start, b4 u know it the holidays will be here and I will need gifts.
Avatar n tn Im coming back as a dismissive male G.P. with no bedside manner that specializes in mens health! Thank you to all the wonderful women that have shared their most intimate stories on this site.I have suffered from this painful condition since my late teens. I am now in my late forties.I have been accused of anything from sticking odd and varied objects up my vagina to being just plain psychotic.
Avatar f tn } I think a point Susans thread brought out is who's going to do more good for health care, make changes, etc. Helping health care, making changes is my main concern, whatever the disease may be. X is correct tho, in that it is up to many of us to change, make awareness in hep c. Quick note on the 'war' our soldiers, etc. While HATING seeing our people go fight, get killed, leave home and so on..….
Avatar n tn But last night i was on a road trip riding along with someone else and stopped for a pit stop, walking into the mens room and found myself coughing on the way in and picking myself up off the mens room floor. I hope some one out there has an answer for what this is and how to beat it and make it go away faster.
Avatar n tn I believe you have a social disorder and should be looking for answers in the mental health area of this discussion board. ( I am not slamming anyone with mental health issues, as I have them myself.) I am just very tired of seeing you post to people comments only to be ignored because of your inability to realize that people do not want to hear form you. They want to hear from people who are going through the same health issues they are and from the professional who answers to this board.
Avatar n tn if you really want mens opinions post it on the mens forum. there are 2 or 3 that come here every once in a while.
Avatar n tn but it took forever. at that time i had found a women's health message board about the nuvoring, and several women said that they're husbands found it painful during sex...esp ones who said that their husbands had a large penis or like to penetrate very deep during sex. however, even after she and i broke up and i thought i was completely healed (ive only had sex once during the last 4 months, but i masturbate often more than once a day)...
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I have this same issue. I know this under "Mens Health issues" but I am a 35 yr old female and have been having extreme heat sensations in my left wrist for about six months. I can go a week at a time without this sensation, and then out of nowhere it just is there. I am a non smoker. I have been undergoing several MRI tests in the past six months.
Avatar n tn Here are my stats in case there is some common link that could be causing it. 53, excellent health, have enlarge prostate (take Flomax). Also take Centrum Silver, Zocor, Nexium and a baby aspirin. But, have taken all these for a long, long time and doubt any of them are the cause. I started a new job where I sit in an office chair 8 hours+ each day. The vibration started a few days after I started this job, though I've had office type jobs my entire life.
1565702 tn?1295296430 You need to start thinking about what smoking is actually doing to your body/health. I mean, we know there are no benefits to smoking.... so start there! We do know that there are benefits to quitting. (Having quit myself, I often look at how pitiful people look huddling in small places to sneak a smoke.... just like little crack heads hitting their jones.... pitiful!!!) I can smell stale cigarette smoke a mile away, and honestly....
1339395 tn?1317267421 Hello, I guess ill join this group.... =) AF has officially left yesterday..... =) im so excited to start this month! We've been (not exactly trying) but not protecting against it..... We do want a baby..... But with a two yr old, and both our jobs it gets a little hectic.... hopefully this is our month, as it hasnt been "our" month since begining of this yr.... baby dust to all.
Avatar n tn READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO LOSE BODYFAT! So far I’ve been reading comments from everyone and I feel your pain. The doctor told me the same as they are all telling you "It doesn’t make you gain weight"... bull sh** ! Im a 22 year old male and I’ve been on Effexor for about 4 years (6 years total being on depression pills) and i gained about 40 lbs. During the weight gain, I craved food like crazy but still had a moderate diet and performed strenuous weight lifting 3-5 times per week.
Avatar m tn I have many friends in recovery that have decades clean in the NA/AA program. I do go to NA meetings every now and then. When I do go I go to MENS STAG MEETINGS ONLY ONLY. Personally, I find it easier to work on myself when Im not distracted by beautiful woman...after all, there's nothing sexier than a woman in recovery. Plus, I get irritated when I see men prey on women in early recovery or women who prey on the men (It happens a lot) So thats my aftercare.
Avatar n tn libido is almost always tied to hormone levels. TRT specilists are generaly GPs who have taken mens health as their specility. Yes the often do fertility too. Look in your yellow pages and normaly they have the specility on their add, or goto and ask their doctor for a referal.
Avatar n tn I am self-employed now, so no health insurance at the moment. I have been contemplating my next move. Being that I have seen a urologist who dismissed it as just stress, my thought was to try and get a doctor who seems interested in unique problems, try and spark their interest. I have just been dealing with it. Every single day, as best I can. Some days its worse than others. But I am still breathing, so things could be much worse. Megazoid posted some really good info for you.
Avatar f tn I'm not on any medication although I do have anxiety and various other mental health issues. I've always remembered my dreams, but recently every time I sleep I'm having crazy dreams that I can't shake when I wake up. 3 hours ago I woke up, from a two hour sleep, crying because I had been dreaming about holding a gun to a small girls face. I haven't been able to get back to sleep at all, and now I have to be up in less than 3 hours.
Avatar n tn For those with similar symptoms, how long before they disappeared?
Avatar n tn I'm not saying this to scare you, just to tell you to be more attentive to your personal health. I will keep you all posted if any new developments arrise or if I find out anything else, i know how frustrating and perplexing this thing is!!
Avatar f tn Was re-catheterized, all the major arteries were given a clean bill of health, but was placed on a beta blocker. Terrible reaction to the first one, put on a second one, and finally my cardiologist took me off that one as well. Although I see some improvement, I still have chest "aches" on exertion. All on the left side, below the heart,, in the side, sometimes in the back of the shoulder, and above the breast. Can not walk at a normal pace. Walk very slowly to control the pain.