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Avatar n tn This has been so true for me. Therefore, I am seeking this avenue for the betterment of my health and wellbeing. Not being TOTALLY happy in the skin you are in, isn't a good feeling.
Avatar n tn I hope that I am able to loose 22 pounds in the next couple of months. Are you following a diet plan and working out? I have not started working out yet....maybe one day...I don't have a diet plan either I am just trying to make good choices and watch my portions. This way I know that when I stop the shots and medicine I won't gain it all back. Lets hope!!! Best of Luck to you have any tips for me?
401786 tn?1309155634 I just hope it wasn't the health inspector,and if it was I hope it was a real good 'sandwhich' you gave him.The peanut butter though.I thought you told me you were allergic to nuts!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I also take Colace daily and stay on a high fiber diet and drink a LOT of water. I hope this helps a little - I didn't realize so many others are suffering from similar issues. Best of luck to all of you.
Avatar n tn This process of reducing stresses in my life in association with maintaing good health has helped me regain control of my erections exponentially. Their not perfect, but have vastly improved. Like many of these posters, I have watched porn for 12-13 years and masterbated like a champ. My next stage is to cut out the porn and see how resensitization effects my performance. Thanks for your posts, they've helped!
Avatar n tn So healthy eating enough folic acid and zinc, enough sleep and as little stress as possible is on the menu. I've just read a stunning article about Baby making 101 they explain the whole science behind falling pregnant,,43j1-5,00.html, read it it was very informative. To pale green star, it can be that because you are more aware of your cycle and because you are waiting for you period not to come that the stress effects it.
Avatar n tn Luckily my girlfriend is a champ and isn't too conserned about me getting off, but she's more worried if there are any health issuse i need to be aware of... I don't really think I'm comfortable enough to say "I'm addicted to porn!" Oh well, I suppose I'll take everyone's addvice and just cut back on the porn and masturbation.