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Avatar n tn The ability to change your testosterone level depends on many factors including your age, metabolism, activity level, diet, general health and overall stress. It is also necessary to determine whether you are dealing with total testosterone or free testosterone.
Avatar n tn And as we all know increased mental health also increases physical health. The logical conclusion (generally speaking of course) then is: Marriage increases health and decreases risk of untimely death, which together has a net upward effect on the lifespan of a man.
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214105 tn?1265938759 This is a really busy time for the hot springs as it is summer and the two things that struck me as I soaked in the hot water are, firstly, how comfortable the Japanese culture is with nudity (although I was in the mens' section, there were many exceptions to this), and , secondly, the only over weight person I saw over the three days was a man from Russia! The low rate of obesity probably helps explain the low healthcare expenditure per person combined with the high life expectancy.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Whenever the quantity of semen exceeds the capacity, the sperm is expelled or ejaculated out in form of nightfall. Many a times such ejaculations spontaneously at night times and may or may not be associated with erotic dreams. They do not lead to weakness or any other problems. You should consume a healthy nutritious diet and ensure sufficient intake of Vitamin B. Try to relax before going to sleep. Indulge in calming activities like reading, listening to music or taking a bath.
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Avatar m tn Over the course of months, I have lost all of the hair on my legs. Previously, I had a lot of fine hair on my legs, but now, there is really none, except for around the looser skin on my knees. I do not care about how it looks, but like a previous person on this website, i am worried it is a symptom of something much more serious. I am 53 years old and have been taking Lyrica for a number of years for nerve damage in my feet.
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Avatar n tn Also does he have a clean diet, drink atleast 1.5litres of water a day and do 30 mins of cardio excersize. even small changes like this might help. Also don't just focus solely on your husband. its a good idea for you to look at you health and identify areas you feel you you improve on to to give you both the best chance at conceiving. Makesure you get onto something like elevit and he goes on menevit( mens multivitamin for conceiving).
Avatar m tn i have gynecomastia as a big problem and im 16 years old.....i get a awkward feeling sometimes when i remove my my chest weighted and can this lead to breasts like women or can this be cured later without any treatment?? and is this a sexual disorder....
Avatar m tn // On GOOGLE VIDEO find “Erectile Dysfunction And Porn” - watch the video series. Here’s a Psychology Today article on it Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem http://www.psychologytoday.
Avatar m tn Diagnosed with Biliary dyskenisia with a gall bladder rate of 1%. Dr. says GB should come out but I'm not sure if it can't be treated or cured with alternative treatment OR if it may be caused by something else like Hypothyroidism. My symptoms are gas, bloating, belching that occur mostly at night. I can eat and feel fine majority of days but 5pm hits and I'm doomed all night. I'm a 35yr old male and get regular exercise and don't eat fried foods or red meat but only a few times a year.
Avatar m tn x 2, milk thistle 1000 mg x 2, probiotic Acidophilus 10 mg x 2, selenium 200 mcg x 2, melatonin 3 mg once a day,pristiq 50 mg once a day, and mens formula 1@day x 2.
Avatar m tn You may have a bacterial infection. They're different from yeast infections. Your girlfriend is right, you need to see the Gynecologist. If they find nothing wrong it could be some different kind of food you're eating. Have you changed your diet lately?
Avatar f tn The black stuff is tar from your lungs from smoking. Anything lit, and drawn into the lungs leaves tar behind, which cigarette tar will stick to the little hair like appendages in the lungs that move and filter pollutants out of the body to be spat out. By the way, smoking anything causes these cilia to break off and therefore you lose ability to cleanse your lungs.
Avatar m tn I took a Mens prostate health vitamin, lots of zinc and lecithin and shortly after I had the same problems. I have bald spots all over my neck now and on my jaw line between my chin and sideburn area. I used to have a bushy chin strap beard and now I have a patchy *** beard and have to shave sideburns and all of my neck. I haven&#39;t realized the connection to the mens vitamins until I read this here, so there is definitely a trending issue here.
1377066 tn?1330485655 BTW- there is a good book called 'Get Ready to Get Pregnant' by Michael Lu with an entire chapter on mens health. AND I spelled folic wrong in my above post!!!!!!
Avatar n tn uk/mobile/lifestyle/health/mens/spots/index.shtml?suid=T_NCA_CVL_1210045196000112958977 and make sure to check and compare against this, make sure you don't have Thrush:
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Avatar f tn // On GOOGLE VIDEO find “Erectile Dysfunction And Porn” - watch the video series. Here’s a Psychology Today article on it: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem http://www.psychologytoday.
Avatar m tn Hey I am a 20 year old white male.
Avatar m tn Eat green and health and include some Good Things in ur Diet and you can poop easily Use Dry Fruits in ur daily life it also helps to overcome the issue Lets have a healthy start and then tell me whay happened nobody need to Take a tension about this matter.
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Avatar f tn More importantly, eating right and at the right times are more important. Any exercise is good... Diet, in my personal opinion is key. If I stick to my diet and not exercise, I can still lose weight. You kind of need to consider what kind of weight you are losing though. Is it fat or is it muscle? Muscle is smaller or takes up less room than fat.
Avatar m tn Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Adrenal fatigue can cause sunken cheeks. Try drinking more water, cutting out junk foods and sodas, and relaxing more. There's not going to be a magic pill. I think you could try stretching your cheeks out with air or water, or use a moisturizer and massage the skin. Give it some time too, it won't happen overnight. Learn to be happy with who you are. There are people who want skinny cheeks like you have.