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649848 tn?1534637300 If someone is super thin so the weight doesn't trigger a doctor's attention to health issues, I wonder if the other barometers they use will? When I was young, it was by chance that I was at my office they day they were testing a machine that looked at bone health through your hand. It predicted osteoporosis. That is when I learned that women who are very thin are more prone to osteoporosis. I was really skinny at the time as this was LONG ago prior to kids and middle age.
Avatar m tn There are also several related groups that will be listed on the right hand side that may be of interest to you. I'm simply not familiar with them all. But we welcome you to join our community of Chronic Pain patients. We have a lot of very smart people here. Do check back later. Hopefully someone will recognize your symptoms. And welcome to our community.
Avatar m tn Until you get a response from the expert, perhaps you could check out the Men's Health Forum. I've seen some posts (from other forums) re-routed there when talking about masturbation. I'm sure Dr Ted Grossbart will respond when he is able.
Avatar m tn I dont know why I am in Men's Health. I am a woman who had some issues with my arms/hands and finally my left lower leg. I was waking up in the night with my arms and hands completely asleep. I had no function of my fingers for a few minutes and it scared me. This has been happening more and more and not only at night. During the day my right arm will just go numb. I got blood work done & had an EMG test taken. Then one morning, my left shin and kneecap were completely numb. No feeling.
Avatar n tn unfortunately, women's health issues do not seem to be as important as men's (case in point - viagra!!) Anyway, we must be proactive and insist on the health care that we deserve. If the dr. is giving us the brush off or pat on the head, find another dr. We are the backbone of this world and we need to be taken seriously. The Battalion is behind you 110%!
Avatar n tn They deal with women's urinary issues as opposed to urologists that specialize in men's issues. The also deal with prolapses.
1002520 tn?1251582386 In my observation, women can discuss sexuality and sexual health issues much more openly than men (That might be why we are called MEN… not women or gays. DUH!)" So does that mean guys avoid the subject altogether? Not exactly. "Certainly men think about it, but women verbalize it." (But… do women want their men to become women? I’m sure they don’t… feminine problems mandate their acceptance to indignities when it comes to their health… men don’t, and haven’t… DUH!
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor today, and he wants some blood work done. marked off as follows: glucose creatinine sodium potassium chloride AST (SGOT) ALK. phosphatase cholesterol triglceride WBC count Bio-available tesosterone Fsk, lh stsh alt, 66t.
Avatar m tn I would also recommend posting on the men's health and sexual health community forums and also the erection concerns expert forum. I would advise trying the expert forum first. If you can't keep yourself safe then I think that you should visit your local hospital.
Avatar m tn We have a man here on the Men's Health forum who's user name is Solace21. He is so great about figuring out these kinds of problems. He probably would'nt mind if you sent him a message and asked if he would read your post. Hang in there, okay. You've only seen one Dr so far. Keep searching, even if it means seeing several Drs, until you find out what's going on. There has to be an answer to your problem.
Avatar m tn Go and see an expert in Men's Health. He/she should order a battery of blood tests and subject your BF to a RigiScan test. This is a medical device attached to the penis at night to measures erections. It is not painful at all, just a bit inconvenient. With the above tests performed, the Men's Health expert will conclude if your BF's ED has an organic basis. If not, then he/she will recommend a psychologist who can tease out the reason for your BF's attitude.
167426 tn?1254089835 I was watching montel today he was doing a piece on rare disorders. I think he has M.S. So he spends alot of time on Important health issues to. Agian yesterday as I was talking to my daughter to find she is experiencing the same things alot of the woman here are. She has had 2 periods in the coarse of a year!! Her doctor told her it was normal!!! I was womans Health that difficult to understand when your body is screeming loud and clear.
Avatar m tn this isn't a herpes related issue. perhaps post about it on the men's health forum to see if others there have issues with jock itch?
Avatar m tn Hello, I hope I am kind of right to post this under Men's Health because I didn't really find a forum that would fit better. First of: Im a 20 year old male. So it started the night 2 days ago. Fever for 2-3h at night which stopped after that. After that it started to hurt when I went to urinate which i had to quite frequently, yesterday too.
Avatar f tn system can wreak havoc on the endocrine system which increases risk for a number of health issues as well as quality of life. Hope this helps! Let us know what more you find out and how you are doing.
599170 tn?1300977493 I was the first to vote YAY... I've had hashimoto's for 3 years and been on treatment for hypothyroidism. The only time i have "female issues" is when my medication needs adjusted and my levels are off one way or the other.. The problems i encounter is heavy or lighter periods...
Avatar f tn i don't even know where to start. as most of you know i've had issues with dh's anger. well he still hasn't gone to see a therapist. the anger is about the same. he's only broken 2 game controllers and the tv remote this month. so we'll only need to spend $150 that we don't have to replace them. i got a sports writers job yesterday. it's non paying but that doesn't matter to me. it's something where i'll be getting published which will help me more with landing an agent for my book.
525545 tn?1293184794 Needless to say my depression and anxiety Fibro are out of control my Dr. says. He emailed me today and told me I am going to have to deal with the fibro flare, and he is giving me more Ativan to get through this. It is hard to hear from your husband that if it wasn't for me and the Fibro. with all it's symptoms he would be happier and would not have any anxiety. He told me all the things I do now that irritate him. I know living with someone with Fibro. and results from a TBI when I was 14.
1489999 tn?1337802375 didn't really start trying until 37, and didn't seek fertility until almost 42. I did accupunture my last FET transfer (I had embryo issues and it didn't work) but I highly recommend it! Find someone who deals with fertility though.
785584 tn?1273252832 I feel especially crappy on mondays. It's terrible! I have sinus issues so I can relate to the sneezing and the resulting pressure! Today is the worst I've been in a while and don't know why... Taking a hot shower helps clear out the sinuses, but then the heat gets to you, so it's like, doing something to fix one thing then having to do another to fix another problem.. *sigh* I need a magic wand to make it all go away!
17401092 tn?1456356755 I posted this in Men's health but I think it fits better over here. Wife and I met a recent divorce female who happens to be much younger than us. We click almost instantly, fast friends! One night wife and our friend were discussing the topic of threesomes, our girlfriend told her she would be interested in participating in group sex with the two of us, it was just talk but the sexual attraction was definitely there between the three of us.
231441 tn?1333896366 I am often at the receiving end (They think I am a drama queen, and just making up health issues and should just get on with it). Definitely no excuses accepted. My team did very well considering the challenges we faced. And a lot was learned about handling such a situation, as well as the sort of support we need from the rest of the team under such circumstances (support we had difficulty getting in the heat of the event). Just got my period last night. It is a shocker this time.
Avatar f tn ” It showed Manning in a blonde wig and wearing lipstick. Worsley also testified about how the military’s “hypermasculine environment” and hostility towards LGBT soldiers could have contributed to Manning’s depression and sense of isolation Dr. David Moulton, the forensic psychologist assigned to review Manning’s case, said that Manning was suffering from gender identity disorder, a diagnosis supported by a military sanity board. “The ultimate goal is to be comfortable in her skin,” Coombs said.
535904 tn?1213468238 Hello everyone, I'm new here. Just found this website today. I've suffered from anxiety/panic off and on for about 15 years. Most of the time its mild but every 8 years or so i go into continual panic attacks and overbearing anxiety in between them. Yesterday I had a really big panic attack, so much so, I just knew it was a heart attack. Went to the ER and well, as you guessed, it was a panic attack and the heart was doing just fine.
572651 tn?1531002957 Weekly Christian men's breakfast. Work on Sunday sermon. Pay bills, maybe. Saturday: AM: Probably attend "Super Saturday" training program at our district's biggest church, west of COlumbus. PM: Work on Sunday sermon. Work on Sunday worship program. All of these days might include time working on the chcurch website; I'm getting a bit frustrated with links to audio files (past sermons) stored on another server. Shalom.
572651 tn?1531002957 I'll get a phone call from my CNP today with the results of my Vitamin D check. That's pretty much it for MS-related things this week...and I'm thankful! Otherwise my son turns two in a couple of weeks, so I'll be busy planning his party. We have a couple playdates this week, too. So we'll be busy, but with fun stuff!
16335396 tn?1461337296 A few months ago I began to research it again and my husband was not very happy. Today I was at the Urologist for kidney stone and again I saw a post on Urethritis primary cause is STD. My question is, Is Urethritis always caused by std or can other things be the cause? Seems like any time he sees me researching subject he gets nervous.
Avatar n tn Trying to find things to supplement to the point of spending any money is really just a waste. Good health promotes a good liver the best it can. (And believe me I DO take antioxidants and things...